Obama: Trump Voters Had Blind Desire For ‘Change’, Voters ‘Don’t Know What They’re Looking For’


Incredibly ironic from the ‘Hope and Change’ President. Read this, just substitute Obama for Trump.

Via Daily Mail:

Barack Obama believes American voters may have stumbled into electing Donald Trump because of a blind desire for change, despite the Republican’s lengthy campaign specifically targeting his policies and actions as president.

And he insisted on Tuesday that even the president-elect’s supporters are better off because of his eight years in power.
‘At times of significant stress, people are going to be looking for something and they don’t always know what they’re looking for,’ Obama said in Athens, Greece.

‘And they may opt for change even if they’re not entirely confident what that change will bring.’

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U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon; Climate Change Action ‘Unstoppable’ Despite Trump


Don’t bet on it, just wait till President Trump pulls out of Paris Agreement.

Via Yahoo News:

MARRAKESH, Morocco (Reuters) – U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Tuesday action on climate change has become “unstoppable” and predicted that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump would drop plans to quit a global accord aimed at weaning the world off fossil fuels.

At a meeting of almost 200 nations in Morocco to work out ways to implement the 2015 Paris agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions, Ban said U.S. companies, states and cities were all pushing to limit global warming.

“What was once unthinkable has become unstoppable,” he told a news conference of the Paris Agreement, agreed by governments last year, and which formally entered into force on Nov. 4 after a record quick ratification.

Ban said Trump, as a “very successful business person”, would understand that market forces were already driving the world economy towards cleaner energies such as wind and solar power, as they become cheaper and away from fossil fuels.

The Paris accord, aiming to phase out net greenhouse gas emissions this century, was a breakthrough after more than two decades of deadlock, driven by increased scientific certainty that man-made emissions drive heat waves, floods and rising sea levels.

Ban said he hoped that Republican Trump, elected last Tuesday, would drop his view that man-made climate change is a hoax and his pledge to cancel the Paris Agreement.

“I am sure he will make a … wise decision,” Ban said, saying that climate change was having severe impacts from the Arctic to Antarctica. He noted this year is on track to be the warmest year since records began in the 19th century.

“I hope he will really hear and understand the seriousness and urgency of addressing climate change. As President of the United States I hope he understands this, listens and evaluates his campaign remarks,” he said.


Ban, who will step down at the end of the year after a decade in charge of the United Nations, has made action on climate change a core issue of his time in office.

Trump’s victory has overshadowed the Nov. 7-18 Marrakesh meeting, which had opened with congratulations after the entry into force of the agreement on Nov. 4. It now has formal backing from 110 nations including the United States.

Trump has said he will boost the U.S. coal, oil and shale industries, abandoning President Barack Obama’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.

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Van Jones: People ‘Terrified’ Of Trump, Muslim Woman Even Fears ‘Internment’

No, my dear, we have a divided country because you have spent 8 years ‘otherizing’ people, grouping by race, sex and gender, stoking those fears. You can see that now in the protests and riots.

Van is now denying that he started any rumors of ‘internment’, when he very obviously did. Just like his ‘white lash’ comment. Criticizing divisiveness while stoking it himself.

HT: John Sexton

Twitter To Begin Censoring More ‘Hate Speech’


How about stop harassment? Trolling? Death threats? ISIS using the platform to recruit and proselytize? Nah?

Via USA Today:

With public backlash growing, Twitter says it’s taking steps to crack down on hate speech, from making it easier to report alleged incidents on the social media service to educating moderators on what kind of conduct violates the rules.

Twitter users will also gain more control over their experience on Twitter with the ability to mute words and phrases, even entire conversations, if they don’t want to receive notifications about them, said Del Harvey, Twitter’s head of safety.

The effort comes as an uptick in biased graffiti, assaults and other incidents have been reported in the news and on social media since Election Day, prompting president-elect Donald Trump to call for people to “stop it” during a 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night. The FBI reports that hate crimes rose 7% in 2015, led by attacks on Muslim Americans.

It’s also in response to escalating concern about abuse and harassment on Twitter that has stalled growth among users and advertisers alike.

Under chief executive Jack Dorsey, Twitter has pledged that “trust and safety” is among its top priorities. Earlier this year, the company improved its abuse reporting system and convened outside advisers on safety issues.

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Boston Vows To Fight Back Against Federal Immigration Officials…


Hold the federal funding.

Via CBS:

The debate over so-called sanctuary cities is heating up in Massachusetts. Several cities including Boston, Cambridge and Somerville do not fully cooperate with immigration officials. And with Donald Trump’s promise to deport undocumented immigrants, defying the soon to be president could be costly.

“What we’re going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, where a lot of these people, probably two million, it could be even three million, we are getting them out of our country,” said President-Elect Trump on 60 Minutes giving details of his first steps.

Trump also vows to move against sanctuary cities financially, places where authorities will not detain undocumented people for the immigration service without criminal warrants. “We will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities,” Trump threatens.

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BREAKING: 5 Students Stabbed At Utah High School, Student In Custody…


Via Fox13:

OREM, Utah – Orem Police has confirmed five male students have been stabbed at Mountain View High School in Orem.

The victims range from fair to critical condition.

School officials said the stabbing happened in the boys’ locker room before 8 a.m.

The suspect, a 16-year-old boy, is in custody.

The Alpine School District said the suspect stabbed five other boys before stabbing himself.

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Former NYC Mayor Giuliani Being Considered For Secretary Of State…


Via Fox News:

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was the favorite to be secretary of state in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration, a senior Trump transition official said Monday.

The official told the Associated Press there was no real competition for the job and that it was Giuliani’s if he wanted it. However, a second official cautioned that John Bolton, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, remained in contention for the job.

A senior source told Fox News that Giuliani was being considered for the secretary of state job, but said the choice was not locked in. The source added that Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., one of Trump’s earliest Washington supporters, was getting a lot of say in the selection of officeholders.

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LAPD Police Chief Says City Police Will Not Help Deport Illegal Aliens…


The states do not set immigration law. They must be made to comply with it, or lose federal funding.

Via LA Times:

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said Monday that he has no plans to change the LAPD’s stance on immigration enforcement, despite President-elect Donald Trump’s pledge to toughen federal immigration laws and deport millions of people upon taking office.

For decades, the LAPD has distanced itself from federal immigration policies. The LAPD prohibits officers from initiating contact with someone solely to determine whether he or she is in the country legally, mandated by a special order signed by then-chief Daryl Gates in 1979. During Beck’s tenure as chief, the department stopped turning over people arrested for low-level crimes to federal agents for deportation and moved away from honoring federal requests to detain inmates who might be deportable past their jail terms.

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Barnard Students Mourn Hillary Loss With ‘Feminist Coloring Pages’


Note to frighted special snowflakes: strong successful women didn’t retreat from problems by going to the coloring book lounge.

Via Campus Reform:

Barnard College students shaken over the loss of Hillary Clinton will be treated to a “space to destress in light of the tumultuous election season” Wednesday.

The event, titled “Cocoa + Coloring with RBG,” will be sponsored by the Barnard student government in conjunction with the American Association of University Women, and will feature hot chocolate, snacks, and “feminist coloring pages” for students to unwind with, according to the Facebook event page.

The feminist coloring pages will include feminist icons including Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Rosie the Riveter, and Hillary Clinton.

Coloring books are not new to Barnard College; the room that the event will be held in, the “Social Justice Lounge” is advertised to students as a place chock full with them.

Last week, right after the election of Donald Trump, Barnard’s Student Life department released a guided video tour of the Social Justice Lounge encouraging students to visit during its normal hours of operation, Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

As the video shows, the room has “community guidelines,” and encourages the use of “I” statements and trigger warnings.

It also features framed photos of female activists, “social justice oriented texts” that students may freely borrow, multiple packs of Crayola Crayons, and loose-leaf sheets of coloring pages.

According to The Columbia Spectator, students from both Barnard and nearby Columbia University came “running, screaming, and crying” to the campus Quad when Trump’s victory was announced, subsequently protested Trump’s victory, and even requested that their professors postpone midterms after learning about the news.

No, Trump Didn’t Request Top Secret Clearance For His Kids: Official

Donald Trump Makes Announcement At Trump Tower

Speaking of ‘fake news’. The people falling all over themselves to push this fake report couldn’t be bothered to cover Chelsea being sent classified information.

Via USA Today:

Despite reports suggesting the contrary, a transition team official says Donald Trump did not request or begin paperwork to have his children gain top-level security clearance, according to a pool report.

The official told the pool of reporters Monday that it wasn’t something he was expecting right now.

Three of the president-elect’s children — Donald, Eric and Ivanka — as well as his son-in-law Jared Kushner, were named to Trump’s “Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee,” which includes high-profile advisers, donors and congressional lawmakers.

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Off-Duty Detective, Wife Injured By Philly Flash Mob Of Juveniles…

Urban youths with time on their hands.

Via Officer Com:

Six people were hurt, including an off-duty police officer and his wife, in what people called a “flash mob” attack in Center City on Saturday night.

According to police, a small group of juveniles broke off from a large crowd and began attacking people in the area of 16th and Walnut Streets around 6 p.m.

The group first went after a 21-year-old man, police said, which led the off-duty detective to try and intervene. The perpetrators ran away, police said.

Then the detective, whom police did not identify but said was 55 years old, saw two women — ages 20 and 21 — getting kicked by some juveniles. When he attempted to arrest one of them he was “punched from behind by several unknown persons,” police said.

The detective’s wife, 50, tried to splash water on the attackers to get them to stop, but she was then punched in the face, police said.

Immediately after that assault, a 28-year-old man was assaulted around the corner, on the 100 block of South 16th Street, police said.

The detective, his wife, and the two women were treated at Jefferson Hospital. The detective had an orbital fracture of his right eye; the others suffered minor injuries, police said.

Authorities said two youths, both 16, were arrested. Investigators were looking for surveillance footage to help gather evidence to identify more potential suspects.

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Clinton Digital Chief Blames Facebook For Spreading ‘Misinfo’ About Hillary, Dems To Target ‘Fake News’


This is something that Obama has mentioned as well, and not just for Facebook. Who gets to determine what ‘fake news’ is?

Via Politico:

The Clinton campaign’s chief digital strategist on Monday blamed Facebook for enabling the spread of misinformation about the Democratic nominee — and said Democrats in and out of government have been looking at how to tackle the “big problem” of fake news on the social network.

“Everyone has the right to say what they want, have access to sites that they want, share what they want,” Teddy Goff told POLITICO. “But a publisher with a record of making stuff up is not likely to rank that highly on Google, and the equivalent ought to be the case on Facebook.”

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Mayor De Blasio Urges All Americans To Continue Protesting Trump, “More Disruption…More It Will Change”


Was there any doubt there was official endorsement of these ‘protests’ to unseat Trump? ‘Change the trajectory of things?’ Unless you are planning a coup or plan on intimidating all the electors, how will you do that?


Pointing to Donald Trump’s recent comments on abortion and controversial appointment of an extremist right favorite to the White House, Mayor de Blasio on Monday urged all Americans to continue protesting the President-elect.

De Blasio, speaking after days of roiling protests against the country’s yet-to-be-sworn-in 45th president have sprung up in New York and other cities, said resistance is necessary, especially since Trump is likely to lose the popular vote — and therefore doesn’t have a mandate to rule.

“We have to recognize that all over this country, the more disruption that’s caused peacefully … the more it will change the trajectory of things,” said de Blasio in an interview with Hot 97 radio.

Last week, the mayor took a more muted tone in regards to Trump, saying that he hopes he’ll remember the “lessons” of inclusion he learned as a native New Yorker.

More Than Half Of Anti-Trump ‘Protesters’ In Portland Didn’t Vote In Oregon

Idiot interviewed came out to ‘protest’ and got arrested because if was a ‘community thing’.

Via KGW:

Portland, Ore.—More than half of the anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn’t vote in Oregon, according to state election records.

At least sixty-nine demonstrators either didn’t turn in a ballot or weren’t registered to vote in the state.

KGW compiled a list of the 112 people arrested by the Portland Police Bureau during recent protests. Those names and ages, provided by police, were then compared to state voter logs by Multnomah County Elections officials.

Records show 34 of the protesters arrested didn’t return a ballot for the November 8 election. Thirty-five of the demonstrators taken into custody weren’t registered to vote in Oregon.

Twenty-five protesters who were arrested did vote.

KGW is still working to verify voting records for the remaining 17 protesters who were arrested.

This article originally stated that 35 people were registered to vote and did not. One woman who was arrested told KGW she recently moved to Washington and did vote in Washington. She was also registered to vote in Oregon.

People Of Color And LGBTQ Group Claims Responsibility For Black Figures Hanging From Tree At Winthrop U’s Tillman Hall


Classified as vandalism and not a hate crime.


Eighteen black nylon stockings were found hanging from trees on Winthrop University’s campus over the weekend, prompting an investigation.

Winthrop University police say they are investigating the display of “abstract black spray-painted figures hanging from branches of a nearby tree.” The display has been removed since it was reported.

The black stockings, filled with mulch and dirt, were hanging from trees in front of Tillman Hall, Winthrop police say. A nearby white sign was adjusted to say “Tillman’s Legacy.”

Winthrop police say the “disturbing acts of vandalism” were reported Sunday afternoon.

A student told officers he and others had been taking graduation pictures near the steps at Tillman Hall, and didn’t see anyone else in the area. The student said he didn’t notice if the stockings were there when they started taking the pictures.

“While we do not know the intent of this display, these images are clearly hurtful and threatening and are contrary to the values of Winthrop University,” university officials said in a statement.

Some are saying the display is “art.”

“Art challenges one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for truth. Arousing our emotions, expanding our sympathies in directions we may not anticipate and may not want,” a statement from the Association of Artists for Change reads. “Tillman’s Legacy, is a work which aims to disrupt the aesthetic veil the building has, eliminating the ability to forget the eighteen men who were lynched during Benjamin Tillman’s years in office.”

The group is claiming responsibility for the display.

“One should question, why this artwork is offensive and not the building itself?” the group continued. “The building, named Tillman Hall in 1962, in response to the Civil Rights Movement, to incite fear toward prospective students of color.”

Monday, WBTV talked to a spokesperson for the artist group. She said the group consists of people of color and those in the LGBTQ community.

“If this made you uncomfortable, fearful, the name of the building and what it represents should also,” said Samantha Valdez, a spokesperson for the group.

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Veterans Group Wants Congress To Wait For Trump To Pass More Aggressive VA Reform Bill…


The Department of Veterans Affairs needs a cleansing from top to bottom.

Via Stars and Stripes:

A massive veterans reform bill backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs will face resistance in Congress’ lame-duck session starting Tuesday from a group intent on letting the new Republican-controlled Senate and President-Elect Donald Trump have a say in how expeditiously VA employees can be fired.

With only a couple of months left as VA Secretary, Bob McDonald is making one final appeal to Congress to pass the reform bill that’s the culmination of his two-year tenure. The 400-page Veterans First Act contains dozens of provisions to streamline the appeals process for disability compensation, allow more leeway in disciplining employees and grant VA medical staff the ability to work flexible hours, among other things.

“We worked to design a new law. We’ve given a new law to Congress, and we’ve asked Congress to pass that new law,” McDonald said Thursday during an event at The Washington Post. “I’m hoping it gets passed in the lame-duck session.”

But the legislation has garnered opponents, and one veterans service organization — conservative-leaning Concerned Veterans for America — is planning a major campaign starting Tuesday to thwart efforts to move it through the Senate.

‘Power of the presidency’

The bill was authored by the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs chairman Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., and ranking member Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. In the months after its introduction, six large veterans service organizations came out in support of it: Vietnam Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Paralyzed Veterans of America, The American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and AMVETS.

Concerned Veterans for America says the legislation is “watered down.”

With Trump elected president, Congress should wait to pass a stronger bill that would give the next VA Secretary more power to immediately fire employees, said CVA leader Dan Caldwell.

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Clinton Supporters Harassing Electors To Change Their Votes, Electors Doxed By Clinton Campaign Connected Person


Via Statesman:

Idaho’s four presidential electors have been getting harassing phone calls, emails and Facebook messages urging them to become “faithless electors” and not cast their votes for Donald Trump in the electoral college.

“A lot of ’em use bad, rough language,” said Layne Bangerter, one of the four electors. “Nothing I feel intimidated over. But we’re watching it very closely. They’ve got our home phone numbers, our cell numbers, our emails, our Facebook. We’re just getting an orchestrated barrage from the left.”

Idaho’s other three Trump electors are Jennifer Locke of Coeur d’Alene, Caleb Lakey of Kuna and former state Sen. Melinda Smyser, R-Parma. “Caleb told me he had over 200 and something when he checked this morning,” Bangerter said.

Locke said, “It is concerning to me. It does feel like some level of intimidation.”

She said one message urged her to “vote for Jeb.” Others questioned Trump’s qualifications or charged sexism and racism. “They’re not even from this state – it’s Oregon, New York, California, Massachusetts, a lot of these is where I’m getting messages from,” she said.

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This is, of course, not just happening in Idaho, but all over.

While it is true there is no federal rule requiring people to be ‘faithful electors’, some individual states do make being a faithless elector illegal. Thus encouraging people to be faithless electors in those states is encouraging illegal activity and is itself illegal.

We had reported on Anti-Trump/Pro-Clinton forces putting out a petition which basically was encouraging people to call the electors and get them to change their votes. It even offered to pay their fine if they broke the law and went ‘faithless’.

Various lists of electors to call were floated around the internet.

One was put out by the account, @VoteHillary2016. The admin on the account is Steve Rosinski, a former advanceman for Clinton/Gore and a rabid Clinton proponent. Here’s a shot of him with Hillary.

The @VoteHillary2016 account doxed all the electors in a spreadsheet on Twitter (including the ones where it would be illegal) and encouraged people to call the electors, listing their addresses and their contact information. Thus someone associated with the Hillary Clinton campaign was encouraging breaking the law to overturn the election results and throw the election to Hillary, and doxing electors on Twitter.

Once it was pointed out to @VoteHillary2016 that this was illegal, he deleted his tweet and wiped his Twitter profile so one wouldn’t see the connection to the campaign.

Man With Pakistani Passport And Duffel Bag Caught Trespassing At Protected Water Facility, Then Vanishes…


This story makes me feel incredibly secure, especially given his past history…

Via CBS: — Clean drinking water is essential for our health, so when a man with a foreign passport is discovered trespassing in a protected Chicago water plant, the FBI and Homeland security are alerted.

Authorities say Shahroon Augustine entered the Eugene Sawyer Water Purification Plant with a duffle bag, containing a passport from Pakistan.

He was charged with trespassing, then vanished.

“If our water supply isn’t vigorously protected, we as a society could have real trouble,” says Richard Schak, a former Chicago Police official who launched the criminal justice program at National Louis University.

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Obama: “The President-Elect Has Certain Elements Of Temperament That Will Not Serve Him Well”

Really? Says possibly the thinnest-skin president we’ve had so far. Constantly petty and all about him.

Noam Chomsky: “Republican Party Has Become The Most Dangerous Organization In World History”


Via Eco Watch:

On Nov. 8, Donald Trump managed to pull the biggest upset in U.S. politics by tapping successfully into the anger of white voters and appealing to the lowest inclinations of people in a manner that would have probably impressed Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels himself.

But what exactly does Trump’s victory mean and what can one expect from this megalomaniac when he takes over the reins of power on Jan. 20, 2017? What is Trump’s political ideology, if any and is “Trumpism” a movement? Will U.S. foreign policy be any different under a Trump administration? Some years ago, public intellectual Noam Chomsky warned that the political climate in the U.S. was ripe for the rise of an authoritarian figure.

Now, he shares his thoughts on the aftermath of this election, the moribund state of the U.S. political system and why Trump is a real threat to the world and the planet in general.

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