Joyless Reid: White Kid + 2 Dead White Guys * One Armless White Guy = Slavery, Duh

Via Fox News:

MSNBC host Joy Reid made the case that the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal has a historic precedent that goes back to the days of slavery.

Appearing on her own show as a guest, Reid began by saying she was “not at all surprised” by the Rittenhouse verdict, which she said was “expected.”

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As Usual, Portland Lets A Handful Of Junkies In Black Costumes Burn Stuff While The Cops Have To Clean It Up…

Literally all of these Antifa clowns in Portland are just strung out junkies and criminals. There isn’t a single one who isn’t a meth addict.


COVID Protests Go Nuclear Across Europe As Europeans Have Had Enough With Lockdowns…

Via AP:

VIENNA (AP) — Tens of thousands of protesters, many from far-right groups, marched through Vienna on Saturday after the Austrian government announced a nationwide lockdown beginning Monday to contain skyrocketing coronavirus infections.

Demonstrations against virus restrictions also took place in Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands on Saturday, a day after Dutch police opened fire on protesters and seven people were injured in rioting that erupted in Rotterdam. Protesters rallied against coronavirus restrictions and mandatory COVID-19 passes needed in many European countries to enter restaurants, Christmas markets or sports events, as well as mandatory vaccinations.

The Austrian lockdown will start Monday and comes as average daily deaths have tripled in recent weeks and hospitals in heavily hit states have warned that intensive care units are reaching capacity. The lockdown will last at least 10 days but could go up to 20, officials said. People will be able to leave their homes only for specific reasons, including buying groceries, going to the doctor or exercising.

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White House Communications Chief Of Staff Resigns A Day After Kamala’s Comms Director Did…

Via DailyMail:

The White House’s communications chief of staff has announced she is leaving her post, marking the administration’s second high-profile resignation this week as President Biden’s approval ratings continue to plummet.

White House communications chief of staff Emma Riley said Friday she is resigning from her Oval Office gig less than a year into the administration and is heading to a new post at the Labor Department.

‘It was an honor and privilege to serve @POTUS and the American people at the @White House … I’m excited to be moving down Pennsylvania Ave and traveling around the country with @SecMartyWalsh and @USDOL,’ Riley tweeted.

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Bill Maher Challenges AOC: “Be Brave, Come On My Show And Defend Wokeness”

Via DailyMail:

Bill Maher has dared House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to appear on his HBO talk show.

The Real Time host also scolded the far-left ‘Squad’ member on Friday for dismissing critics of ‘wokeness’ – which he claims is the reason Democrats suffered electoral defeats this year in Virginia and elsewhere.

Maher said he would ‘love’ to have Ocasio-Cortez on his show since there’s ‘so much to admire’ about her, particularly her efforts to combat climate change.

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Biden’s Potential Fed Chair Pick Won’t Say Whether She Is A Capitalist Or Not…

Via Fox Business:

“Governor Brainard, are you a capitalist or are you a socialist?” Rep. Roger Williams asked Federal Reserve Board of Governors member Lael Brainard in a House Financial Services Committee hearing in September of 2019.

“Thank you for your question,” Brainard responded. “I certainly have viewed markets that are well regulated that are competitive as providing really important benefits in terms of innovation and dynamism.”

Williams, not satisfied with that response, asked again, “Well are you a capitalist or a socialist?”

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Biden’s Press Secretary Laughs At Kamala Harris’ Dismal Poll Numbers…


Psaki Denies Staffing Shortages Due To Biden Vaccine Mandate Despite Public Outcry

She’s a bad liar.


Press Sec. Psaki Lies That Build Back Broke Costs ‘Zero,’ Even After Nonpartisan CBO Debunked Claim…


Texas State Rep. Leaves Democratic Party, Slams Far-Left…


CAIR Accuses College Democrats of ‘Islamophobia’…

Via Washington Times:

A Muslim advocacy group is accusing the College Democrats of America of “Islamophobia” for harassing one of their officers on social media over pro-Palestinian comments she made online as a child.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) this week called in a letter for the Democratic Party-affiliated group to open an “independent investigation” with the intent of disciplining or expelling the unnamed members who “repeatedly harassed” Rollins College senior Nourhan Mesbah on social media when she ran successfully for national vice president in August. […]

“Anti-Muslim bigotry is not unique to any particular party, and no party is immune to it,” Mr. Mitchell told The Washington Times on Friday.

“The perception is that only the Republicans have a problem with Muslims, but the truth is that you find Islamaphobia on the Democratic side, too,” he added.


Psaki Defends Biden Canceling The Keystone XL Pipeline As Gas Prices Skyrocket…

Just, no.


Democrat Rep. AOC Admits Biden’s Build Back Broke ‘Gives A Tax Break To Millionaires’…

Just another hypocrite.



HT: Mike Opelka


Ugh – Jury Goes Home Early On Day 3, Still No Verdict…


Professor In Virginia Put On Leave After Admitting He’s Attracted To Children, Writing Book Trying To “De-Stigmatize” It…

Via Christian Post:

A Virginia college professor has been placed on leave for defending “minor-attracted people” in a recently published book and podcast appearance.

Old Dominion University in Norfolk announced in a statement Tuesday that Dr. Allyn Walker had been placed on administrative leave effective immediately.

Walker, a professor of sociology and criminal justice at the school, published a book called A Long Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity. Walker highlighted the use of the term minor-attracted person, or MAP, in the title and throughout the book.

Walker made a recent appearance on a podcast hosted by the Prostasia Foundation, which includes a “peer support chat for minor attracted people who are fundamentally against child sexual abuse and committed to never harm children.”

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Democrats Not Sure If Biden Will Run In 2024, Even More Unsure If They Want Him To…

Via The Hill:

A number of Democrats are privately questioning whether President Biden will run for reelection amid anemic approval ratings and rising worries about next year’s midterm elections.

Biden insists that he will seek another term, and some see him as the best bet to defeat former President Trump if he runs again and becomes the GOP nominee.

“Electability was the No. 1 issue in the last election — it was why Joe Biden won the primary. There’s going to be a contingent out there that believes that, ‘Oh, it’s Trump again this time around, we have to have Biden again,’ ” said one Democratic aide who worked on a presidential campaign in the last cycle.

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Good News For Kamala Harris, Life May Be Found On Venus…

Now she has someowhere to hide from the US-Mexican border…

Via Yahoo News:

Phosphine is a colorless, flammable, toxic gas that smells like rotting fish. Humans manufacture it to use in pest control and the production of computer chips. But it’s also a waste product from a certain kind of “abiotic” microbe that lives in oxygen-free environments. Its presence is a potential sign that there’s something alive.

The gas with the chemical formula PH3 has been at the center of a passionate debate among scientists concerned with, well, life: what it is, what it needs to survive, and where it could be located elsewhere in the universe.

On one side are are scientists and their supporters who, a year ago, claimed they had detected signs of phosphine in the practically unlivable atmosphere of Venus—the second planet from the sun best known for its boiling, 800-degree-Fahrenheit surface and thick clouds made not of water, but acid. Whether intentionally or not, these researchers set off the alarms that perhaps we have discovered signs of extraterrestrial life on another world.

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Guy Who Jump Kicked Kyle Rittenhouse Is Also A Career Scumbag…


Via DailyMail:

A career criminal and convicted felon with an open domestic violence charge has claimed to be the unidentified male at whom Kyle Rittenhouse shot twice at close range but missed, on the night of August 25, 2020.

Rittenhouse has been charged with First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety of the man known in trial only as ‘jump-kick man,’ for the flying kick he took at the teenager’s head as Rittenhouse was attacked minutes after he shot Joseph Rosenbaum dead.

Now Maurice Freeland, 39, has admitted that he was the one who kicked Rittenhouse in the head and narrowly avoided being shot as a result, after the then 17-year-old stumbled to the ground as he attempted to flee.

Moments later Anthony Huber swung at Rittenhouse with his skateboard for a second time, grabbing for the AR-15 that was slung across his chest. Rittenhouse fired once, shooting Huber in the chest at point blank range.

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More Of Mumbling, Stumbling Grandpa Joe…