Dem Rep. Omar On Tara Reade: “There’s Obviously Parts Of What She Has Said That Has Been Corroborated”

The MSM begs to differ.


Dem Rep. James Clyburn On Joe Biden’s ‘You Ain’t Black’ Comment: ‘I Cringed’


Behar: Trump Supporters ‘Do Not Realize that They Are Pawns,’ He Doesn’t Care if You Die

Oh boy.


Democrats Behind Disinformation Campaign With Social Media Influencers

This article is sort of hilarious. You have Democrats actually paying social media influencers, but it’s the GOP that the article implies is behind disinformation, that the poor Democrats have to do this to beat back the GOP.

Via LA Times:

As conservative conspiracy theories and deepfake videos race through the internet, defying the fact-checkers and bruising political candidates, Curtis Hougland is trying to fight back by borrowing from the playbook of his adversaries.
Hougland, a technologist and online-extremism expert, is hiring small armies of social-media mercenaries to do battle for Democrats.

These are not troops predisposed to political warfare. They are typically not aligned with the progressive candidate or cause that Hougland’s firm, Main Street One, is representing. But they hold a weapon that’s lacking among internet activists in the echo chambers of the left: large and devoted followings of persuadable voters.

“We are making a bet that human networks can out-compete the bots and trolls and sock puppets,” said Hougland, whose background includes helping the Pentagon track and fight Islamic State online.

It’s a fraught bet, one of many Democrats are making as they confront the growing threat that disinformation presents to their hopes of retaking the White House. Since the pandemic took hold, the false narratives ricocheting through social media have surged. Vinesight, one of a crop of startups on the left focused on detecting and fighting the spread of toxic postings online, reports they are up 50% since the height of the Democratic nominating contests in February.

Conspiracy theories and false claims springing from the pandemic are fast blurring into political attacks, typically pointed at Democrats and sometimes propelled by President Trump. While their party has grown adept at tracking the origin and spread of the disinformation, Democrats have yet to find an effective strategy for depriving it of oxygen, particularly as the social media companies — including Facebook and Twitter — are proving to be feckless partners in the fight.

The companies are taking down and labeling as suspect more content than in the past, but are unable to keep pace with all the posts that violate their terms. And they are unwilling to ban the large volume of material, such as Trump’s false claims, that could be branded political speech.

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Stocks Soar As NYSE Trading Floor Reopens From Coronavirus Shutdown

Bad news for Democrats.

Via Fox News:

U.S. equity markets surged to their best levels in months as states continued to reopen and traders returned to the New York Stock Exchange for the first time since shutting down on March 23 to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied more than 600 points, or 2.45 percent, in the opening minutes of trading, while the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite were higher by 2.20 percent and 1.84 percent, respectively. The gains, which propelled both the S&P 500 and the Dow to their highest levels since March and the Nasdaq to its best level since February, come after all three of the major averages each advanced more than 3 percent last week.

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The General Election Scenario That Democrats Are Dreading

Is that why some are trying to delay opening?

Via Politico:

In early April, Jason Furman, a top economist in the Obama administration and now a professor at Harvard, was speaking via Zoom to a large bipartisan group of top officials from both parties. The economy had just been shut down, unemployment was spiking, and some policymakers were predicting an era worse than the Great Depression. The economic carnage seemed likely to doom President Donald Trump’s chances at reelection.

Furman, tapped to give the opening presentation, looked into his screen of poorly lit boxes of frightened wonks and made a startling claim.

“We are about to see the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country,” he said.

The former cabinet secretaries and Federal Reserve chairs in the Zoom boxes were confused, though some of the Republicans may have been newly relieved and some of the Democrats suddenly concerned.

“Everyone looked puzzled and thought I had misspoken,” Furman said in an interview. Instead of forecasting a prolonged depression-level economic catastrophe, Furman laid out a detailed case for why the months preceding the November election could offer Trump the chance to brag — truthfully — about the most explosive monthly employment numbers and GDP growth ever.

Since the Zoom call, Furman has been making the same case to anyone who will listen, especially the close-knit network of Democratic wonks who have traversed the Clinton and Obama administrations together, including top members of the Biden campaign.

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Whitmer’s Husband Asked For Special Treatment In Getting Boat On Water After She Urged People To Not Go To Area, Report Says

Rules for thee but not for me.

Via Townhall:

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s husband reportedly sought special treatment in trying to get their boat on the water in time for Memorial Day weekend, even as his wife cautioned residents about traveling for the holiday.

“This morning, I was out working when the office called me, there was a gentleman on hold who wanted his boat in the water before the weekend,” read a post from NorthShore Dock on Facebook. “Being Memorial weekend and the fact that we started working three weeks late means there is no chance this is going to happen.”

“Well our office personnel had explained this to the man and he replied, ‘I am the husband to the governor, will this make a difference?'”

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Watch: Angry Mob Screams Obscenities At Non-Mask Wearing Customer in Staten Island Grocery Store

Mob in action.


President Trump: Every Time We Sing Our Anthem, ‘We Renew the Eternal Bonds of Loyalty to Our Fallen Heroes’


MSNBC: ‘Trump Is a Cruel, Damaged Human Being Who Goes Out of His Way To Harm People’…

Or something.


Ridiculous Heat Wave To Hit Left Cost For The Next Few Days…

Via Accuweather:

A recent pattern change has allowed stifling heat to build gradually across the southwestern United States. As the week continues, meteorologists caution that the heat will further intensify over the region, which will allow numerous daily records from Sacramento to Phoenix to be challenged.

Temperatures began to climb on Sunday with some locations in the Sacramento Valley of California reaching 10 degrees Fahrenheit above normal.

In anticipation of the hot weather, which could result in widespread triple-digit temperature readings, numerous heat advisories, excessive heat watches and excessive heat warnings were in effect as of Monday from California to Nevada and Arizona.

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Dems: Stop Talking About Biden’s Racist Gaffe…


Dem Gov. Cuomo Suggests You’re ‘Stupid’ if You Don’t Wear Mask


Pentagon Spokesman Chimes In On NYT’s Terrible Memorial Day Editorial


Via Townhall:

Instead of remembering the fallen servicemen and women on Memorial Day, the New York Times editorial board decided to publish an editorial about how the United States Military supposedly advocates for white supremacy. Specifically, the editorial board took issue with Military bases being named leaders in the Confederate Army. In their mind, the bases should be renamed.

“It is time to rename bases for American heroes — not racist traitors,” the editorial stated.

Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Jonathan Hoffman slammed the editorial board, saying the group of so-called journalists decided to “attack the US military” instead of paying tribute to the “many stories of valor still waiting to be told this Memorial Day weekend.”

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Shocker: Some Inmates Released Due To COVID-19 Returned To Crime, Including Murder…


Dem Rep. Pressley: Illegal Immigrants Should Receive Driver’s Licenses…

No thanks.


Trump Visits Arlington Cemetery, Fort McHenry For Memorial Day As Baltimore Mayor Criticizes Trip

Locking people up until the country is destroyed is “essential” to the Baltimore mayor, Memorial Day and honoring our military dead is not.

Via Fox News:

President Trump was marking Memorial Day with appearances at Arlington National Cemetery and Baltimore’s historic Fort McHenry, honoring fallen military members while also sending a clear signal to the country that his agenda will be business-as-almost-usual amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A 21-gun salute greeted Trump as he arrived at the solemn ceremony by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Monday morning. Trump, first lady Melania Trump, Vice President Pence and second lady Karen Pence attended to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of America’s freedoms.

Trump saluted as members of the military played the National Anthem and Taps while Pence and Defense Secretary Mark Esper stood next to him with their hands on their hearts. Trump paused before the tomb with his hands clasped in front of him, touched the wreath — adorned with a red, white and blue ribbon — and then saluted again.

The military personnel and some VIPs in attendance had been wearing masks on the steps of the monument prior to the arrival of the Trumps and the Pences. But an unknown woman approached the dignitaries and asked everyone to take them off. Much of the group stood socially distanced on the outdoor stairs. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was spotted putting on a mask decorated with stars and stripes as he left the ceremony.

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Lefty Nutjob Wants To Hand Out BodyBags To Florida Beachgoers…

Imagine hanging out at the beach with your kids and some idiot hands them a body bag and tells them their parents are killing grandma for being at the beach…


Joe Biden Says He Will Kill High-Paying Jobs Created By Keystone XL Pipeline…


Trump Rips Columbia Univ. Study For Calling His China Travel Ban ‘Xenophobic’

‘Columbia is a liberal, disgraceful institution’