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Rep. Mark Meadows Hints Who Unnamed FBI Attorneys Are, And Says 302s May Have Been Changed

Via Daily Wire:

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) hinted at the possible identities of two unidentified attorneys in the Inspector General’s report during a congressional hearing on Tuesday with Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

“But you know who the people are,” Meadows said to Horowitz. “And I would say based on your report, I know who they are and what I am concerned about is you know they don’t work for the counterintelligence division. In a dialogue between FBI attorney #1 and #2, and those two attorneys, do they not work for Trish Anderson?”

“Those two attorneys work in the office of the general counsel,” Horowitz replied.

“And so, would one of those attorneys be Sally Moyer?”

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Breaking: Dems Reject Legislative Fix To Stop Family Separations, “Want To Keep Focus On Trump”

Revealing it’s completely political. And Trump can’t change the law, he can only enforce it. The problem stems from Obama not enforcing the law and creating the influx although there’s less of a problem now than there was under Obama.

Via The Hill:

Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) on Tuesday dismissed a legislative proposal backed by Republican leaders to keep immigrant families together at the border, arguing that President Trump could fix the problem more easily with a flick of his pen.

“There are so many obstacles to legislation and when the president can do it with his own pen, it makes no sense,” Schumer told reporters. “Legislation is not the way to go here when it’s so easy for the president to sign it.”

Asked if that meant Democrats would not support a bill backed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to keep immigrant families together while seeking asylum on the U.S. border, Schumer said they want to keep the focus on Trump.

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Fox Refuses To Cave To David Hogg’s Intimidation Attempts Against Laura Ingraham

The leftist media has moved onto other issues realizing his issue isn’t getting them anywhere. So he’s still trying to remain relevant.

Via USA Today:

David Hogg, a survivor of the Florida high school shooting, is calling for a boycott of Fox News’ Laura Ingraham for the second time in months, this time because of her controversial comments about immigrant children separated from their parents.

Hogg, who has become a central figure in the gun-control movement, has been a fierce critic of Ingraham for months in the aftermath of the Valentine’s Day shooting in Parkland, Fla. that left 17 dead. Hogg went after Ingraham’s advertisers earlier this year after the “The Ingraham Angle” host mocked Hogg for not getting into several colleges.

He called for a boycott of her advertisers in an attempt to have them pull out from her show in late March and early April. Now, Hogg is calling for a similar protest after the “The Ingraham Angle” host compared the camps where migrant children are being housed in isolation from their parents to “summer camps.”

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Border Patrol Agent Blows Mind Of CNN Host, Tells Her What’s Really Going On At Border

Via Daily Caller:

CNN brought on Chris Cabrera, a spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council, Tuesday to discuss the Trump administration enforcing America’s border laws.

The Trump administration has enacted a policy of zero tolerance when enforcing America’s border laws. The laws result in separating some families if they cross the border illegally at non-checkpoint locations.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin brought on Cabrera to grill him over the enforcement of the policy. However, it was Baldwin who got the grilling when Cabrera fact-checked her over the status of immigrants at the border.

“There’s so much being thrown at people who don’t know as much about immigration certainly as you do as a border patrol agent, but there a a couple of ways to come into this country if you’re an undocumented immigrant and you come out on the Rio Grande river, that’s illegal,” Baldwin said.

Cabrera countered, “Even if you’re a U.S. citizen, it’s illegal.”

Baldwin then asked specifically about delays for asylum seekers.

Cabrera said bluntly, “We’ve had this situation going on for four years now. I don’t think you can necessarily blame it on one administration or another. It started under one and is continuing under another. It hasn’t been fixed and it needs to be fixed.”

He continued, “Right now we have this beacon of, ‘We’ll leave the light on for you and let you come illegally into the country.’ If you’ve seen some of the stuff we’ve seen, you’d understand how important it is to have a tough stance to divert people from coming here.”

Cabrera then bluntly told Baldwin some of the horrors he has seen.

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Feinstein’s Child Separation Bill Would Let Nearly All Parents Who Commit Federal Crimes Get Off Scot-Free, Report Says

And every Democrat signed aboard this monstrosity. Because they essentially want open borders and they don’t care what the result might be.

Via Daily Wire:

A bill introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) that is intended to stop border separations would prevent federal law enforcement officials from arresting criminals who are parents anywhere inside the U.S. as the bill does not make any distinction between illegal immigrant children at the border and children who are U.S. citizens and who already live in the U.S.

Attorney Gabriel Malor writes at The Federalist:

The bill provides that “[a]n agent or officer of a designated agency shall be prohibited from removing a child from his or her parent or legal guardian at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border of the United States” (with three exceptions to be discussed later). Four immediate warning signs in this provision should put the reader on notice that this bill is not what Democrats claim.

Malor breaks down the four immediate warning signs in the bill:

1. The bill does not limit the scope of its regulation to agencies that are involved with the border crisis as the term “designated agency” is defined as “the entirety of the federal departments of Homeland Security, Justice, and Health and Human Services.”

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FBI Agent Peter Strzok ‘Escorted’ From FBI Building, Lawyer Confirms

Doesn’t count unless it is a perp walk.

Via Fox News:

Peter Strzok, the FBI agent under fire over a series of anti-Trump text messages, was “escorted” from the FBI building, his lawyer confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday.

Strzok’s lawyer, Aitan Goelman, argued that even though his client has “played by the rules,” he has been targeted by “unfounded personal attacks, political games and inappropriate information leaks.”

“All of this seriously calls into question the impartiality of the disciplinary process, which now appears tainted by political influence,” a statement from Goelman said.

He said that Strzok “has complied with every FBI procedure, including being escorted from the building as part of the ongoing internal proceedings.” The attorney did not say exactly when Strzok was escorted out.

“Instead of publicly calling for a long-serving FBI agent to be summarily fired, politicians should allow the disciplinary process to play out free from political pressure,” Goelman said. “Our leaders and the public should be very concerned with how readily such influence has been allowed to undermine due process and the legal protections owed to someone who has served his country for so long. Pete Strzok and the American people deserve better.”

The FBI had no comment when contacted by Fox News.

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Breaking: Nikki Haley Announces U.S. Pull Out From UN Human Rights Council

They have Venezuela and Saudi Arabia on the council. It’s ridiculous.

IG: FBI Refusing To Disclose The Names Of The Anti-Trump IG Agents

But yeah, not trying to cover anything up or anything.

Via Daily Caller:

FBI has asked the Justice Department’s office of the inspector general to withhold from Congress the names of three bureau employees found to have exchanged anti-Trump text messages, including from one attorney who worked on the special counsel’s investigation.

“We went to the FBI. The FBI raised a concern because they work on counterintelligence matters, and we are working with the committee to try and get the information you’ve asked for,” Michael Horowitz, the DOJ’s inspector general, testified to Congress on Tuesday.

“So the FBI does not want their names released?” Texas Rep. Ted Poe asked Horowitz.

“Correct,” the inspector general replied.

An OIG report released on Friday identified five current and former FBI employees, including Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, as having sent anti-Trump text messages in 2016 and 2017. OIG referred all five of the officials to the FBI for disciplinary action.

The OIG report revealed for the first time that Strzok, the FBI’s top investigator on the Russia probe, told Page in an Aug. 8, 2016 text message that “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming president.

The report also identifies text messages from FBI employees referred to as FBI Attorney 2, FBI Agent 1, and FBI Agent 5 who expressed anti-Trump sentiments.

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Moonbat Actor George Takei: Trump Policy Of Separating Families Is Worse Than Japanese Internment Camps

Via The Hill:

“Star Trek” actor George Takei compared migrant detention centers to Japanese internment camps during WWII in a new op-ed published in Foreign Policy on Tuesday.

Takei, who was sent to an internment camp at 5 years old, calls the Trump administration policy of separating migrant parents and children at the U.S. border worse, in some ways, than Japanese internment camps.

“In one core, horrifying way this is worse,” Takei writes of the current state of affairs. “At least during the internment of Japanese-Americans, I and other children were not stripped from our parents. We were not pulled screaming from our mothers’ arms. We were not left to change the diapers of younger children by ourselves.”

Takei, a longtime critic of President Trump, goes on to say the policy fills him with “both rage and grief” and calls on lawmakers to “ensure history does not repeat itself in full.”

“I cannot for a moment imagine what my childhood would have been like had I been thrown into a camp without my parents,” Takei continues. “That this is happening today fills me with both rage and grief: rage toward a failed political leadership who appear to have lost even their most basic humanity, and a profound grief for the families affected.”

I can’t think of a better response than this:

Trump Jokes About Democrats Message: ‘I Started Disliking Myself’ After Watching Some of These Ads


HT: Free Beacon

Trump Slams Dems For Loving Open Borders And MS-13 Gang Members…

Flashback: Obama “Punishing” Mexican Kids Crossing Border By Holding Them For Months Without Family…

2015 via Washington Post:

Via Sean Davis

Dem Sen. Dianne Feinstein Says All Senate Democrats Support A Bill Not Allowing Arrests Within 100 Miles Of The US/Mexico Border…

Just a tad extreme.

Gallup Poll: Trump Approval Rating Ties Highest Point Of His Presidency

Narrative busted.

Via The Hill:

A Gallup poll released Monday showed President Trump earning his highest approval rating since shortly after he took office, even as his administration faces growing criticism over its immigration policies.

The Gallup poll found 45 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance as of Sunday, while 50 percent disapprove. The approval number matches Trump’s highest to date from Gallup. He previously received the same rating for the week ending on Jan. 29, 2017.

Trump’s current approval rating rose 3 percentage points since June 10.

Boko Haram Jihadists Use 6 Little Girls As Suicide Bombers In Nigeria…

Religion of Peace™ alert.


Suspected Boko Haram jihadists using girls apparently aged as young as seven as suicide bombers killed 31 people in an attack on a town in northeast Nigeria, a local official and a militia leader said on Sunday.

The official cited the decapitated heads of the girls, found at the scene, as proof of their role in the attacks.

Blasts ripped through the town of Damboa in Borno state on Saturday evening targeting people returning from celebrating the Eid al-Fitr holiday, in an attack bearing all the hallmarks of Boko Haram.

Following the suicide bombings, the jihadists fired rocket-propelled grenades into the crowds that had gathered at the scene of the attacks, driving the number of casualties higher.

“Most of the casualties were from the rocket projectiles fired from outside the town” after the bombings”, the official said.

“It was later realised the suicide attacks were carried out by six underage girls whose decapitated heads were found at the scene by rescue teams. They were between seven and 10 years, from their looks.”

Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings Accuses Trump Of Putting Kids In “Child Internment Camps”…


Trump Hispanic Adviser Explains Why The Media Has Trump Immigration Policy Wrong

They don’t care, they don’t care about truth.

Via Daily Caller:

CNN political commentator and Trump Hispanic Adviser Steve Cortes fought back against anchor Alysin Camerota’s immigration claims on CNN Tuesday morning.

“I think if people commit crimes they need to be prosecuted, whether it is an American breaking and entering into a house or a Honduran breaking and entering into our country,” Cortes said.

“Unfortunately, when people commit crimes in the U.S. and elsewhere, they are separated from their child,” he added. “That’s a terrible consequence for the child, it’s not the child’s fault. But it doesn’t mean we can hold the parent blameless and allow them to wantingly break the law and have an open border, which is terrible for our economic and national security.”

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Occupy Wall Street Encourages People To Kill ICE Agents

Thought they were gone, trying to be relevant with violence.

Via Daily Wire:

Occupy Wall Street is back again, and this time with a vengeance. On Monday night, in a malevolent tweet addressing the issue of separating the children of illegal immigrants from their parents at the border, Occupy Wall Street once again demonstrated how willing they are to have a rational discussion on any issue:

Despite the fact that many people reported the tweet to Twitter, as of 10:30 EST Tuesday morning, the tweet was still up.

Here, apparently, is Occupy Wall Street’s real agenda:

The Occupy movement has been supported in the past by the usual list of leftist organizations. Newsbusters reported back in 2011 of the Wall Street protests:

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Female Prof: Women Have Right To ‘Hate Men’ Because They’ve ‘Done Us Wrong’

Via Fox News:

A university in Boston is distancing itself from a feminist professor who wrote a controversial column earlier this month that some are calling “hate speech.”

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Suzanna Danuta Walters, sociology professor and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies program director at Northeastern University, said women have every right to “hate men.”

“You have done us wrong. #BecausePatriarchy,” she wrote.

The university in Boston immediately distanced itself from the oped, saying “hate has no place” at the university.

“The university has more than 1,000 faculty members whose viewpoints span the entire political spectrum,” university spokesperson Shannon Nargi told Fox News in a statement. “Consistent with our unwavering commitment to academic freedom, the opinions of an individual professor do not reflect the views of the university or its leadership. Northeastern is committed to fostering an environment in which controversial ideas can be discussed, debated and challenged.”

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