New Orleans Dem Mayor Blames Trump For Mardi Gras Not Being Canceled During Coronavirus



Pelosi Short Circuits, Keeps Repeating Herself During Coronavirus Presser…

‘Testing, testing, testing’


Overnight Open Thread: Steve Martin Redux


Republicans Cave To Pelosi, Unanimously Vote To Give $350 Million To Refugees, Migrants

We have to pass it to know what’s in it.

Via Daily Caller:

Republican and Democratic senators unanimously voted to pass a coronavirus relief bill late Wednesday that gives $350,000,000 to assist refugees and migrants.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s relief package would include $300,000,000 for refugee assistance.

The new bill, approved by the Senate and now headed to the House, includes an additional $50 million on top of Pelosi’s initial $300 million for refugees.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Coronavirus Is Likely Seasonal. What Does That Mean?

This is what Trump was talking about early on when he was saying it might “go away” (reduce) in the spring/summer.

Via Daily Caller:

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday provided the strongest endorsement so far of the theory that coronavirus is likely to follow a seasonal pattern.

“I think it very well might [be seasonal],” Fauci said at a daily White House press briefing.

The infectious disease expert said that he’s started seeing cases of coronavirus pop up in the Southern hemisphere, in Africa and in other countries, as they move towards their winter season.

A seasonal pattern for coronavirus could provide much-needed relief to economies around the globe. In the U.S., economic activity has slowed to a crawl as part of a strategy to slow down the spread of the virus, which originated in China in November.

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Dr. Birx Says Lot Of False Claims Out There Including How Many Will Get It, Die, Claims About Lack Of Ventilators False



Basically, calm down, the millions of cases/deaths models people are throwing out there aren’t reality and there is no shortage of ventilators anywhere.

Here’s another important piece:


Fauci: Italy ‘Hit Very Badly’ By Coronavirus Due To Prevalence Of Chinese Tourists

They didn’t do anything to isolate the folks who came in from China, even after knowing about the virus epicenter.

Via National Review:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force, said Thursday that Italy has been impacted particularly badly by the coronavirus pandemic because the country hosted a high number of Chinese tourists in recent months.

“When you look at the different patterns of what happened in different countries, China versus South Korea versus what we’re seeing in northern Italy, it really gives you some interesting insight into certain things, not only in the explosive nature in certain places versus others, but as you get to your peak, how do you know when you’re turning the corner,” Fauci said on CNN.

“It’s when the new infections each day start to level off to be the same and then start going down, then you see the curve go down,” Fauci said, adding that Italy is “not there yet.”

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‘Little Idiot’: Watch Judge Issue Arrest Warrants For People Not Showing Up To Court During Quarantine

How does the administrative judge let that happen? This is the one time they all have a legit excuse.

Via Breaking 911:

Courtroom video shows Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Pinkey S. Carr deny an attorney’s request to postpone hearings amid the coronavirus pandemic, even as the court issued an administrative order saying such hearings shall be rescheduled. The judge then calls the attorney a “little idiot” to her staff after he leaves.

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New York Times: Trump-Inspired ‘Spasm of Hate’ Leaves Asian-Americans ‘Terrified’…

More fake news.

Via Newsbusters:

The New York Times invariably provides guilty liberal spin to any crisis, including the coronavirus pandemic. Tuesday’s front page featured “Spit On, Yelled At, Attacked: Chinese-Americans Fear for Their Safety — As bigots blame them for the coronavirus and President Trump labels it the ‘Chinese virus’ many Chinese-Americans say they are terrified of what could come next.”

Reporters Sabrina Tavernise and Richard Oppel Jr. led off with an awful anecdote about a Chinese-American woman being screamed at and spat on

“As the coronavirus upends American life, Chinese-Americans face a double threat. Not only are they grappling like everyone else with how to avoid the virus itself, they are also contending with growing racism in the form of verbal and physical attacks. Other Asian-Americans — with families from Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar and other places — are facing threats, too, lumped together with Chinese-Americans by a bigotry that does not know the difference.”

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CNN Analyst: It’s ‘Ridiculous’ Trump Thinks ‘We’re Rooting Against Him in This Crisis’

Why would he ever think that?

HT: Newsbusters


Dem Sen. Blumenthal: 4th And 5th Coronavirus Stimulus Might Be Needed to Fix ‘Mistakes’ in $2 Trillion Bill…



Pelosi Says Relief Bill ‘Is All About the Coronavirus, It’s Not About Anything Else’…

Except for all the far-left provisions she held the bill up for.


Dem NJ Gov. Murphy “Grateful” For Trump’s Help: “We Have A Very Good Relationship”…


MSNBC Host’s Greatest Fear During Pandemic: Trump’s Rising Poll Numbers…



Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund Refused to Support #MeToo Sex Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden

Update to this story. Read this story which raises questions about Time’s Up excuse for not helping the accuser. We would note also that in addition to the connection of Time’s Up to the Biden campaign mentioned in the story, Time’s Up CEO is Tina TChen, top aide for Barack and Michelle Obama.

Via The Intercept:

LAST APRIL, Tara Reade watched as a familiar conversation around her former boss, Joe Biden, and his relationship with personal space unfolded on the national stage. Nevada politician Lucy Flores alleged that Biden had inappropriately sniffed her hair and kissed the back of her head as she waited to go on stage at a rally in 2014. Biden, in a statement in response, said that “not once” in his career did he believe that he had acted inappropriately. But Flores’s allegation sounded accurate to Reade, she said, because Reade had experienced something very similar as a staffer in Biden’s Senate office years earlier.

After she saw an episode of the ABC show “The View,” in which most of the panelists stood up for Biden and attacked Flores as politically motivated, Reade decided that she had no choice but to come forward and support Flores. She gave an interview to a local reporter, describing several instances in which Biden had behaved similarly toward her, inappropriately touching her during her early-’90s tenure in his Senate office. In that first interview, she decided to tell a piece of the story, she said, that matched what had happened to Flores — plus, she had filed a contemporaneous complaint, and there were witnesses, so she considered the allegation bulletproof. The short article brought a wave of attention on her, along with accusations that she was doing the bidding of Russian President Vladimir Putin. So Reade went quiet.

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Joe Biden’s Sexual Assault Accuser Breaks Silence With Graphic Allegations

She said stuff last year, but her story has evolved since then.

Via Newsone:

When Reade initially came out about her experience with Biden, she told The Union that he did uncomfortable things like “put his hand on my shoulder and run his finger up my neck.” Reade also said that she cut ties with Biden’s office over an early 1993 staff argument. According to Reade, Biden wanted her to serve drinks because he liked her legs. Reade says she didn’t hear this directly from Biden but she learned of it during her argument with staff. Reade refused to serve the drinks, which she believes was a move that affected her career.

“My life was hell,” Reade said. “This was about power and control. I couldn’t get a job on the Hill.” She eventually left Biden’s office in August of 1993.

Now, Reade is speaking out even more with a sexual assault allegation against Biden. Katie Halper posted an excerpt from an interview done with Reade to Twitter around 2 a.m. on Wednesday, writing “This is a story that @ReadeAlexandra has been trying to tell since it happened in 1993. It’s a story about sexual assault, retaliation and silencing. #meToo.”

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Kentucky Mayor Lets Citizens Have It In Facebook Post In Warning To Stay Home, ‘Listen Up Dipshits’

Well, that’s one way of putting it. At least he didn’t threaten people with flamethrowers like the Italian mayor.

Via Washington Examiner:

A Kentucky mayor resorted to profanity to get his warning on the coronavirus across to constituents.

Walton Mayor Gabe Brown posted a message of warning to residents on a Facebook group page Monday, asserting their families may die from COVID-19 if they don’t practice social distancing.

“Listen up dipshits and sensible people. I might not have the best bedside manor. I might not put you at ease like the Governor does, but I don’t care. You need to realize that this is a serious ordeal. In fact, it’s a big f**cking deal. Stay at home,” Brown began his post.

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Kathy Griffin Claims She Can’t Get A Test Despite ‘Unbearably Painful’ Symptoms

How is she in a “Covid Isolation Ward” if she wasn’t tested? We’ve done more tests than South Korea, we’ve done close to half a million tests.


Joe Biden Struggles with Declaration of Independence Again: ‘We Hold These Truths Etcetera’…

God help us if this man somehow becomes president.


Despite Not Holding Public Office, Biden Claims He Is Having Convos With Foreign Leaders