Massachusetts Coffee Shop Shutters Its Door After Daughter’s Anti-Police Facebook Post

Not enough social justice warriors as paying customers.

Via Fox News:

The owner of a Massachusetts coffee shop said she was closing the business due to the backlash following her daughter’s controversial comments about cops on Facebook.

Kato Mele, the owner of the year-old White Rose Coffeehouse in Lynn, Mass., told The Daily Item she was closing the store “so I can stop being harassed.”

“I’ve lost my business and I’ve lost my daughter. I don’t know how this story just keeps building, but I need people to leave me alone,” Mele told The Daily Item. “I’m closing my business so I can stop being harassed.”

Mele tried to make amends with police after her daughter, Sophie, the store’s manager, wrote on her personal Facebook page last weekend that the business would never host a “Coffee with a Cop” event.

The post started a debate that took a different turn when Sophie called police officers bullies and racists. In turn, social media users called for people to ban the coffeehouse.

Mele fired her daughter and wrote police an apology, calling the remarks “distasteful, biased and hateful.” She invited officers to the shop Monday for coffee.

“I don’t agree with what she said. It is not my opinion. I should never have been linked to my business and that’s where I parted ways with my daughter, in regards to the business,” Mele told The Daily Item.

However, police did not show up, and the regular morning customers did not either.

Rachel Maddow Called Out By Fellow Liberals For Pushing Anti-Trump Conspiracy

Trump Derangement Syndrome gone wild.

Via Fox News:

SNBC star Rachel Maddow’s latest anti-Trump conspiracy theory was so outlandish that even the dependably liberal HuffPost criticized it as “so flimsy that it could be debunked by a quick glance at a map.”

On Thursday evening, “The Rachel Maddow Show” opened with a somber 25-minute diatribe that attempted to connect the tragic ambush attack that killed four American soldiers in Niger to the latest version of President Trump’s proposed travel ban, which included the nation of Chad. Maddow essentially claimed that the inclusion of Chad, which recently pulled its troops out of Niger, in the revised travel ban resulted in extremist attacks such as the one that left four Americans dead.

The HuffPost, which is so anti-Trump that it refused to even cover him in the political section during the early stages of his campaign, published a story headlined, “What the hell was this Rachel Maddow segment?” The MSNBC host proclaimed that Chad’s pullout from Niger “had an immediate effect in emboldening ISIS attacks,” but the HuffPost easily shot down her theory.

Colby College Department of Government assistant professor Laura Seay told the HuffPost that “any expert” would have said Maddow’s conspiracy theory was “crazy” and the pullout of Chadian troops isn’t necessarily related to the Trump’s travel ban.

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Woman Critically Injured In Shooting At St. Louis Vigil For Man Killed There Night Earlier

Add another roadside memorial.

Via St. Louis Post Dispatch:

A woman was shot Thursday night while taking part in a vigil for a man who had been fatally shot at the same spot a night earlier, police said.

The 21-year-old woman was not conscious or breathing when police arrived at the scene shortly before 9 p.m. in the 3900 block of South Grand Boulevard, police said. Homicide detectives were called there to investigate. She was critical and unstable at a hospital, police said on Friday.

Police have said very little about what may have led to the attack on the woman. They have no information on a suspect.

The unidentified woman was attending a vigil for Gerald Alfred, who had been killed there on Wednesday night. Alfred lived in the 7800 block of Rio Tinto Place in south St. Louis.

Alfred was killed in a double shooting at the same site about 11 p.m. Wednesday. The Shell gas station is at 3932 South Grand Boulevard.

Police arrived Wednesday to find Alfred dead on the gas station parking lot. Only later did police learn that there had been another person shot — he was gone by the time officers arrived. Someone in the crowd had rushed him to the hospital by private car. The man who survived is 26 years old. He had been shot multiple times and was critical but stable at a hospital, police say.

The site is in the city’s Dutchtown neighborhood. The gas station was open Friday morning, and a stready stream of customers was pumping gas and buying snacks. To the north of the station, where Alberta Street intersects with Grand, sits a makeshift morgue. An angel figurine, votive candles and an empty bottle of Remy Martin cognac decorated the space where the vigil for Alfred had been on Thursday night.

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Trump Vows To Release Classified JFK Files

Finally! Safe bet? Rafael Cruz didn’t do it.

Via Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump announced Saturday morning that he will allow the release of never before seen documents related to the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy.

The classified documents are scheduled to be released Thursday, Oct. 26, the date set 25 years ago by Congress under a bill signed by then-President George H.W. Bush. The cache of documents includes 3,100 documents never seen by the public and over 30,000 files previously released in redacted form.

Recent reports, citing senior administration officials, suggested that Trump may extend the classified status of certain documents drafted in the 1990s, due to concerns they might reveal recent American intelligence tactics and operations.

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Trump To DOJ And FBI: Say Who Paid For Dossier

Fusion is refusing, FBI wouldn’t say and Democrats are doing everything they can to prevent people from finding out.

Via Daily Caller:

President Trump called on the Department of Justice and FBI to reveal who paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS to produce the infamous anti-Trump dossier of research compiled last year by former British spy Christopher Steele.

“Officials behind the now discredited ‘Dossier’ plead the Fifth,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday. “Justice Department and/or FBI should immediately release who paid for it.”

Trump was referring to Fusion co-founders’ Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catan pleading the Fifth during interviews with the House Intelligence Committee earlier this week.

The committee has recently ramped up its efforts to investigate the dossier. In addition to the subpoena for Fusion’s co-founders, the panel earlier this month subpoenaed Fusion’s bank, TD Bank, for records that would disclose the identities of its clients. (RELATED: Fusion GPS Fights House Subpoena For Bank Records, Which Would Reveal Its Dossier Client)

Fusion was working for a Hillary Clinton ally when it began work on the dossier. There have been few clues about who the client might be, and Fusion has resisted all attempts to find out who it is.

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Peter Yarrow, Who Made Sexual Advances On A Child, To Perform At ‘Women for Peace’ Rally Outside Pentagon

Even after Weinstein, even when it was revealed Democratic operatives knew, but took his money anyway. Everyone knows about this guy. But it’s ok, as long as he has the right liberal credentials.

Via Free Beacon:

Peter Yarrow, convicted in the 1970’s of “making sexual advances” on a 14-year-old girl, will perform on Friday at a rally organized by the nonprofit Code Pink: Women for Peace.

Yarrow went to prison after making sexual advances on a 14-year-old girl and her 17-year-old sister in 1970 when they went to his Washington, D.C. hotel room to ask for his autograph, according to the New York Post. Yarrow pleaded guilty to taking “indecent liberties” with the 14-year-old and spent only three months behind bars.

The performer was pardoned by President Jimmy Carter on his last day in office in 1981.

Yarrow has extensive ties within liberal circles: he sang at John Kerry’s 1995 wedding, performed at Occupy Wall Street for protesters, and performed for Barack Obama’s campaign. Yarrow is also godfather to one of Kerry’s children.

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Weinstein Completes Sex Addict Rehab In 1 Week, Claims Lupita Nyong’o Is Lying

He’s cured!

Via Daily Mail:

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has completed his one-week sex rehab program.

A psychologist taking part in his treatment told TMZ that Weinstein would remain in Arizona for a month or so after his week of outpatient ‘intensive therapy’ ends on Saturday.

Weinstein was ‘invested in the program’ and had focused on ‘dealing with his anger, his attitude toward others, boundary work and the beginnings of work on empathy,’ the psychologist told the outlet with Weinstein’s permission.
The psychologist downplayed previous reports that the 65-year-old film producer had fallen asleep in group sessions and ranted about conspiracy theories.

‘He showed up for all the meetings and was fully engaged,’ the mental health professional said, adding that Weinstein had been pulled from group therapy after an initial session due to confidentiality concerns, and the rest of his sessions had been one-on-one.

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Frederica Wilson: “The White House Is Full Of White Supremacists”

All hat, no sanity.

Via Fox News:

Florida Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson, in the midst of a public feud with the Trump administration over the treatment of a Gold Star family, said the “White House itself is full of white supremacists.”

In an interview with The New York Times on Friday, Wilson pushed back against comments made by White House chief of staff John Kelly during a Thursday press briefing in which he criticized Wilson’s involvement in a personal call President Trump made to the family of fallen Army Sgt. La David Johnson.

Johnson was one of four Americans killed in an ambush in Niger on Oct. 4. In the call, the president told Johnson’s widow that her husband “knew what he signed up for,” Wilson claimed. But Trump said that Wilson “totally fabricated” what he told Myeshia Johnson, the soldier’s widow.

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Women Served Too: Memorial To Female Vets Marks Anniversary

They made a difference wearing combat boots instead of costumes.

Via Washington Times:

Right next to Arlington National Cemetery, which draws about 4 million visitors a year, is a national memorial to military women.

It draws about 200,000 visitors a year.

The 33,000 square-foot (3,066 square-meter) memorial, known formally as the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this weekend with a series of events.

Among those attending events this weekend is Rosemary Bryant Mariner, 64, a retired Navy captain who was one of the first women to earn her wings as a naval aviator in 1974. She’s now a resident scholar at the Center for the Study of War and Society at the University of Tennessee.

When she was breaking barriers, she said, feminism was in force and “we thought the doors were going to swing wide open.” Instead, progress has come only in fits and starts.[…]

Roughly 3 million women have served in the U.S. military throughout its history, some going back to the Revolutionary War. A goal of the memorial is to have all 3 million included its official register, a database that includes facts about all of the individual women and their service.

“The database is truly our treasure. It’s the heart of our memorial,” said the memorial foundation’s spokeswoman, Marilla Cushman, who retired from the Army as a lieutenant colonel after a 25-year military career.

So far, though, only about 269,000 women are registered. Women can register themselves through a form on the memorial’s website. Family members can also register a woman. The registry is not online out of privacy concerns; visitors must come to the memorial to view it.

Cushman encouraged all female veterans to register. She said family members light up when they enter the memorial and retrieve information about their loved ones. Conversely, visitors are disappointed when they look up a family member only to find they aren’t included.

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‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Still Flies In Montana Schools, But Other Books Face Challenges

Banning books to create a narrative of utopia.

Via Helena IR:

Montana is no stranger to book challenges. Patrons of libraries and schools have cited sexual content, violence, witchcraft, seditious German influence and even an unflattering portrayal of the city of Butte in their objections to books.

A staple of many school reading programs, Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird,” was pulled from the curriculum by a Mississippi school district earlier in October because its use of a racial slur “makes people uncomfortable.” The move has made waves among educators across the nation.

The book hasn’t had a documented challenge in Montana, and Billings teachers who teach the book vociferously defended the text’s classroom value.

“If we ever take it off the curriculum, that’s when I retire,” said West High English teacher Cheryl Schamp.

That’s not on the table in Billings, but the district has had several book challenges, most recently in 2013 to Sherman Alexie’s “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.” The book was retained.

“To Kill a Mockingbird,” a fictional story that’s loosely based on the childhood experiences of author Harper Lee while growing up in a small Alabama town in 1936, is a structural masterpiece, teachers said, but that’s hardly the extent of its use in a curriculum. The themes of the book — which is ultimately critical of institutional racism — discuss social issues students grapple with as they get older.

“I have a discussion with them before we ever start reading about the n-word,” Schamp said. “We don’t teach it in a vacuum … you get a safe environment for kids to think about those things.”

That includes teaching historical background — several teachers said they thought the time between the Civil War and the civil rights era was a gap in students’ knowledge.

“The majority of the students have no idea what Jim Crow is,” Schamp said, referring to a series of laws that limited the rights of black citizens and promoted segregation.

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‘Thursday Night Football’ Ratings Continue To Fall

But they keep throwing left.

Via Daily Caller:

The ratings for NFL “Thursday Night Football” continued to drop again this week, scoring a 9.9/17 in metered market results on CBS and the NFL Network, according to Deadline Friday.

The AFC-West battle that saw the Oakland Raiders eek out a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs 31-30 Thursday night in Oakland did not do enough to turn around the ratings struggle that the National Football League and networks have been facing this year. The “TNF” ratings were 7 percent lower than the previous week’s game in early numbers.

The fall continues, with last week’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Carolina Panthers scoring 14.6 million viewers, which was 5 percent lower than the week prior.

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Media Ignored Obama Telling Police: Risking Your Lives Is Part Of ‘Job You Signed Up For’

Obama started the war on police.

Via Daily Wire:

The media predictably exploded this week after a Democratic congresswoman attacked President Donald Trump for allegedly making insensitive remarks to the family of a fallen U.S. soldier — accusing the President of saying callously that the soldier “knew what he signed up for.”

While other Gold Star families had come out and said that President Trump was respectful when he called them — suggesting the media and Democrats were taking his remarks out of context — the media instead focused on portraying the President as a heartless monster.

What the media did not do was point out that former President Barack Obama said essentially the same thing to a graduating class of police officers in Columbus, Ohio in 2009:

The job you signed up for is not easy. It can mean long shifts and late nights. It demands focus, and determination, and great bravery in the face of unknown dangers. When you run into that building or chase down that suspect, you will be risking your own life in order to protect the lives of men and women you have never met, and some that you may never know.

But you knew all that when you joined the academy. You knew the risks involved, you knew the sacrifices required, and yet you stood up and said, “I’ll take that risk. I’ll make that sacrifice. I will do that job.”

During the Obama administration, many — including top police officials — blamed the president for creating a “war on cops,” often citing “systemic racism” in law enforcement while rarely urging people to support the police.

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HT: Doug Ross

Feeling The Pressure: Kim Jong Un Sends ‘Unprecedented’ Letter To Australia

Appealing to others as to how mean Trump is means he’s feeling the pressure and wants others to chastise Trump and let up on him. But it’s not happening with Australia.

Via NY Post:

North Korean despot Kim Jong Un sent a rambling letter to Australia, warning that his nation is a nuclear power that will not bend to President Trump’s threats to destroy it.

The letter — titled “Open Letter to Parliaments of Different Countries” — attacked Trump over his speech to the UN General Assembly last month in which he threatened to “totally destroy North Korea” if provoked.

“If Trump thinks that he would bring the DPRK, a nuclear power, to its knees through nuclear war threat, it will be a big miscalculation and an expression of ignorance,” according to a copy of the letter published by the Sydney Morning Herald.

“The DPRK has emerged as a fully-fledged nuclear power which has a strong nuclear arsenal and various kinds of nuclear delivery means made by dint of self-reliance and self-development. The real foe of its nuclear force is a nuclear war itself,” it said, using the acronym for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the North’s official name.

The letter concludes by calling for “international justice” and “sharp vigilance against the heinous and reckless moves of the Trump administration trying to drive the world into a horrible nuclear disaster.”

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Hillary: I ‘Really Tried To Get Out Of Going’ To Trump’s Inauguration

She would have if the inauguration had been in Wisconsin.

Via The Hill:

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said in a new interview that she tried to get out of attending President Trump’s inauguration in January.

“I really tried to get out of going,” Clinton said in an appearance on BBC One’s “The Graham Norton Show.” “We thought ‘OK, maybe others aren’t going.’ ”

“We called the Bushes, and the elder Bushes were in the hospital, which I think was legitimate,” she joked.

“And so then, we called the younger Bushes and they said ‘yeah, we’re going.’ We called the Carters, and they said ‘yeah, we’re going,’ so Bill and I looked at each other and we said, ‘We gotta go.’ ”

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Corey Feldman Is Trying To Finally Get Justice

Finally ready to expose the pedophiles.

Via NY Post:

Corey Feldman says he’s working on a plan to bring his Hollywood abusers to justice — but he won’t name names to protect his family.

On Thursday, Feldman — who’s been outspoken for years about alleged abuse he and his late friend and childhood co-star Corey Haim suffered — tweeted, “I will not [be] going on a talk show 2 disclose names of my abuser or [anyone else’s] abusers.” However, he added he’s “working on a plan” that might “shed some [light] on this situation if I can figure out a way 2 get actual justice while not risking my safety & well being. You will know when that time comes! . . . Let me add, this not about fear of being sued! Yes, that’s a real possibility but the bigger reason is safety 4 my family.”

This week, a clip resurfaced of Barbara Walters challenging Feldman’s claims of abuse on “The View” in 2013, which has won Feldman further support.

NBC Op-Ed Complains ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Teaches Children Not to Believe Rape Victims


Via Free Beacon:

An opinion piece published by NBC News on Friday complains that Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird teaches school children to disregard rape claims.

African-American novelist Alice Randall asked, “Why Are We Still Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird in Schools?” She argues, “those who blindly defend Mockingbird are missing an important point.”

Randall’s op-ed follows a recent controversial decision by a Mississippi school board to stop teaching the 1960 novel in its Language Arts classes. The school said simply that “there is some language in the book that makes people uncomfortable,” the Indianapolis Star reported.

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Pittsburgh Mom Facing Charges In Violent Assault Of Daughter’s Teacher

Her daughter can do no wrong.


A mother is facing charges in connection with the violent assault of her daughter’s elementary school teacher on the North Side.

KDKA’s Kym Gable reports that the suspect, 29-year-old Dai’Shonta Williams, was arraigned Thursday night on six charges: three counts of aggravated assault, and one count each of terroristic threats, stalking and reckless endangerment. She was unable to post the $50,000 bail and was taken to the Allegheny County Jail.

The incident allegedly started Wednesday when 46-year-old Janice Watkins, a teacher at Pittsburgh King PreK-8 School, confiscated a cell phone from a fourth grade girl. The district has a no cell phone policy.

While confiscating the phone, the child allegedly bit Watkins. As a result, Williams was called to the school.

During a meeting between the Williams, Watkins and the student, the child claimed Watkins had choked her. Williams became agitated at how the situation was being handled and allegedly stated, “She [Watkins] is going to get it later.”

Later, investigators say Watkins was driving home along Ohio River Boulevard. While sitting in traffic on the West End exit off-ramp, she noticed a black male and female get out of their vehicle. Watkins’ driver’s side window was down as she was speaking to her mother on the phone.

The woman approached Watkins’ car and allegedly threw a brick through the open window. Watkins was struck in the head. She said after she was hit, the woman opened her door, dragged her out in the road and began punching and kicking her.

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Fusion GPS Fights Subpoena For Bank Records, Which Would Reveal Its Dossier Client

Doing everything they can to reveal the Democrat who hired them.

Via Daily Caller:

Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the uncorroborated Trump dossier, filed a last-minute request with a federal judge in Washington, D.C. on Friday seeking to prevent the release of its bank records to the House Intelligence Committee.

Fusion, which is based in Washington, D.C., filed a motion asking U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan to approve an injunction preventing its bank, TD Bank, from having to turn over two years’ worth of banking records to the House committee.

Republicans on the committee are looking for answers on several aspects on the dossier, including who paid Fusion GPS to commission the document as well as how heavily the FBI and Justice Department relied on the document to form the basis of its investigation into Russian interference in the presidential campaign.

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Sick Joke: World Health Organization Names Murderous Dictator Robert Mugabe As ‘Goodwill Ambassador’

I thought this was a joke when I first read it.

Via NY Times:

The World Health Organization’s decision to name President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe a “good-will ambassador” has provoked outrage from medical professionals, rights groups, opposition leaders and others, who took to social media to call it an “insult” and “a sick joke.”The 93-year-old African leader, who has long faced United States sanctions over his government’s actions, received the honor in Montevideo, Uruguay, this past week from the W.H.O.’s director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in relation to fighting noncommunicable diseases in Africa.

Dr. Tedros said he was “honored” to be joined by Mr. Mugabe, who could use the role “to influence his peers in his region.”

The W.H.O. leader was speaking at a global conference on noncommunicable diseases that ran from Wednesday to Friday. He also lauded Zimbabwe as “a country that places universal health coverage and health promotion at the center of its policies to provide health care to all.”

The role of good-will ambassador is largely symbolic, but rights groups were scathing about the symbolism of giving it to a man whose leadership of Zimbabwe has led to the collapse of its health service and major rights abuses

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Mom Denies Coaching Son After His Controversial Questions For GOP Rep Get Him Kicked Out Of Cub Scouts

Social justice warrior in training.

Via BPR:

A Colorado Cub Scout is looking for a new Scout group after being kicked out of his den for allegedly asking a Republican state senator some rather pointed questions.

The 11 year-old from Broomfield has been a Scout for five years and, at a meeting organized by the Boy Scouts earlier this month, asked Sen. Vicki Marble about gun control and comments she had made in 2013 regarding mortality rates among African-Americans, The Denver Post reported.

Ames Mayfield was kicked out of his den as a result, his mother Lori Mayfield, said on Wednesday.

“He is still kind of reeling from this,” she said, according to The Post. “He is really sensitive, my heart breaks for him.”

She recorded her son’s and other Scouts’ questions from the meeting and posted them on YouTube in a video titled “Vicki Marble denies chicken-gate.”

“When you look at life expectancy, there are problems in the black race. Sickle-cell anemia is something that comes up. Diabetes is something that’s prevalent in the genetic makeup, and you just can’t help it,” the GOP senator had said in a 2013 legislative hearing on poverty, The Post reported.

“Although I’ve got to say,” she said at the time. “I’ve never had better barbecue and better chicken and ate better in my life than when you go down South and you, I mean, I love it. Everybody loves it.”

The young Scout, a fifth-grader at Prospect Ridge Academy, questioned Marble about the remarks.

“I was astonished that you blamed black people for poor health and poverty because of all the chicken and barbecue they eat,” he said.

“I didn’t, that was made up by the media,” Marble told him. “So, you want to believe it? You believe it. But that’s not how it went down. I didn’t do that. That was false. Get both sides of the story.”

Marble calmly spoke to the Scouts at the Oct. 9 meeting, in part responding to Mayfield’s line of questions.

“We have multicultural foods in the United States and we are very blessed to have it. And we all love it and we all eat it. And we just better figure out our genetics,” she said.

The boy’s mother said he had researched Marble himself before the event and had even formulated his own questions.

“The only coaching I gave him was to be respectful,” Mayfield said. “Don’t be argumentative, preface things ‘with all due respect.’” She claimed the den leader was upset with her son’s questions and that is why he is now looking for a new den.

“I felt my son followed directions. He asked hard questions, but he was not disrespectful,” she said, according to The Post.

Other Scouts reportedly asked Marble about the border wall and fossil fuels, but Mayfield’s more than two-minute question on gun control was apparently what got him kicked out of his pack, according to KMGH-TV.

“Why on earth would you want someone who beats their wife to have access to a gun,” he asked Marble before his leader cuts him off. “Ok, Ames, that is a really tough question.”

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