Media Still Trying To Make Robert O’Rourke A ‘Thing,’ ‘Beto Is Making People Horny’

Yeesh. It isn’t about what’s in his mind or whether they’re rabid leftists, just like Kyrsten Sinema, it’s whether you think they’re “cute.”

Via Twitchy:

Democrats have proven that what matters most to them is not policy, or ideas, or integrity, or knowledge, or even experience. No no, what matters to them is if their candidate is hip and cool and DOWN with his or her fellow man.

And he or she is especially popular if they play air guitar and skateboard in a parking lot at night.

Seriously, who needs substance when you’ve got a candidate cutting steak?

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Kat Timpf Explains How She Was Chased Out Of Brooklyn Bar Because She Works For Fox

Via NRO:

Fox News personality and National Review contributor Kat Timpf was forced to leave a bar in Brooklyn over the weekend after a woman she had never met became enraged upon learning she worked in conservative media.

Timpf, who has twice previously been harassed while socializing in New York City, first described the incident in a Friday night tweet and later expanded on her initial description of the confrontation during a Monday interview with National Review.

After arriving at the bar, Timpf became separated from her friends and found herself in conversation with a man she didn’t know, who inquired about her occupation. Timpf explained that she worked at Fox News and the conversation proceeded unremarkably. A while later, Timpf was confronted by a woman, who, after hearing she worked at Fox News, became enraged and began shouting at her in a threatening manner.

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New MAGA Building Blocks Urge Kids To ‘Build The Wall’

Just in time for Christmas.

Via NY Post:

A self-proclaimed conservative gift expert is touting a timely toy for tots.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new line of toys: MAGA building blocks!,” the homepage of hypes in blood-red lettering. “This set comes with more than 100 pieces including President Trump in a MAGA hard hat!”

The $29.95 Lego knock-offs — emblazoned with 45’s “Build the Wall” mantra — are available for pre-order now from the home of “the best selection of Trump gifts anywhere!” Shipping starts Nov. 23.

The site’s promotional language explains the motivation behind the blocks: “A mob of 10,000 Central American migrants is marching through Mexico and heading toward El Paso, Texas. Mexican border agents attempted to stop them at the Mexican border, but to no avail.”

That said, the online merchants get it: Of course foreigners are fleeing their homelands to live and work in America.

“After all, we are the greatest nation on earth,” the product description reads. “In the interest of national security, however, we cannot allow just anyone and everyone to cross our borders.”

And just because these blocks are targeting tykes, don’t think the messaging isn’t deep: “The wall must be built. The wall will keep America safe” from “gangs, criminals and terrorists.” launched in the summer of 2016 as a marketing tool for “Keep And Bear: The Movie,” a documentary that theorizes “gun ownership is more than a Constitutional right.”

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CNN Giddy: Blue Wave Was Bigger Than We Could Have Hoped For!…

No, not biased at all.


Report: House Democrats Planning 85 Trump Probes…

One of the Dems’ favorite pastimes, pissing away taxpayer dollars.

Veterans Day: 75 Years Later, WWII Marine Corps War Dog Handler Still Remembers His Dogs

Via Fox News:

Seventy-five years ago, on November 1, 1943, the 1st Marine War Dog Platoon stormed the beach at Bougainville, Solomon Islands. Twenty-four dogs landed with the Marines and the 2nd Marine Raider Regiment (Provisional) – three were German Shepherd messenger dogs, the other twenty-one were Doberman Pinscher silent scout and sentry dogs. Two of the messenger dogs, Thor and Jack, were handled by Pvt. Homer J. Finley, Jr. This is Homer’s story, now age 93, as told to Robin Hutton.

I went into the Marine Corps in 1942 and signed up for a four-year hitch. I was 17-years-old when I went in, and stationed in Jacksonville, Florida – a long way from Elmira, New York.

I loved dogs my whole life, so when I heard that the Marines were looking for volunteers for a job involving dogs, I volunteered and moved to Front Royal, Virginia. because that’s where all the dogs were coming in – and it was also closer to home.

You wouldn’t believe all the different dogs we worked with – a lot of them were pure bred and all sizes and shapes. The first thing we had to do was have the veterinarians check them over, and then we took care of their feeding, watering, cleaning up – everything.[…]

One day I was called into Marine Headquarters and was transferred to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Here’s where we got into serious dog training for combat, and that’s where the 1st Marine War Dog Platoon was originated.

The Marine Corps used German Shepherds and Doberman Pinchers. Our platoon had three German Shepherd messenger dogs – Caesar, Thor and Jack – and each had two handlers. That’s where I worked mostly. And that’s how I ended up going into combat.

At Camp Lejeune we had lessons on how to get the dogs off a transport and into a landing boat. They were preparing us for combat. That’s where we discovered dogs get seasick too. We were taken out in boats and we had to climb the cargo nets and they hoisted the dogs onboard with winches.

We went from LeJeune out to Camp Pendleton for further training on our way to the Pacific. While we were there they had professional dog trainers from the movies come into camp to watch what we were doing and give suggestions.

From Camp Pendleton we went on liberty ships to New Caledonia and joined up with the 2nd Marine Raider Regiment. Eventually we ended up at Guadalcanal as our base camp.

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Democrats: ‘Cruel And Unscientific’ To Define Legal Sex By Biology

The science is only settled when it involves climate change.

Via Breitbart:

The Democrats’ statement was sent to President Donald Trump’s administration after the New York Times reported that the administration will formally clarify that the sex of people involved in sex-discrimination legal fights will be based on their male or female body.

Trump’s biology-determines-sex policy “makes it clear that members of this administration are willing to … solidify an archaic, dogmatic, and alarming view of the world,” the Democrats complain their letter to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The Democrats instead want government agencies to let people define their legal sex by declaring their internal feeling of male or female “gender identity,” regardless of their male or female body and biology.

Yet there is no scientific or legal measure of “gender identity.” For example, one gay advocacy group defines gender identity as “One’s innermost concept of self as male, female, a blend of both or neither.” So any person could claim to have an opposite-sex “gender identity” and become a member of the other sex at any time, for as long or short a time as they wish.

This identity-beats-biology change would erase any recognition of biological women and biological men from the law. For example, the transgender ideology says the idea of “women” would include men and women who say they have a female “gender identity.” Women who insist they are women would be redefined as “cis-gender women,” say transgender advocates.

If gender defines sex, the nation’s anti-discrimination laws will force agencies, civic organizations, and cultural groups to bar recognition of the partly-different and complementary preferences and attributes of males and females.

This revolutionary change would have profound consequences. For one minor example, a female theater director could face an anti-discrimination lawsuit if she repeatedly chooses women to play the female leads in Romeo and Juliet, even when the show is aimed at a female audience. In November, the company that sells Victoria’s Secret lingerie products was slammed because it does not use a mix of interchangeable men and women to model their clothing for women.

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Breaking: AP Finally Calls Arizona For Sinema, McSally Concedes

Sigh, she mocked Arizona, said joining the Taliban was ok and led anti-military protests in a tutu. WTH, Arizona?

Via Daily Wire:

The Associated Press (AP) declared far-left Democrat Kyrsten Sinema the winner of Arizona’s tightly contested Senate race against Republican Rep. Martha McSally.

“The three-term congresswoman won after a slow vote count that dragged on for nearly a week after voters went to the polls on Nov. 6,” the AP reported. “She becomes Arizona’s first Democratic U.S. senator since 1994. Her win cemented Arizona as a swing state after years of Republican dominance.”

While Sinema tried to cast herself as a centrist during the campaign and with some of her votes in Congress, an undercover sting video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas revealed that those who are close to her describe her as “very liberal,” adding that “she’s progressive.”

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Computer Algorithm Will Decide Whether A Democrat Unseats Republican In Maine

Redistribution of votes.

Via Daily Mail:

The election drew to a close last week in most places but not in fishing villages, potato farms and vast tracts of wilderness that comprise Maine’s 2nd Congressional District.

The four-way political battle won’t conclude until a computer algorithm has the final say this week on whether Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin wins re-election or is ousted by Democratic state lawmaker Jared Golden.

It is one of 13 undecided House seats.

The new way of voting in which all candidates are ranked on a ballot made its national debut in U.S. House and Senate races in Maine.

Under the system, a candidate wins with a majority of first-place votes. If there’s no majority, the last-place candidate’s second-place votes are reallocated to remaining candidates. The computerized process can be repeated until there’s a winner.

Across the country, voting reform advocates are watching as the system faces its biggest test in the most expensive race in Maine history.

‘This will either fuel the adoption of ranked-choice voting in other jurisdictions, or it will stop it in its tracks,’ said Corey Cook, dean of the School of Public Service at Boise State University, who has studied 100 elections that used the system.

Maine residents approved the system in 2016 after nine of the previous 11 gubernatorial elections resulted in winners who failed to get a majority of the vote.

Proponents say the system allows people to vote for third-party or independent candidates without concern for political ‘spoilers’ or vote-splitting. They say it also moderates campaigns because candidates don’t want to alienate supporters of other candidates in the event they need second-place votes to reach a majority.

Critics say the ballot and system can be confusing to voters. They also say bland campaigns don’t allow candidates to differentiate themselves.

The system is sometimes referred to as an ‘instant runoff’ in the dozen or so municipalities where it’s used. But there’s nothing instant about the process in Maine. All of the ballots, more than 600,000 of them, had to be shipped to Augusta and scanned into a computer. That process continued over the weekend.

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Democrats Load “Subpoena Cannon” With 85+ Trump Targets

Democrat Russian roulette.

Via Axios:

House Democrats plan to probe every aspect of President Trump’s life and work, from family business dealings to the Space Force to his tax returns to possible “leverage” by Russia, top Democrats tell us.

What they’re saying: One senior Democratic source said the new majority, which takes power in January, is preparing a “subpoena cannon,” like an arena T-shirt cannon.

Based on our reporting and other public sources, Axios’ Zach Basu has assembled a list of at least 85 potential Trump-related investigation and subpoena targets for the new majority. (See the list.)

Incoming House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) told “Axios on HBO” that he expects Trump to resist the committees’ requests, demands and subpoenas — likely pushing fights over documents and testimony as far as the Supreme Court.

Why it matters: The fight will test the power of the presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court.

Top Democrats, who had largely avoided the subject during the campaign, now tell us they plan to almost immediately begin exploring possible grounds for impeachment. A public report by Robert Mueller would ignite the kindling.

Tom Steyer, the liberal activist who spent more than $100 million during the campaign to build support for impeachment, said establishment leaders who are trying to postpone talk of impeachment are “the outliers”: “80 percent of registered Democrats think … we’re right.”

Two of the most powerful incoming chairs tell “Axios on HBO” that they are plotting action far beyond Russian interference in the 2016 elections.1) Schiff, the top Democrat on the intelligence committee, told us he wants to help special counsel Robert Mueller, and plans to release — with some redactions of classified material — transcripts of dozens of interviews the committee conducted during its own Russia probe.

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Gerard Butler Lost His House In California Wildfires But Some Leftists Say They Don’t Feel Sorry For Him


Via Daily Wire:

Actor Gerard Butler lost his Malibu home in a raging wildfire last weekend, but leftists are having a tough time empathizing with the “300” star because he’s an unabashed supporter of the State of Israel.

Butler posted a photo of the charred remains of his house on both Twitter and Instagram, and took followers on a “tour” of what was left of his Malibu property in his Instagram stories. His home was one of around 180 structures burned by two fires raging through Southern California, and one of nearly 6,700 structures destroyed statewide.

But his tweet, which thanked first responders for doing the best they could to save his home and for evacuating his neighborhood, wasn’t met with the typical outpouring of support seen for celebrity victims of national tragedies. Instead, leftists and anti-Semites responded to Butler’s tweet with a barrage of hate, all because the actor has given money to support the Israeli Defense Forces.

Many called Butler’s misfortune “karma,” and mocked the actor with claims that he was merely experiencing what Palestinians experience every day.

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Nelson Lawsuit Seeks To Count Ballots Received After Election Day

Moving the goalposts.

Via Fox News:

Lawyers for Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson on Monday filed a federal lawsuit that claims Florida is disenfranchising voters by not counting mail-in ballots it received after Election Day.

The lawsuit comes after 266 absentee ballots from the post office’s Opa-locka sorting facility arrived at Miami-Dade’s election office on Sunday. State law requires all mail ballots to be received when the polls close – which was 7 p.m. on November 6.

Nelson is locked in a fierce recount battle with Gov. Rick Scott.

Attorneys representing Scott and Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes also were in court Monday.

Scott, whose lead has narrowed over Nelson’s, filed lawsuits Sunday against local election officials, asking the judge to order police to impound voting machines and ballots when they are not in use. Specifically, his campaign filed lawsuits against Brenda Snipes and Susan Bucher, the election supervisors in Broward and Palm Beach counties. The emergency motions came after Scott claimed “unethical liberals” were trying to steal the election after late-developing returns narrowed his margins over Nelson and triggered a statewide recount.

On Monday, Circuit Chief Judge Jack Tuter said he saw no wrongdoing in the vote-counting and denied Scott’s request to seize voting machines. Tuter, who asked both sides to “ramp down the rhetoric,” said there is a need to reassure citizens that the integrity of the Florida recount is being protected. The judge did, however, agree to beef up security, including adding three more law enforcement officers to police recount efforts.

Juan Penalosa, executive director of the Florida Democratic Party, accused Scott of “using his position to consolidate power by cutting at the very core of our democracy.”[…]

Scott campaign spokesman Chris Hartline accused Nelson’s attorney Marc Elias, a partner at Perkins Cole, of trying to raise money and stay relevant by demanding a recount.

“Maybe business was slow for Perkins Cole,” Hartline said in an email Monday. “Maybe the liberal base needed something to rally behind so fundraisers could get paid. Or maybe Marc Elias’ name just hadn’t been in the newspaper in a while.”

Perkins Cole represented former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and hired Fusion GPS to investigate Trump in 2016.

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CNN Commentator: ‘Fox News Jerks The President Off Every Single Day’

Vile. Who is that violating norms again?

Via Daily Wire:

CNN political commentator Tara Setmayer said on a recent podcast that Fox News “jerks the President off every day,” engaging in “political masturbation.”

NewsBusters’ Curtis Houck reports that Setmayer made the comments on her October 30 podcast:

The podcast was taped during the liberal media-wide campaign to blame the mail bombs and Pittsburgh synagogue shooting on anyone and everyone who wasn’t a left-of-center, so Setmayer first lashed out just past the 15-minute mark, condemning the President’s insistence that the media have been to blame for the state of discourse (which polling suggested he’s right).

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Hamas Launches Dozens Of Rockets Into Israel In Retaliation For Deadly Military Operation In Gaza

Iron Dome can’t intercept all the rockets.

Via Fox News:

Hamas said it launched several rockets toward southern Israel on Monday in retaliation for an Israeli military operation the day before in Gaza, igniting a new round of fighting near the Gaza Strip in what appeared to be the most intense exchange of fire since a 2014 war.

Palestinian officials said at least three people, including two militants, were killed by Israeli fire and nine were wounded, and an Israeli airstrike destroyed the ruling Hamas group’s TV station. In Israel, the national rescue service said at least seven people were wounded, including a 19-year-old soldier who was in critical condition.

Around sundown on Monday, militants launched some 100 rockets in less than an hour, the most intense barrage since the 50-day war four years ago. The outgoing rockets, which continued into the evening, lit up the skies of Gaza and set off air raid sirens throughout southern Israel.

The military said warplanes, helicopters, and tanks had struck over 30 militant targets, including military compounds, observation posts, and weapons facilities. It also said it targeted a squad that was launching rockets.

Late Monday, an airstrike destroyed the Gaza City headquarters of Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV station. Israel had fired warning shots ahead of the airstrike, prompting the station to halt programming and replace it with a logo. Minutes later, the airstrike flattened the three-story building and the station went black.

Workers had evacuated the building after the warning shots, and there were no immediate reports of casualties.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum condemned the bombing as “a barbaric, brazen aggression.” Ten minutes later, the station resumed broadcasts, airing prerecorded national songs.

Israel said the station “broadcasts violent propaganda” and provides “operational messaging” to militants.

Hamas and the smaller militant group Islamic Jihad said the rocket fire was revenge for Sunday night’s Israeli incursion. Islamic Jihad spokesman Daoud Shehab said the groups wanted “the occupation and its supporters know that the lives of our sons come with a price.”

In all, some 300 rockets were fired into Israel by mid-evening, the army said. The Israeli military said it intercepted 70 rockets, and most of the others fell in open spaces. But rockets landed in the southern Israeli town of Sderot, setting off a large fire near a shopping center. Another rocket landed near a factory, and several homes were hit in southern towns.

A senior Hamas militant and an Israeli soldier were among those killed in the operation Sunday. The terror group’s armed wing, the “Qassam Brigades,” claimed Israeli undercover forces in a civilian vehicle infiltrated two miles into Gaza and fatally shot one of its commanders, later identified as Nour el-Deen Baraka.

Hamas said militants discovered the car and chased it down, prompting Israeli airstrikes that killed “a number of people.” The Palestinian Health Ministry said six people, including at least five militants, were killed and seven others wounded. In Israel, the military said it had intercepted two rockets fired from Gaza as air raid sirens continued to sound.

Israeli media reported that Baraka was closely involved in Hamas’ tunnel program, which the group uses to smuggle arms and supplies out of the Gaza Strip as well as conduct attacks inside the Jewish state. An Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson said the aim of the mission did not involve killing anyone.

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Schumer Threatens Adding Mueller Protections To Spending Bill If Whitaker Doesn’t Recuse Himself

The condom rider.

Via Fox News:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said that if Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker does not recuse himself from oversight of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, then Democrats will seek to tie protections for the investigation into the spending bill.

“We Democrats, House and Senate, will attempt to add to must-pass legislation, in this case the spending bill, legislation that would prevent Mr. Whitaker from interfering with the Mueller investigation” should Whitaker not recuse, Schumer said Sunday during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Schumer said he was concerned about the past statements Whitaker made as a commentator on CNN about the investigation. Whitaker has argued that cutting Mueller’s budget would be a way to end the probe, that investigating President Trump’s finances would be a “red line” and that he believes there was “no collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign.

“The appointment of Mr. Whitaker should concern every American – Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative – who believes in rule of law and justice,” Schumer said.” “He has already prejudged the Mueller situation. If he stays there, he will create a constitutional crisis by inhibiting Mueller or firing Mueller, so Congress has to act.”

Schumer, along with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other key Democrats, are sending a letter to Lee Lofthus, the top ethics officer at the Justice Department, to question Lofthus if he had advised Whitaker to recuse himself from oversight of the Mueller probe.

Schumer, however, stopped short of saying he would risk a government shutdown if Mueller protection’s weren’t added to a spending bill.

“I believe there will be enough of our Republican colleagues who will join us. There’s no reason we shouldn’t add this and avoid a constitutional crisis,” Schumer said. “We’ll see what happens down the road.”

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Andrea Mitchell Falsely Says Broward Election Supervisor Snipes ‘Is a Republican’: ‘She’s Hardly a Democratic Official’

CNN and MSNBC not only denying that Dems were breaking the law, they even lie about them not being Dems.

Via Mediaite:

On her MSNBC show on Monday, anchor Andrea Mitchell claimed that Brenda Snipes, Supervisor of Elections for Broward County, Florida, is “hardly a democratic official.” Snipes is in fact a Democrat.

“We should also point out that Brenda Snipes in Broward County is a Republican appointed by former governor, then-Governor Jeb Bush,” said Mitchell. “So, she was put in by a Republican governor after the mess that we all remember from 2000. And she’s hardly a Democratic official, or someone doing the bidding of the democratic candidates there.”

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Calgary, Alberta Lawyer Challenging Gay-Straight Alliance Bill Compares Pride Flags To Swastikas

Both groups co-opted symbols for their agenda.

Via CBC:

The United Conservative Party should remove a member who compared rainbow pride flags to swastikas, says an LGBTQ advocate.

On Saturday, Calgary lawyer John Carpay, with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, spoke at a conference organized by Rebel Media, a far-right media organization that has been criticized for sympathetic coverage of white supremacy.

“How do we defeat today’s totalitarianism? You’ve got to think about the common characteristics. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hammer and sickle for communism, or whether it’s the swastika for Nazi Germany or whether it’s a rainbow flag, the underlying thing is a hostility to individual freedoms,” Carpay said.

Carpay told CBC News in a phone interview that the 30-second clip gives an incorrect impression that he’s “equating different belief systems” and doesn’t do justice to his 20-minute presentation, which focused on the “nature of totalitarianism.”

“I’m saying that totalitarianism has common characteristics and then I’m saying it doesn’t matter what external symbol is being used when freedoms are under attack,” Carpay said.

“We have to defend the free society. It doesn’t matter what the external symbol might be for an ideology, what matters is our fundamental freedoms being attacked and what are we doing to defend them.”

Carpay said examples of freedoms being under attack include anti-LGBT protestors being removed from college campuses and Alberta government Bill 24, which protects students from being outed by teachers if they join a gay-straight alliance.

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Cringeworthy Letter Robert O’Rourke Wrote To His Fans On His Loss

What really happened – ‘Beto’ doesn’t get why he lost. Hillary 2.0. But he did learn $70 million couldn’t buy an election.

HT: Twitchy

‘Incompetence’: Broward Election Chief Likely To Be Forced From Office By Scott, DeSantis

Long overdue.

Via Politico:

Counting unlawful votes. Destroying ballots. Sunshine Law violations. Busted deadlines.

So many controversies have bedeviled Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes — culminating in her office’s troubles in the aftermath of Florida’s chaotic 2018 elections — that her days in office are now numbered, insiders and lawmakers say.

She’s losing support from fellow Democrats and faces the increasing likelihood of an embarrassing suspension from office at the hands of either Gov. Rick Scott or his likely successor, Ron DeSantis.

Suspending Snipes from office would put a final exclamation point on one of the most contested midterms in recent Florida history, which has resulted in three statewide recounts — for U.S. Senate, governor and agriculture commissioner — as well as recounts in three local legislative races. Removal proceedings in the GOP-led Florida Senate could also cause a possible rift among Florida state Senate Democrats if the black caucus rallies around Snipes in the same way it did around her predecessor, who was also African-American, more than a decade ago.

“This is not just the most troubled elections office in the state, it’s the most troubled elections office in the nation,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican, who contends that Snipes needs to be removed from office once the recounts that began Sunday in the races for governor and U.S. Senate are over.

“She has shown she’s incapable of conducting a large and important election in a way that inspires public confidence and trust,” Rubio said. “She’s been found to have destroyed ballots, in violation of the law. Opened absentee ballots early, in violation of the law. Misprinted ballots that have gone out.”

Snipes’ attorney, Burnadette Norris-Weeks, said Snipes is being unfairly attacked, along with Palm Beach County’s supervisor, Susan Bucher.

“Political gamesmanship at its best,” Norris-Weeks said via email. “The Broward County and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections (and the canvassing boards for both counties) have done nothing more than count all votes as required by law. Ridiculous!”

If Snipes is suspended by the governor, incoming Florida state Senate President Bill Galvano said it’s time to have his chamber investigate and prepare to strike the final blow by removing her from office — just as the chamber did to her predecessor, Miriam Oliphant, for mismanaging the 2002 Democratic gubernatorial primary.

“What she’s demonstrated over the years is a series of mistakes that rise above the level of negligence and into incompetence,” Galvano said. “We can’t continue to keep ignoring this and every option should be on the table.”

Under Florida’s constitution, “incompetence” is a specific cause that a governor can invoke in suspending a constitutional officer such as Snipes.

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James Woods Uses Twitter To Support California Wildfire Victims, Calls On Hollywood Stars To Stop Trolling And Help

Woods has been doing yeoman’s work trying to help people.

Via Fox News:

Conservative actor James Woods called for Hollywood to take a break from “trolling Twitter” to focus on helping victims of California’s destructive wildfires that have killed at least 31 people.

“Every Californian with a #BlueCheckMark is invited to stop trolling @Twitter today and use your voice to retweet #Evacuation and #Safety advisories instead. Be sure to check the time an advisory was posted,” Woods tweeted on Monday. “Thank you! #SoCalFiresJamesWoods #CampFireJamesWoods”

Woods, a rare conservative in Hollywood, typically tweets political statements to his 1.84 million followers, but the actor has taken his own advice and used his massive platform to help with issues pertaining to the deadly fires. Woods even changed his bio and pinned tweet to information aimed to help victims find missing loved ones as his Twitter feed has morphed into a comprehensive fire survival guide for California residents.

Woods has been tweeting non-stop, with messages ranging from tips to keep animals safe to lists of items needed to safely evacuate. The actor is using a series of hashtags to help centralize the information he is distributing. Woods tags his messages with #CampFireJamesWoods for the Northern California fires and #SoCalFiresJamesWoods for the Southern fires, in addition to hashtags such as #WoosleyFire, #Malibu, #Chico and #Paradise to help narrow down locations.

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