Biden Claims ’10 To 15 Percent’ Of Americans Are ‘Just Not Very Good People’

The words a president says matter. Like insulting almost 50 million people. Sure sounded like he was suggesting that it was Trump supporters, saying Trump was getting the “worst” in people to come out.

Via Fox News:

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed Thursday that “10 to 15 percent” of Americans are “just not very good people.”

As first reported by The New York Times, Biden held a virtual town hall on Thursday evening with black supporters where he knocked President Trump’s divisiveness and weak leadership.

“The words a president says matter, so when a president stands up and divides people all the time, you’re gonna the worst of us to come out,” Biden told actor Don Cheadle, who was moderating the virtual town hall.

“Do we really think this is as good as we can be as a nation? I don’t think the vast majority of people think that,” Biden continued. “There are probably anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the people out there who are just not very good people, but that’s not who we are. The vast majority of the people are decent. We have to appeal to that and we have to unite people — bring them together. Bring them together.”

It is unclear who exactly he was referring to within the “10 to 15 percent” of people and whether or not he believes they support President Trump.

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Corporations Blasted For Sponsoring BLM Protests: Why Don’t They Donate To Small Businesses That Were Looted?


Left Claims Cleaning Black Lives Matter Graffiti Off Buildings Is Racist…

Stop the world, I need to get off.

CopyWhy are you guys removing Black Lives Matter graffiti? … So you don’t care about black lives then? … Not enough to leave up a message … Not a great way to use your white privilege ladies.


Insane: Liberal Activists Now Want To ‘Defund The Police’

Yes, defund.


Crowd Boos De Blasio At George Floyd Memorial In Brooklyn…

What a shame… yeah. maybe not.


Video Shows Buffalo Officer Shoving An Elderly Man To Ground Then Walking Past As He Bleeds Out On The Sidewalk…



Jeremiah Ellison, Minnesota AG Keith Ellison’s Son: ‘We Are Going To Dismantle The Minneapolis Police Department’

They think riots will bend people to their will to defund the police. They are insane, it shows more than ever why they are needed.

Via Fox News:

Jeremiah Ellison, a Minneapolis city councilman and son of state Attorney General Keith Ellison, is calling for the “dismantling” of the Minneapolis Police Department following days of nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd.

“We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department,” Jeremiah Ellison tweeted Thursday. “And when we’re done, we’re not simply gonna glue it back together. We are going to dramatically rethink how we approach public safety and emergency response. It’s really past due.”

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Al Sharpton To Lead March On D.C…

Wonderful. Another damn riot in D.C.

Via CNN:

Washington (CNN)The Rev. Al Sharpton announced Thursday that he’s organizing a March on Washington in late August to mark the 57th anniversary of the historic demonstration for civil rights as protests over the death of George Floyd sweep the nation.

Sharpton said the event will be led by the families of black people who have died at the hands of police officers, including Floyd’s family. Sharpton made the announcement while speaking at Floyd’s memorial service on Thursday.

“On August 28, the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington, we’re going back to Washington,” Sharpton said as he delivered a eulogy for Floyd, a black man who was killed last week by a white police officer in Minneapolis, during the memorial service.

“We’re going back this August 28 to restore and recommit that dream (of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) … We need to go back to Washington and stand up, black, white, Latino, Arab, in the shadows of Lincoln and tell them this is the time to stop this,” Sharpton said.

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Antifa Marked Richmond Federal Courthouse For Potential Arson, FBI Document Warns

This was the same place that tried to light an occupied building with a child in it and blocked the firetrucks from getting through. Fortunately, police forced their way through for the firefighters to save the people.

Via Daily Caller:

A federal courthouse in Richmond, Virginia, was vandalized with a mark indicating it had been designated as a “target for potential vandalism/arson” by antifa, according to an FBI Situational Information Report issued Tuesday obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

On Tuesday, “FBI Norfolk received information indicating the Richmond Federal Courthouse exterior walls were spray painted with a thick black line around the entire exterior,” the report states, adding that the black line “has been used by anarchist/ANTIFA as a marker to designate a target for potential vandalism/arson.”

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Dem Senator Pretty Much Made The Trump White House’s Case In Rosenstein Hearing

Not the sharpest tool in the drawer. But good job there, Mazie!

Via Townhall:

If there is one senator who is bound to say something stupid, it’s Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI). She’s from deep-blue Hawaii, so she could peddle lies and outright nonsense and not risk losing re-election. And then, there are these moments, where she obviously was confident that former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was going to drop some bombshell about Trump possibly being guilty of obstruction of justice during the investigations into Russian collusion. Well, that didn’t happen.

Rosenstein did say that there were no secret recording of Trump, there was no wire, and that he was no part of a conspiracy to boot Trump, noting that the president cannot be removed under the 25th Amendment. Fine—he’s a little spotty on whether or not he read the FISA warrants on Carter Page, but that’s a separate matter. Liberal lawyer Jonathan Turley, who is also a law professor at George Washington University, noted, she pretty much made a solid defense…of the Trump administration. One of the best parts was when Hirono thought that 1,000 former DOJ lawyers saying otherwise meant something. Nope. As Rosenstein slapped her down, he noted that the DOJ has legions of lawyers, current and former:

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AG Barr Says DOJ Has Evidence That Antifa And Other Left-Wing Extremist Groups Have Been Involved In Instigating Violence


NBC Reporter Calls St. John’s Church Torched By Rioters ‘Some Vandalism’


Tweet of The Day…

Politico editor gets bitch slapped:


Biden Keeps Coughing During George Floyd Speech…

If this was Trump the left would claim his caughing must be coded racist dog whistle, or something.


Antifa: ‘Practice Things Like An Eye Gouge … Injure Someone’s Eyes’


In Wake of Protests, Dem Rep. DeLauro Slams Reopening of the Economy



Apple Disabling And Tracking Down Phones Stolen By Looters…

Via BBC:

iPhones stolen in lootings of Apple stores in the US are tracked, disabled and the local authorities notified, according to messages displayed on their screens.

Apple has temporarily closed some of its US stores following a series of attacks, amid protests over the death of George Floyd.

Several images of the warnings have been shared on social media.

Apple said that it did not comment on “security matters”.

It is not clear whether the company has passed on the location of stolen devices to any police forces.

It has long been rumoured that the devices on display in Apple stores have software installed so that they can be tracked if any are stolen.

Pictures on social media confirm this. One image of a device posted to Twitter showed the message: “Please return to Apple Walnut Street. This device has been disabled and is being tracked. Local authorities will be alerted.”

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Schumer On Protests: ‘Overwhelming Majority’ Are ‘Peaceful’…

And they probably vote Dem so Chuck wouldn’t dare offend.


Feds Investigating Whether ‘Professional’ Antifa-linked Agitators Exerting ‘Command And Control’ Over Unrest

Seems like more money and even more organization than normally.

Via Fox News:

Federal law enforcement officials are probing whether “criminal actors” are coordinating violent activities during protests and are looking into reports that “rocks and bricks” have been dropped off to throw at police and other law enforcement as cities across the country grapple with the uptick in violence, a senior Justice Department official said.

“You see the hallmarks… We’re trying to see if there’s a coordinated command and control, you see those bread crumbs and that’s what we’re trying to verify,” the DOJ official said.

Another DOJ official said the feds have seen signs of “very organized” coordination from “professional” agitators, some linked to Antifa.

There have been more than 100 arrests in Washington as a result of the protests and riots related to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, according to federal officials. Around 20 of those people were not charged. Meanwhile, 70 to 75 people have been charged with crimes such as assault, breaking and entering, destruction of property and other violations.

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Two NYPD Officers Shot Last Night, One Stabbed…

Via NY Post:

Two police officers were shot and a third was stabbed in a confrontation with a suspect in Brooklyn late Wednesday, police and sources said.

The melee unfolded when a suspect approached a cop on Church Avenue near Flatbush Avenue at about 11:45 p.m. and stabbed him in the neck, a police source said.

Several cops responded and one pulled his firearm, the sources said.

The officer and the suspect struggled for the weapon, which went off, striking one officer in the hand and another in the arm.

A sergeant responded and fired on the suspect, who was struck.

The police officers were rushed to Kings County Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

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