Dem Rep. Karen Bass Says They Might Try Impeaching Trump Again If He Wins In 2020…



Dem Rep. Steve Cohen Fabricates Trump Quotes During Impeachment Hearing, Gets Leveled For It By GOP Rep…

Golf clap for GOP Rep. Collins.


CNN: Polls Of Independent Voters On Impeachment “Do Not Look Good For The Democrats”

Remember, if you don’t support impeachment, you’re not a patriot per the Dems.


Pelosi Says I’m “Not A Lawyer,” When Confronted On Not Including Bribery In Impeachment Articles After Making Accusation

Well played, Nancy.


Pro-Abortion Group’s Christmas Message: ‘Abortions Are Magical’…

Revolting to say the least.

Via Newsbusters:

A pro-abortion group called the Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund has a rather sick message at Christmastime.

On December 4, the TEA Fund posted a photo (right) of votive candles with the words “Abortions Are Magical,” along with the image of a unicorn. It was captioned, “Getting our holiday party favors ready! Every year we honor our volunteers and make sure they get a token of appreciation at our annual holiday party.”

No, the magic of Christmas is NOT about abortion. In fact, it’s the very opposite: it’s about the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

And yet, in another post the following day explaining “why we use the language we use,” the TEA Fund wrote “Abortions are magical for most people who have them and refuting that just increases stigma around abortion. They are health care, self care,[sic] and community care.”


Lindsey Graham: FBI Officials Need To Go To Jail Over FISA Abuse…


WSJ Gets Busted For ‘Disturbing’ Framing Of Jersey City Shooting — And Subsequent Attempt To Bury It

Via Twitchy:

In case you missed it yesterday, the Wall Street Journal offered up a hell of a take on the deadly Jersey City shooting:

Wait, what’s this? Where’d it go?

Flushed down the memory hole, of course. Unfortunately for the Wall Street Journal, it didn’t go down all the way:

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Tlaib Blames ‘White Supremacy’ for Anti-Semitic Murders Carried Out by Black Assailants

Neat trick.

Via Free Beacon:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) blamed “white supremacy” Thursday for a mass killing in New Jersey carried out by two black assailants, one of whom had ties to a nationalist hate group.

Tlaib linked to a tweet from IfNotNow naming three of the victims of Wednesday’s rampage in Jersey City, two of whom were Orthodox Jews. She wrote, “This is heartbreaking. White supremacy kills.”

Tlaib, who represents a majority African-American district in Detroit, deleted her tweet after respondents pointed out the race of the suspects. She didn’t send any follow-up tweet acknowledging her error, condemning the perpetrators, or expressing condolences for the victims.

The shooters were identified as David Anderson and Francine Graham. Anderson had ties to the Black Hebrew Israelites, a black separatist movement that was labeled a hate group by the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center. Known for its members who engage in provocative street preaching, the group harbors black supremacists and has no association with Judaism.

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Budget Office Releases New Legal Memo Indicating Delay In Ukraine Aid Was Routine

Oh. Paging Democrats…

Via Daily Wire:

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a new legal memo on Wednesday indicating that the Trump administration’s decision to temporarily hold military assistance to Ukraine was a “routine” practice and that the administration was reviewing whether Ukraine complied with U.S. policy.

The memo indicated that the decision to withhold the aid was not a political action to block Congress’ spending decisions.

“The office first began discussing the aid on June 19, the day President Trump learned of the aid from an article in the Washington Examiner and questioned the wisdom of the spending,” The Washington Post reported. “That move sent aides scrambling, according to a senior administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share internal conversations.”

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Pelosi Basically Admits They’ve Been Planning Impeachment For Years



Louie Gohmert Drops The Name Of The Whistleblower


Via NY Post:

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert dropped the name of the alleged whistleblower whose complaint sparked the Trump impeachment probe in a nationally televised House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday night.

The Texas lawmaker said the name during his opening statement in day one of the committee’s two-day marathon session to debate possible “markups,” or amendments to the two articles of impeachment brought against President Trump.

Gohmert incorporated the alleged whistleblower’s name into a grouping of “fact witnesses” he claimed House Democrats have blocked from testifying in front of the committees carrying out the impeachment probe.

“They don’t want fact witnesses,” said Gohmert. “Let’s hear from professors who hate Donald Trump,” he said, referring to last week’s House Judiciary Committee hearing that featured a panel of four constitutional scholars.

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Joe Biden Admits He Doesn’t Use His Brain Before He Speaks…

Wait, he has a brain?


Overnight Open Thread: Hero’s Quick Actions Saves Dog’s Life


Josh Hawley: IG Report Shows ‘Our Own Government Meddling In The Election’ At Behest Of DNC

Brilliantly said.

Via Twitchy:

We’ve posted a lot of highlights from Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Hearing at which Inspector General Michael Horowitz was a witness, and the whole idea that the intelligence community was “exonerated” has crumbled all day long.

One of the highlights of the day was Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley asking which was worse: a foreign government meddling in our elections, or our own government meddling in our elections.

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Barr: Comey Refusal To Reinstate Security Clearance A ‘Problem’ In FISA Investigation

Durham is going to have fun with Comey.

Via Washington Examiner:

Attorney General William Barr said a “problem” in the Justice Department watchdog report on the Russia investigation stems from fired FBI Director James Comey’s refusal to have his security clearance temporarily reinstated.

The former FBI chief, who claimed Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s assessment provided him vindication, was brought up by Barr during an interview Tuesday with NBC News’ Pete Williams.

Brushing off Horowitz’s determination that the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign was properly predicated, Barr said U.S. Attorney John Durham would need to finish his investigation before any final conclusions are made about the motivations behind the inquiry.

Noting the limits inherent in an inspector general review, including jurisdiction and inability to compel testimony, Barr pointed to Comey as an example where Horowitz’s report fell short.

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IG Horowitz Referred The Entire FBI Chain Of Command On Crossfire Hurricane For Further Investigation

Likely Durham is looking at a few of them too.


Graham: FBI Never Made Any Effort To Warn Trump, Not Only That They Used Intel Briefing To Spy On Trump Team

Different rules for GOP and Dems. Feinstein gets briefing, Trump gets spied on.

Should people be concerned about being spied on? Horowitz: I’m concerned about that. Yikes.


Horowitz: No, Comey Is Not Vindicated, No One Who Touched This Is Vindicated

Destroys Comey lie.


Horowitz: DNC Funded Dossier Used To Justify Sending “Confidential Human Sources” To Trump Campaign

This is what should be infuriating to all Americans.


CNN’s Don Lemon Loses It Over Trump Meme