Democratic Mega Donor Ed Buck Arrested For Running A Drug Den After Third Man Overdoses

Fortunately the third man lived and can tell the story. Buck was a donor to Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff and Hillary Clinton, among others.

Via Fox News:

LOS ANGELES – Ed Buck, the California Democratic megadonor, was arrested Tuesday and charged with operating a drug house after a third man reportedly suffered an overdose inside his West Hollywood home last week and survived.

Detectives investigate second death in two years at Democratic fundraiser Ed Buck’s California apartmentVideo

Buck has faced public scrutiny after two black men died from overdoses 18 months apart inside his home. He was not charged in those cases.

Buck is due in court Wednesday to respond to three counts of battery and injecting the alleged third victim with methamphetamine on Sept. 11, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Prosecutors wrote in court papers obtained by the Times that Buck used his position of power to manipulate his victims into participating in his sexual fetishes.

“These fetishes include supplying and personally administering dangerously large doses of narcotics to his victims,” the prosecutors wrote, according to the Times.

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Al Sharpton Eulogizes Cokie Roberts With Pictures Of Christiane Amanpour…




Video: Anti-Trump Protesters Verbally Abuse Reporters…

Shockingly, Rrump supporters were much more friendly.


Lewandowski: ‘I Also Received Hundreds of Thousands of Emails … And Unlike Hillary Clinton, I Don’t Think I Ever Deleted Any of Those’

Lewandowski owned the Judiciary Committee yesterday.


Despite U.S. Population of Only 330 Million, Biden Says His Child Tax Credit Would Put 720 Million Women Back Into the Workforce


Overnight Open Thread: Doorbell Camera Captures 5-year-old Reciting Pledge Of Allegiance


Breaking: Car Plows Into Trump Plaza Building In New Rochelle, New York

No word yet on the ID of the driver.


Rep. Joe Kennedy III Weighs In On Impeachment, Sexual Assault Allegations And Justice For Survivors

Sit down, Joe…

Via Twitchy:

It’s always great to hear the new #MeToo generation of Kennedys speak up, and Rep. Joe Kennedy III wants justice for the survivors of sexual assault that we have failed — particularly the ones who don’t recall being sexually assaulted. In that spirit, Kennedy is joining Rep. Ayanna Pressley and calling for an impeachment inquiry into Brett Kavanaugh … over a debunked New York Times book excerpt that was reportedly pitched to The New York Times’ news division, which passed on it. But, there’s a book to sell, so … impeachment it is.

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Is She Kidding? Hillary Clinton Is Giving Pointers To 2020 Democratic Candidates, Has Another Reason For Her Loss…

Why would any 2020 candidate take advice from this woman who probably blew an election more than anyone in history?

If the problem she faced was “voter suppression,” how did she get the popular vote? She’s ridiculous. Voter purging has happened since forever, to help clear the rolls of people who don’t vote/moved/died.


Witnesses Defended Kavanaugh, But NYT Authors Falsely Claimed They Were Silent

But no, they’re not biased…

Via The Federalist:

Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly wrote the much-discussed and later-corrected essay in The New York Times making a new sexual misconduct allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The two reporters failed to mention that the alleged victim of the physically improbable tale had never made such a claim, and denied any memory of it through “several” friends. They also failed to note that the accusation came from a prominent Democrat who had defended Bill Clinton during the Whitewater investigation on which Kavanaugh served.

A new Atlantic-published, adapted excerpt of the book attempts to resurrect Pogrebin and Kelly’s anti-Kavanaugh smears but once again has a major error. “We Spent 10 Months Investigating Kavanaugh. Here’s What We Found” was published in the Atlantic.

Their reporting must not have been thorough. In a section explaining why they believe the accusers despite the lack of any evidence, they write that their emotional reaction to the claims was that the claims rang true. But they get major facts wrong:

Using Martha’s common-sense test, the claims of Deborah Ramirez, while not proven by witnesses, also ring true to us. Ramirez, who was a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh’s, said he drunkenly thrust his penis at her during a party in their freshman-year dormitory, Lawrance Hall. The people who allegedly witnessed the event—Kavanaugh’s friends Kevin Genda, David Todd, and David White—have kept mum about it. Kavanaugh has denied it. If such an incident had occurred, Kavanaugh said, it would have been the “talk of campus.”

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Saudi Oil Attacks: Drones And Missiles Launched From Iran – US

Ups the question of a response.

Via BBC:

The US has reportedly identified locations in Iran from which drones and cruise missiles were launched against major Saudi oil facilities on Saturday.

Senior US officials told media outlets that the locations were in southern Iran, at the northern end of the Gulf.
Saudi air defences did not stop the drones and missiles because they were pointed southwards, to prevent attacks from Yemen, they added.

Iran denies involvement in the attacks, which disrupted global oil supplies.

Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi rebels said they had launched the drones that struck the Abqaiq oil processing plant, the world’s largest, and the Khurais oilfield.

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Joe Biden Talks About Putting ‘720 Million Women’ Back In Workforce, There Are Only 327 Million People In U.S.

Does he know what year it is?


Ilhan Omar Spokesperson Offers Up Interesting Explanation For Her Deleted Father’s Day Tweet

The question was did she delete it because it showed her father’s name as Nur Said, the name her husband had and therefore show he was her brother.

Here’s the response from her spokesperson as to why the tweet was deleted.


MSNBC’s Joy Reid: ‘White Christian Men’ In America Will Use Apartheid To Keep Power…

Oh boy.

A host on MSNBC says “wealthy white Christian” Americans will use an “Apartheid model” to isolate minorities and preserve their power.

The prediction came from AM Joy host, Joy Ann Reid, who appeared at an event hosted by the teachers union, American Federation of Teachers.

“My father came — grew up in the Congo, which [like the United States] is also a system of minority rule based on tribe,” Reid said. “My mother came from a system in which the last president in her lifetime served for 24 years. No country is an eternal democracy. Democracy is extremely fragile, and multiracial democracy is so fragile we’re practically the only one that’s pulled it off.”


Lewandowski to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: “Could You Repeat The Question? I Didn’t Hear It. Just A Rant.”


Elizabeth Warren Says Men Have A Right To Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

Yes, men.

WARREN: “But the second part is to make sure that we provide basic healthcare for every American and that includes the full range of reproductive rights for women and for men.”


Lewandowski Derails Dems Impeachment Hearing By Refusing To Answer Questions Without a Copy of Mueller Report


NADLER: “Mr. Lewandowski, is it correct that as reported in the Mueller report on June 19th 2017, that you met alone in the Oval Office with the president?”
LEWANDOWSKI: “Is there a book and page number that you can reference me to please? I don’t have a copy of the report in front of me.”
NADLER: “Volume II, page 90. But I — I simply ask you is it correct that as reported in the Mueller report on June 19th, 2017, that you met alone in the Oval Office with the president?”
LEWANDOWSKI: “Could you read the exact language of the report because I don’t have it available to me.”
NADLER: “I don’t think I have to do that. I have limited time. Did you meet alone with the president on that date?”
LEWANDOWSKI: “Congressman I’d like you to refresh my memory by providing the report so I can follow along.”


Bernie Backs Free Government Health Care And Public College For Illegal Immigrants…

It’s almost like he’s trying to buy votes.


NC High School Cheerleaders ‘On Probation’ For Holding Pro-Trump Banner At Game…

Via The Hill:

Cheerleaders at a North Carolina high school were placed “on probation” after holding a pro-Trump banner at a football game, The Charlotte Observer reported on Monday.

A photo of the teenagers spread on social media, sparking controversy and prompting the North Carolina High School Athletic Association to put the North Stanly High School squad on probation for the rest of the season, the Observer reported.

The photo shows the cheerleading squad holding a sign that reads “Trump 2020: Make America Great Again” on a football field on Aug. 30, the day of a game.


Biden Struggles to Recall The Word ‘Escalator’ When Denouncing Trump’s 2015 Rapists Comment

Sleepy Joe getting sleepier by the day.