MSNBC Questions Biden* Inauguration, Calls It A Super-Spreader Event…

Via DailyCaller:

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle said Tuesday that if President Donald Trump were holding an event the size of President-elect Joe Biden’s planned inauguration, then “he would be getting crushed” for holding a “superspreader” event.

Ruhle was interviewing former Obama White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt on her hour of “MSNBC Live” when she asked, “with all of these security concerns, with all of these Covid concerns, why is it important to have an inauguration in person?”

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Biden* To Legalize 11 Million New Democrats On Day One…


Via OAN:

Joe Biden is set to roll out plans to provide immigration status to at least 11 million illegal aliens as soon as Wednesday. The plan would offer a five year pathway to a Green Card for people who have violated the immigration law for years.

It would also streamline the process for illegal child arrivals, agricultural workers and Central Americans with Temporary Protected Status.

The proposal would apply to illegals who were in the U.S. on January 1, and would not apply to newer arrivals.

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Biden* Picks Transgender Health Secretary Who Looks Like Danny Devito In A Dress…

Via MSN:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Joe Biden has tapped Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine to be his assistant secretary of health, leaving her poised to become the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

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Timcast: More And More National Guard Being Excluded From Inauguration Over Fears Of “Insider Attack”


Los Angeles County Now Has An Underground Super Spreader Task Force – Its First Mission? Close Down A Dangerous Stripclub…

Doing God’s work…

Via DailyWire:

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) “Super-Spreader Task Force” continues to allow FOX 11 to tag along as the agency conducts enforcement actions it says aim to curb coronavirus transmission throughout the nation’s pandemic epicenter.

The outlet has accompanied hundreds of detectives, patrol deputies, and Specialized Response Teams in recent weeks targeting the underground party scene and other large-scale, multi-household gatherings that violate public health orders.

FOX 11 cameras have captured violators attending New Year’s celebrations, a spouse-swapping swinger’s club, and several other makeshift venues. Most recently, FOX photographers were embedded with LASD as law enforcement officers shut down multiple large stripper parties.

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BREAKING: 12 National Guard Members Removed From Biden* Detail Over Connections To “Right Wing Groups”

Via AP:

At a memorial for the lives taken by COVID-19, President-elect Joe Biden is calling on Americans to remember those lost to the coronavirus and to begin to heal.

Biden said Tuesday night, on the eve of his inauguration, that although it’s “hard sometimes to remember,” it’s “how we heal.”

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, speaking before him, emphasized a similar note of unity. While Americans have been grieving alone for most of the pandemic, Harris said, “Tonight we grieve, and begin healing, together.”

The memorial included an invocation from Cardinal Wilton Gregory, who asked that “our prayer strengthen our awareness of our common humanity and our national unity.” A Detroit nurse, Lori Marie Key, sang “Amazing Grace,” noting that the song gives her strength during hard times.

The remembrance ceremony was held at the Lincoln Memorial’s reflecting pool, which was lit up with 400 lights in honor of the 400,000 Americans who have died from the virus. After Biden’s brief remarks, gospel singer Yolanda Adams sang “Hallelujah.”

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Pelosi: Trump ‘Was Unworthy To Be President’…

74 million Americans beg to differ.


Video: Trump’s Farewell Address To The Nation…

‘The movement we started is only just beginning’


Former Gitmo Prosecutor Calls Freshman GOP Rep An ‘American Terrorist’….

Via Free Beacon:

North Carolina Democrat Moe Davis, who lost to Republican congressman Madison Cawthorn in November, accused his former opponent on Monday of being a homegrown terrorist who is worse than the inmates in Guantanamo Bay.

Davis, a former chief prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay, took to Twitter to accuse Cawthorn of being an “American terrorist,” claiming that “there’s far more evidence of Congressman Madison Cawthorn’s guilt than there was of guilt for 95+ percent of the detainees” at Gitmo. Attached to the failed candidate’s statement were photos of Cawthorne, who is in a wheelchair, speaking to attendees of the Washington, D.C., rally with President Donald Trump that preceded the violent riots at the U.S. Capitol.

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CNN: ‘All of America Needs Deprogramming’ Because of Trump…

Dems rollout plans for reeducation camps in 3… 2… 1…


Dem Rep. Tlaib: Some of My Colleagues Experiencing PTSD Following Capitol Riot…


TLAIB: “My colleagues were telling me the next day, one of them who’s been there longer than I have said he’s experiencing post-traumatic stress the next day just realizing his whole body was kind of in shock. And again, a continuation hearing stories from many of my colleagues about just how unprepared and just the kind of shock that they all went through and experiencing and hearing not only the shooting but also the chants and just kind of the wild crowd screaming outside of the House chambers.”


Clinton And Pelosi Float Conspiracy Theory That Putin Played Role In Capitol Riot

Via Daily Wire:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) want a commission to investigate an unsupported allegation that President Donald Trump worked with Russian President Vladimir Putin to orchestrate a Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Pelosi appeared on a special episode of Clinton’s podcast, “You and Me Both,” on Monday to discuss the Capitol riot and the incoming Biden administration. During the roughly 30-minute conversation, Clinton and Pelosi floated a conspiracy theory that Putin was the mastermind behind the riot and that Trump is a Russian puppet.

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Dem Senator Claims Biden Cabinet Nominee Creating ‘Appearance Of Favoritism’ Is Fine Because Everyone In DC Does It…



Dem Rep. Tlaib: ‘Israel Is a Racist State’…

Speaking of racists…

TLAIB: “I mean, I think it’s really important to understand Israel is a racist state and that they would deny Palestinians like my grandmother access to a vaccine, that they don’t believe that she’s an equal human being that deserves to live, deserves to be able to be protected by this global pandemic. And it’s really hard to watch as this apartheid state continues to deny their own neighbors, the people that breathe the same air that they breathe, that live in the same communities — you could put a settlement wherever you want, but on the other side of that wall is a farm community village where my grandmother lives and many of our, you know, various family members and others that I know are trying to get to live a good life, a free life, free from these oppressive policies, these racist policies that deny them access to public health, deny them access to freedom of travel, deny them access to academic opportunities.


Dem Rep. Bowman: Congress Must ‘Stop Spreading the Myth of American Exceptionalism’…

The left hates America.

BOWMAN: “This is a chance for all of us in Congress to sort of begin at a new baseline and stop spreading the myth of American exceptionalism and accept the fact that this is exactly who

we are and this is exactly who we have been throughout our country’s history. Whenever there’s social progress, there’s white backlash, particularly from the people who believe that this needs to remain a white-dominant nation, and they are afraid of the multi-racial democracy that we are becoming. Right after we send our first African American and Jewish senators in Georgia to the Senate, right after that, the day after, we have an attack on the Capitol. This is a new baseline. And now we have to deal with the issue of white nationalism seriously in police departments, but also throughout all of America’s institutions.”


Parler Beginning To Return With Investments From Russian Tech Firm…

The left is gonna love this…

Via Reuters:

Parler, a social media website and app popular with the American far right, has partially returned online with the help of a Russian-owned technology company.

Parler vanished from the internet when dropped by Amazon Inc’s hosting arm and other partners for poor moderation after its users called for violence and posted videos glorifying the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

On Monday, Parler’s website was reachable again, though only with a message from its chief executive saying he was working to restore functionality.

The internet protocol address it used is owned by DDos-Guard, which is controlled by two Russian men and provides services including protection from distributed denial of service attacks, infrastructure expert Ronald Guilmette told Reuters.

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MyPillow No Longer Sold At Three Department Stores Because Of CEO’s Ties To Trump…

Via News Week:

Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, has said that several companies have stopped selling his products following his continued pushing of baseless allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Lindell, an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, has repeatedly and falsely claimed that Trump did not lose the election and will stay in office for a second term.

His continued push of these false narratives, even after the deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, prompted calls on social media for retailers to stop carrying MyPillow products.

In interviews this week, Lindell said Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, H-E-B and Wayfair are all dropping MyPillow. “They’re trying to cancel me out,” Lindell told the Right Side Broadcasting Network’s Brian Glenn in a lengthy interview on Monday.

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BREAKING: Two National Guard Troops Removed From Biden Security Detail Over “Ties To Right-Wing Militias”

Via 11 Alive:

WASHINGTON — Two U.S. Army National Guard members are being removed from the security mission to secure Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration. A U.S. Army official and a senior U.S. intelligence official said the two National Guard members have been found to have ties to fringe right group militias.

No plot against Biden was found.

The Army official and the intelligence official spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity due to Defense Department media regulations. They did not say what fringe group the Guard members belonged to or what unit they served in.

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California Emerges As Biden’s* Defacto ThinkTank For Policies…

Via Yahoo:

After four years of being relentlessly targeted by a Republican president who worked overtime to bait, punish and marginalize California and everything it represents, the state is suddenly center stage again in Washington’s policy arena.

California is emerging as the de facto policy think tank of the Biden-Harris administration and of a Congress soon to be under Democratic control. That’s rekindling past cliches about the state — incubator of innovation, premier laboratory of democracy, land of big ideas — even as it struggles with surging COVID-19 infections, a safety net frayed by the pandemic’s toll, crushing housing costs and wildfires, all fueling an exodus of residents.

There is no place the incoming administration is leaning on more heavily for inspiration in setting a progressive policy agenda.

The revival in Washington of the California model of governance was cemented by Democrats’ recent recapture of the Senate majority, and comes after a Trump-era hiatus during which the state was road-testing ambitious new policies. Another factor: California Sen. Kamala Harris is about to become vice president.

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Guatemalan Security Forces Finally Break Up America-Bound Illegal Caravan, Scattering Them Across Their Own Country…

Via Yahoo:

Guatemalan security forces on Monday broke up a caravan of some 4,000 Honduran migrants trying to reach the United States on a journey of thousands of kilometers through Central America on foot, AFP reporters witnessed.

Police advanced on the group in a coordinated move, striking batons against their shields to make an intimidating noise, prompting the migrants to scatter.

The group was still on Guatemalan soil, and some regrouped to resume their quest for a better life further north.

The caravan, which departed Honduras on Friday, has been held up since Saturday at the town of Vado Hondo in southeast Guatemala, some 50 kilometers (31 miles) inside the border.

They have been waiting to pass, sleeping out of doors and blocking a key road where a massive logjam of cargo trucks has built up as a result.

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