Demonstrators March Outside Dallas Cowboys Stadium To Protest Police Shooting Deaths

The newest protest venue for maximum media coverage.


Demonstrators marched outside AT&T Stadium, where the Cowboys hosted the Giants Sunday night, rolling two caskets to protest the police shooting deaths of Botham Jean in Dallas and O’Shae Terry in Arlington.

Terry was shot by an Arlington police officer Sept. 1 after he attempted to flee during a traffic stop and Jean was shot Sept. 6 by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger who said she mistook him for a burglar after she mistakenly entered Jean’s apartment.

Lee Merritt, who represented the families of both men, demanded that the Dallas Police Department identify and discipline officers who leaked information a search warrant return about Botham Jean’s shooting to the media. The search warrant indicated officers found marijuana, but it’s unclear who it belonged to.

Merritt said the protest was also to draw attention to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ policy on players protesting during the national anthem.

“We come with an invitation to Jerry Jones, to Dak Prescott, to the entire Cowboys organization to join us in the fight for justice. To ensure these tragedies do not continue to befall our community,” Rev. Michael Waters said.

“Let us know that you’re not just concerned with making money off of black bodies, but you’re concerned about the safety of all black bodies,” pastor Frederick Haynes said. “Because, guess what? We are Americans as well.”

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Biden Regrets Over Not Speaking Against Trump Earlier, As Wife Jill Says They Want To Fight Bullies

Joe is running in 2020.

Via Daily Mail:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is asking for God’s forgiveness for not speaking up against President Donald Trump sooner as his wife Jill reassured the audience at a posh human rights fundraising dinner the couple wants to ‘pick a fight’ against bullies.

‘Barack and I agreed to remain silent for a while to give this administration the chance to get up and running in the first year,’ Biden told the crowd at the Human Rights Campaign annual fundraising gala in Washington D.C. on Saturday night.

‘God forgive me,’ he added, making the sign of the cross as the audience roared with laughter and applause.

The last time Biden spoke to this dinner was three years ago – in 2015 – as he was contemplating entering the 2016 presidential contest. He ultimately held back in the wake of his son Beau’s death.

But Beau featured heavily in his remarks to the crowd, as he weighs a challenge to Trump in 2020. He thanked the group for honoring Beau for his work as attorney general as Delaware.

And his wife Jill Biden, who introduced, talked of how the couple wants to take on bullies.

‘There is nothing that makes either of us more angry than a bully. There’s nothing that’s more unfair or unjust than people using their power to try to make other people feel small, to tell them who they are or what they are capable of, to say their identity doesn’t belong,’ she said.

‘There is nothing that makes us want to pick a fight more than that,’ she said.

Her comments came after she told the crowd how she challenged a mean boy as a child, going up to him and punching him in the nose.

But many heard her comments as a reference to Trump.

Former Vice President Biden went further in his speech, charging Trump with using the White House as a bully pulpit.

‘Instead of using the full might of the executive branch to secure justice, dignity, and safety for all, the President uses the White House as a literal, literal bully pulpit, callously exerting his power over those who have little or none,’ he said.

As Biden began his speech, a few people in the crowd yelled ‘Run Joe!’ He replied: ‘Thank you.’

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How To Fly To A Climate Change Summit? In A Private, Carbon-Spewing Jet

Commercial air travel is for the little people.

Via SF Chronicle:

One of the hottest spots during the just-concluded Global Climate Action Summit was the private runway at San Francisco International Airport, where SFO spokesman Doug Yakel reports corporate jet traffic was up 30 percent over normal.

Airport sources told us that the carbon-spewing corporate jets nearly filled the landing area’s parking slots and that many had flown in for the conference.

The three-day climate confab drew more than 4,000 elected officials, business executives and environmentalists from around the globe and was aimed at addressing how to lower the carbon emissions responsible for global warming.

The summit was organized by Gov. Jerry Brown, who has been known to fly private.

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California Climate Policies Facing Revolt From Civil-Rights Groups

Left eats left.

Via NRO:

In April, civil-rights groups sued to stop some of California’s policies designed to address climate change. Then on Monday, California governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB 100, which requires the state’s utilities to obtain all their electricity from carbon-free sources by 2045. Before signing the bill, Brown said the legislation was “sending a message to California and to the world that we’re going to meet the Paris agreement.” In fact, it will only increase the hardships that California’s climate policy imposes on the poor, as detailed in the lawsuit.

High electricity prices should be a concern for California policymakers, since electric rates in the state are already 60 percent higher than those in the rest of the country. According to a recent study by the Berkeley-based think tank Environmental Progress, between 2011 and 2017 California’s electricity rates rose more than five times as fast as those in the rest of the U.S. SB 100 will mean even higher electricity prices for Californians.

In addition to cost, the all-renewable push set forth in SB 100 faces huge challenges with regard to energy storage. Relying solely on renewables will require a battery system large enough to handle massive seasonal fluctuations in wind and solar output. (Wind-energy and solar-energy production in California is roughly three times as great during the summer months as it is in the winter.) According to the Clean Air Task Force, a Boston-based energy-policy think tank, for California to get 80 percent of its electricity from renewables would require about 9.6 terawatt-hours of storage. This would require about 500 million Tesla Powerwalls, or roughly 15 Powerwalls for every resident. A full 100 percent–renewable electricity mandate would require some 36.3 terawatt-hours of storage, or about 60 Powerwalls for every resident of California.[…]

Even before SB 100 passed, though, California’s leaders were already facing a legal backlash from minority leaders over the high cost of the state’s climate policies. On April 27, The Two Hundred, a coalition of civil-rights leaders, filed a lawsuit in state court against the California Air Resources Board, seeking an injunction against some of the state’s carbon dioxide–reduction rules. The 102-page lawsuit declares that California’s “reputation as a global climate leader is built on the state’s dual claims of substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously enjoying a thriving economy. Neither claim is true.”

The gist of the lawsuit is this: California’s high housing, transportation, and energy costs are discriminatory because they are a regressive tax on the poor. The suit claims that the state’s climate laws violate the Fair Employment and Housing Act because CARB’s new greenhouse-gas-emissions rules on housing units in the state “have a disparate negative impact on minority communities and are discriminatory against minority communities and their members.” The suit also claims the state’s climate laws are illegal under the Federal Housing Act, again because their effect is felt predominantly by minority communities. It also makes a constitutional claim that minorities are being denied equal protection under the law because California’s climate regulations are making affordable housing unavailable to them.

The lawsuit, which Michael Shellenberger of Environmental Progress spotlighted in his recent Forbes column, points out that since 2007, “California has had the highest poverty rate in the country, over 8 million people living below the US Census Bureau poverty line when housing costs are taken into account.” The lawsuit claims that CARB has “ignored” the state’s “modest scale of greenhouse gas reductions, as well as the highly regressive costs imposed on current state residents by CARB’s climate programs.”

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Roma Downey Posts Photo Of Bruised Hand After Alleged Confrontation Between Tom Arnold And Her Husband Mark Burnett

Arnold started the story, accusing Brunett of attacking him. Arnold has an anti-Trump show coming out which is why Downey is accusing him of doing this for publicity for the show.

Via Daily Wire:

In the early hours of Monday morning, actress and “The Bible” producer Roma Downey posted a photo of her bruised hand after an alleged encounter with actor Tom Arnold.

Downey claims Arnold “ambushed” her and her husband, producer Mark Burnett, at a charity event. An attorney for Arnold, however, claims the actor was the victim of an “‘unprovoked attack’ by Burnett,” reports The Hollywood reporter.

“Got this bruise tonight when Tom Arnold tried to ambush my husband Mark and me at a charity event,” Downey captioned the photo.

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Kavanaugh Accuser Willing To Testify. Kavanaugh: I’m Willing To Testify, Too.

He’s coming back strong.

Via Daily Wire:

The woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of having attempted to force himself on her at a party when they were both in high school says she is willing to testify about the alleged sexual assault. Kavanaugh has responded in a statement Monday by saying he is also willing to testify under oath.

On Monday, the lawyer representing California professor Christine Blasey Ford says she is willing to testify publicly before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the “attempted rape” she says happened over three decades ago that was brought to light by Democrats in the eleventh hour of the confirmation process.

Kavanaugh adamantly denies the allegation, as does the other man named by Ford, Mark Judge.

“I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation. I did not do this back in high school or at any time,” Kavanaugh said when the allegation first came to light last week.

Judge, who Ford says was there in the room, also denies the allegation, telling the Weekly Standard, “I can recall a lot of rough-housing with guys. It was an all-boys school, we would rough-house with each other. I don’t remember any of that stuff going on with girls.”

On Monday, Kavanaugh said he was willing to make his statement under oath:

“This is a completely false allegation. I have never done anything like what the accuser describes—to her or to anyone. Because this never happened, I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday. I am willing to talk to the Senate Judiciary Committee in any way the Committee deems appropriate to refute this false allegation, from 36 years ago, and defend my integrity.”

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Joe Biden Calls Trump Supporters ‘Virulent People,’ The ‘Dregs Of Society’

So dumb.

Via Daily Wire:

Joe Biden just had his “deplorables” moment.

Biden, who says he’ll decide in January whether to run for president in 2020 but who is making all the moves of a presidential candidate, used a pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign annual dinner on Saturday to rip President Trump.

And in so doing, Biden had a moment reminiscent of Hillary Clinton, when she called Trump supporters “deplorables.”

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Cynthia Nixon On Her Failed Primary Challenge: I Lost…Because People Voted

She should have visited Wisconsin.

Via Townhall:

The New York primaries are over and while the far left did not have success at the top of the ticket, six candidates bumped Democratic incumbents. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the far left insurgent who knocked off top Democrat Joe Crowley, has some more allies.[…]

Yet, thesame could not be said for Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon, whose primary challenge to incumbent Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo fell way short. Cuomo handily beat the far left Nixon (via WaPo):

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo bested actress Cynthia Nixon by an almost two-to-one margin Thursday to win the Democratic primary for a third term. Remarkably, he finished four points higher — with 66 percent of the vote — than he did four years ago against Zephyr Teachout, a then-obscure law professor who raised almost no money and received a tiny fraction of the attention that has been bestowed on the former “Sex and the City” star.

Cuomo’s handpicked candidate, Tish James, also beat Teachout in the four-way primary for attorney general by 10 points. And his running mate, the moderate former congresswoman Kathy Hochul, beat back a strong challenge from New York City councilman Jumaane Williams.


Cuomo moved to the left to fend off Nixon’s challenge. He came around to endorse decriminalizing marijuana and banning plastic shopping bags, among other things. In her concession speech last night, Nixon claimed credit for shifting the conversation. “We have changed what is expected of a Democratic candidate running in New York and what we can demand from our elected leaders,” she said. “Some have called this the ‘Cynthia effect.’”


Democratic strategists say high turnout shows the rank-and-file, across the ideological spectrum, are engaged and energized. Twice as many Democrats voted in the 2018 primary as did in 2014. The surge of new voters mostly came from New York City and the suburbs. Cuomo actually received fewer votes four years ago (361,000) than Nixon did Thursday (512,000, with 99.6 percent of precincts reporting)

So, at the top, the establishment did well. The same could not be said down ticket, but the Times noted that Cuomo focused on Trump, “kept it old school,” and won. We’ll get to that in a second. The memo from the Nixon campaign concerning why she lost is well, a bit funny. They blame the high turnout. So, she lost because Democrats…voted.

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The Left Eats Their Own: John Kerry Attacked For Comparing Trump To A “Teenage Girl”

Kerry crossed the red line. Update to this story.

Via Townhall:

This is awesome. Failed presidential candidate and former Sec. of State John Kerry is being attacked by far-left progressives after he compared President Donald J. Trump to a “teenage girl” over the weekend. Sec. Kerry, they assert, is being sexist and misogynistic in his comparison.

On Friday night, Sec. Kerry appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” to discuss the current administration. After several moments he dove into the heart of his argument, “I don’t want to get into a real riff on this but I’ve got to tell you…He really is the rare combination of an 8-year-old boy—he’s got the maturity of an 8-year-old boy with the insecurity of a teenage girl.”

Of course, the Massachusetts “statesman” committed a grave sin amongst the left — he used cisgender terms that could in some ways be construed as offensive to describe a human being. This rankled progressives’ hearts and unleashed a torrent of f-bombs and insults from Slate writers and Twitter users everywhere.

“F*ck this misogynistic bullshit. Seriously. I’d rather have a random teenage girl serve as president than Trump,” Slate writer Mark Joseph Stern boldly declared via Twitter.

He then followed it up by saying, “The world uses teenage girls as a punching bag. We deride their interests and mock their emotions because it makes us feel smart and mature. F*ck that. They deserve better than relentless condescension. We’re failing them.”

Matthew Segal, an ACLU attorney, went even further claiming that if anything teenagers should have the right to vote. “Trumpism is a reason to let teenagers vote, not to insult them,” Segal opined.

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Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Defends Her $3,500 Outfit With ‘Slaying Lewks’ Tweet

Lewks? Update to this story.

Via BPR:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York Democratic Party congressional nominee and self-described democratic socialist, fired back after being mocked for wearing expensive clothing at a recent photo shoot.

…which resulted in her being mocked even worse.

In responding to a tweet from Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk that noted the price of her ensemble, Ocasio-Cortez concluded with an immature declaration, considering she’s soon be a member of Congress.

“Get used to me slaying lewks because I am an excellent thrift shopper,” she tweeted.

For the record, Urban Dictionary defines “lewk” as “a guy who is beyond perfect,” or “any outfit you put a special amount of attention into constructing.”

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Long Island Woman Charged For Fabricating Story About Trump-Related Hate Crime

Still listed in the books as a hate crime.


A Long Island woman was charged with fabricating a story about a Trump-related hate crime.

Officials said 19-year-old Adwoa Lewis, of Baldwin, told police Friday that she was driving home when a group of four teenagers approached her, yelled “Trump 2016!” and stated that she didn’t belong here.

Lewis also claimed that after she parked her car in front of her house, she woke up the next day to find slashed tires and a note that read, “Go Home.”

After an investigation, police learned that this altercation did not take place, and police said Lewis admitted to writing the hateful note and placing it on her own car.

Lewis is charged with making a false punishable written statement and was released on an appearance ticket.


Wow: News Host Berates Colleague For Being White In Debate Over Serena Cartoon…

Call me crazy but I think the black guy in this clip is racist against white people.

Pennsylvania Boy Celebrates Birthday With Pizza Party For Local Police

Via Times Online:

Police cruisers from Hopewell Township, Aliquippa, state police and the Beaver County sheriff’s office lined the parking lot of Fox’s Pizza on Friday afternoon, but there was no emergency.

It was Jeffrey McCarty’s ninth birthday and his second annual police pizza party he held to celebrate his appreciation of local law enforcement.

“We don’t have a lot of family out here, but we have a lot of blue line family here,” said Ashley Matesic, Jeffrey’s mother.

More than a dozen officers showed up to give the Jeffrey gifts, eat pizza and enjoy the company of a young boy who was smiling from ear to ear at being surrounded by his heroes.

Jeffrey got to try on a bomb suit from a Allegheny County bomb squad that was also at the pizzeria.

“It was heavy, but I could manage,” Jeffrey said.

The pizza party is just one way Jeffrey shows his appreciation for local and regional police. Through the organization Jeffrey’s Joy for All Heroes, Jeffrey, who lives in Aliquippa, has given cupcakes, pendants and prayer cards to officers around the county and around the region.

“His mission is to bring joy and recognition to the past, present and future generations of law enforcement,” Matesic said.

It started after the 2016 Dallas police shooting in which officers were ambushed and fired upon at a protest against police violence. Five officers were killed and nine were injured in that incident.

Jeffrey said he saw the news coverage on the shooting and wanted to help in some way. At first, he and his mother made cupcakes and dropped them off at a few local police stations.

After his mother told him the story of St. Michael, the patron saint of law enforcement, Jeffrey wanted to incorporate that into his mission.

They ordered 600 St. Michael medallions and began passing them out to officers as they encountered them.

“It’s to make sure they stay safe every day,” Jeffrey said.

Hopewell Police Chief Brian Uhrmacher said he was touched when Jeffrey stopped by the station to drop off cupcakes and later the medallions for his officers.

“He definitely goes above and beyond,” the chief said.

Jeffrey also sends prayer and memorial cards to departments that have lost an officer in the line of duty, Matesic said. Her son has also grown close to several of the families of fallen officers.

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Ex-NHL Player Gets Death Threats After Posting Photos Of Bear Hunt

Bizarre, he kills a bear and the moonbats call for his death.

Via NY Post:

A former professional hockey player has received death threats and abusive comments online after posting photos and boasting about a grizzly bear he hunted last week.

Tim Brent, 34, shared multiples pictures of himself posing with the large bear in the Yukon, Canada.

“Alright folks, here is my Mountain Grizzly! We put an awesome stalk on him but he spotted us at about 75 yards. Instead of taking off he turned and came right at us. It was very easy to tell this boar owned the valley we were hunting in and wasn’t scared of anything!” Brent wrote in a caption on Instagram.

In another photo of Brent holding up the massive paw, he shares, “Did you know on average a single Grizzly eats around 40 Moose and Caribou calves during each calving season?”

The Canadian national, who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Carolina Hurricanes before retiring in 2016, began receiving backlash right away for the multiple hunting photos – including from comedian Ricky Gervais.

Some of the threats of violence were so extreme, Brent posted that he contacted Twitter. However, the social media platform said the threats did not violate their abuse policy.

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Cruz ‘Thanks’ PETA For Helping His Campaign After Group Offers BBQ Tofu At Campaign Event

Fake meat in support of the fake Latino candidate, Beto.

Via The Hill:

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) jokingly thanked People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for “helping” his campaign after the animal rights group urged Cruz supporters to try barbecued tofu.

Video shared by vegan activists on Facebook shows members of PETA holding signs reading “Tofu is made in Texas” and “Republicans eat tofu, too” outside a Cruz event on Saturday and offering tofu to people entering the event.

Cruz gave a nod to the small protest during his remarks.

“PETA outside protesting with barbecued tofu,” he said, according to reports. “Banning BBQ is a great way to motivate voters in Texas, so I thank PETA for helping my campaign.”

The exchange came days after Cruz suggested tofu in Texas would be an effect of efforts to turn Texas blue.

“We are seeing tens of millions of dollars flooding into the state of Texas from liberals all over the country who desperately want to turn the state of Texas blue,” the senator said during a campaign rally last week. “They want us to be just like California, right down to tofu and silicon and dyed hair.”

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Jeff Flake: Shouldn’t Vote On Kavanaugh “Until We Hear More,” Committee May Interview Ford

HT: Twitchy

Judge Tosses $23 Million Suit Against Berkeley Over Yiannopoulos Protest

Berkeley PD monitored the situation.

Via SF Chronicle:

A federal judge has dismissed nearly all the claims made in a $23 million lawsuit filed by a woman who was pepper-sprayed last year at UC Berkeley during a protest against right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

Oakland resident Kiara Robles filed the August 2017 suit against six individuals and entities, including the UC Board of Regents, the city of Berkeley and people she said were members of the far-left activist group Antifa.

Robles said the defendants “willfully withheld police officers” to protect pro-Yiannopoulos and pro-President Trump supporters like herself because they were at odds with the defendants’ political beliefs.

U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken on Friday dismissed all claims against the regents and Berkeley, and part of a claim against alleged Antifa member Raha Mirabdal. Robles said that Mirabdal shined a flashlight “aggressively” in her face to incapacitate her and left her prone to attacks by other Antifa members.

In a 23-page ruling, Wilken wrote: “There are simply not enough factual allegations to show that it is plausible that Berkeley has an official policy or custom of ‘selectively providing police support and withholding police support to conservative events, rallies, and protests.’”

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Adult Syrian Refugee Accused Of Murdering 13-Year-Old Canadian Girl

Another beneficiary of open borders.

Via Breitbart:

28-year-old Syrian national Ibrahim Ali, who came to Canada as a refugee, has been accused of murdering a 13-year-old girl in Burnaby, British Colombia, whose body was found last year.

The Syrian refugee, who came to Canada through a private sponsorship programme, was arrested last week by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) after a large-scale investigation into the death of the 13-year-old, who was found in Burnaby’s Central Park in July 2017.

In court, the 28-year-old was charged with first-degree murder. He required an Arabic interpreter, with proceedings delayed as the court waited for the interpreter to arrive.

When the Arabic interpreter did arrive, the session lasted only a few minutes as defence lawyer Danny Markovitz requested and was granted an adjournment until October, claiming to have received a package of disclosure from the Crown, The Province reports.

Several protesters also attended the court hearing including some showing solidarity and support for the family of the victim, as well as others demonstrating against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — who initiated a programme to allow tens of thousands of Syrians into Canada.

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San Francisco Residents Pleading With Thieves To Spare Their Vehicles

Bad enough dodging fecal matter on the sidewalks.

Via ABC7:

San Francisco residents fed up with having their cars broken into multiple times have taken matters into their own hands. They’re hoping to connect with would be thieves on an emotional level.

Fed up with having his vehicle broken into four times over a year and a half, Felix Kubin decided to express his frustration, writing on the rear windshield, “Thank you for letting this glass remain unbroken. We are a poor family with two kids. No values inside except diapers.”

“Maybe they feel pity or like empathy,” Kubin told ABC7 News.

On the driver’s side window he wrote, “No valuables inside except baby’s milk.”

On the rear passenger window he wrote, “Nothing to take valuable in this car. Thank you.”

Kubin and his wife learned what would work the hard way. First break in, they lost $1,500 worth of sporting goods.

“I think maybe it’s my fault I left the car in such a place,” said Kubin.

Second break-in, they lost just a bag, but in a third break in at Golden Gate Park, much more.

“That time we was really upset because it was all my official papers,” said Kubin.

“My passport, social security, working permit, everything, it was my wallet, it was two phones,” he continued.

The fourth break-in was on Otis Street.

“I see the thieves just open and see milk and diapers and left it,” said Kubin.

That’s when he decided to use a marker to plead his case as a dad.

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Oh, The Irony: Arkansas Nike Store Calls Police On A Peaceful Pro-Cop Demonstrator


Via BPR:

Despite recruiting an anti-cop zealot to represent its “Just Do It” campaign for 2018, the apparel retailer Nike still expects the unfairly maligned police to help it in its alleged hour of need.

One Arkansas-based Nike store in particular reportedly contacted local authorities Thursday after a peaceful pro-police protester showed up outside to purportedly stir up trouble.

Except peaceful protester Jimmie Cavin didn’t approach the store, pester employees or really do anything disruptive whatsoever.

He casually waved a “Blue Lives Matter” flag to show love to the police, and for that act the store called the cops on him. But instead of telling him to leave or even arresting him, the cops wound up turning right around moments later and skedaddling. Why?

“He realized I wasn’t doing anything wrong,” Cavin explained later to local station KLRT.

“So, Nike called the police on the guy supporting the police for supporting the police,” he sarcastically added, the point being to highlight the apparel company’s hypocrisy.

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