Childless British Liberal: Fund The Welfare State With 100% Inheritance Tax…

Britain descends further and further into absolute Socialism and welfare statism. Sad but predictable. Via The Guardian: Like most of the British public, I disliked the Conservatives’ “dementia tax” proposal during the election campaign. When you make someone’s access to social care dependent on giving up the money they intend to pass on to descendants, […]

Mother Of Palestinian Who Murdered 3 Israelis In Cold Blood Hands Out Candy To Children…

‘Palestine,’ what a nice place. Tweet Share2 +1Shares 2

Chris Hemsworth: It’s Time For A Lady To Play James Bond…

No thanks. Via Daily Caller: Chris Hemsworth is best known for his role as the Norse god Thor in the “Avengers” movies. But outside of cinema, Hemsworth has had a hard time fitting in with the progressive left, who have slammed him for violating every progressive tenet, ranging from cultural appropriation to transphobia. Unable to […]

Video: Freed From ISIS Rule, Raqqa Women Burn Their Burqas…

Freedom! Residents of ISIL’s self-described capital of Raqqa in Syria celebrated as they were released from the jihadist group’s rule. Multiple videos were posted to the YouTube and Twitter accounts of the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) and their various sub-organisations between Thursday, July 20 and Saturday, July 22. In one video women could be […]

Prominent Indonesian Islamic Cleric Hypes Muslim “Sex Parties” In “Heaven”…

Hence the reason they strap bombs to themselves with ease. INDONESIA – An Indonesian celebrity Islamic cleric has come under fire for suggesting that Muslims are promised sex parties in heaven during a recent televised sermon. Syamsuddin Nur Makkah, better known by his celebrity moniker Ustadz Syam, appeared in an episode of an Islamic sermon […]

Texas’ Lieutenant Governor Blames Truck Deaths On Sanctuary Cities That ‘Enable Human Smugglers’

100 people packed in the truck with some dying from the heat. Just horrible. Via Fox News: Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick railed against sanctuary cities on Sunday after at authorities in his state discovered eight people dead inside a sweltering tractor-trailer in a San Antonio Walmart parking lot and about 17 others in critical […]

North Korea Identifies Hawaii And Alaska As Possible Targets

If they’re into suicide and the complete decimation of their country… Via Daily Caller: North Korean state-run media hinted that Hawaii and Alaska may be potential targets for an unlikely missile strike against the U.S. “Hawaii, where the U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM) is stationed, and Alaska,” where part of the U.S. missile shield is based, […]

Shocker: Colleges Stop Exorbitant Price Increases After Congress Caps Student Loans

Gee, who would have guessed? Apart from everyone. So once you limit government assistance, there has to be reality in pricing. Good job, Congress! That you should highlight to students, i.e., future voters. Via Daily Caller: America’s colleges and universities have finally stopped their practice of annually gouging students with price increases for tuition, fees […]

Sweden Removes Classic Children’s Book Pippi Longstocking From Libraries For Being ‘Racist’…

Yes, really. Swedish authorities are removing some editions of the classic children’s book series, Pippi Longstocking, from libraries over concerns that a term cited within the books could be perceived as racist. The series of books by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, which first began in 1945, is considered to be a staple in children’s literature […]

Report: De Blasio Ordered Police to Clear Homeless Out of Subways Before His Ride

De Blasio is so ridiculous, even liberal New Yorkers can’t stand his hypocrisy. Via Free Beacon: New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio ordered the police to clear out homeless people from two subway stations ahead of his four-stop press event on Sunday so that the stations “looked nice,” according to a new report. Law […]

Report: NYT Published Leaks From Obama Officials That Foiled US Attack On ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi…

But it’s not their fault. Via Daily Caller: The New York Times blamed former Obama administration officials for releasing information that a U.S. general says allowed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi to slip away from American forces. Gen. Tony Thomas, oversees Special Operations Command, told Fox News’ Catherine Herridge last week that his team was “particularly […]

Republicans Dismiss Dems’ ‘Better Deal’ Effort To Remake Themselves With Ad Targeting Pelosi

Resistance to reality and truth is their real message. Via Fox News: A Republican-aligned super PAC is trying to knock down Democrats’ official effort Monday to rebrand themselves as “a better deal” — launching an ad campaign that targets House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and argues her party remains mired in “the same, old liberal […]

Trump Considering Replacing Sessions With Giuliani?

Sessions recused himself rather than be accused of potential conflict. That was the proper legal move. But liberals took advantage of that. But he’s been a huge proponent of Trump’s agenda, particularly immigration. Via The Hill: President Trump has floated the possibility of replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions with former New York City Mayor Rudy […]

Awful News: Charlie Gard’s Parents Decide To End Emotional Fight: “It’s Too Late Now To Save Him”

Because of all the court delay, it’s now too late to save him, the parents are now saying. Via The Guardian: Charlie Gard’s parents have ended their legal fight over treatment for the critically ill baby, saying that it is “too late” for treatment to work. Chris Gard and Connie Yates announced their decision as […]

FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home

Smashed drives? Learning from the Hillary school of getting rid of evidence… Via Daily Caller: FBI agents seized smashed computer hard drives from the home of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s information technology (IT) administrator, according to two sources with knowledge of the investigation. Pakistani-born Imran Awan, long-time right-hand IT aide to the former […]

White House To Sign New Sanctions Bill Including Sweeping Russian Sanctions

Russian stooge. Via Newsmax: The White House indicated Sunday President Donald Trump would sign a sweeping Russia sanctions measure, which the House could take up this week, that requires him to get Congress’ permission before lifting or easing the economic penalties against Moscow. Lawmakers are scheduled to consider the sanctions package as early as Tuesday, […]

California Conservative Flees To Texas, Hopes Others Join Him

Moonbats need not apply. Via Fox News: Are you a conservative who’s found yourself increasingly surrounded by liberals? Well, relocation to Collin County in the Red State of Texas may be just what you need to blow away your Blue State blues. A company called Conservative Move says its aim is to help conservatives find […]

Syrian Al-Qaeda Founder Killed in Idlib City…

Feel good story of the day. DAMASCUS, SYRIA – On Saturday, the dead body of Abu Muhammad Al-Shuhayl was found in downtown Idlib in what most local sources claimed was an assassination by poison. While other reports claimed illness or a heart attack, Abu Muhammad Al-Shuhayl was nevertheless proclaimed dead after being found lifeless in […]

Feel The Bern Redux: Sanders Keeping The Lake House Door Open On 2020 WH Run…

Bernie might have a chance if the primary isn’t rigged. Via MSN: Bernie Sanders, who battled Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary and created a revolutionary movement among millennials, is having discussions about running for president again. “Yes, is the answer,” said one Sanders associate who helped with the senator’s previous bid, in response […]

Syrian City Of Idlib Falls To Al-Qaeda…

Wonderful. BEIRUT, LEBANON – The city of Idlib has fallen completely under the control of the Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) jihadist group. Historically, control over the city had been divided between HTS and various Islamist rebel groups, namely Ahrar al-Sham and the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Despite the ceasefire agreement reached two days ago between […]