Black Female Journalist Accuses Rev. Jesse Jackson Of Sexual Harassment

Not Jesse, he prayed with fellow adulterer Bill Clinton.

Via NBC Chicago:

Civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson has been accused of sexual harassment by a journalist who says the Chicago community leader grabbed her thigh while making a crude comment.

Writer Danielle Young, in an article for “The Root,” accused Jackson of making the “unwanted” advance and comment during a photo-op after a media event.

“I walked toward Jackson, smiling, and he smiled back at me,” Young wrote. “His eyes scanned my entire body. All of a sudden, I felt naked in my sweater and jeans. As I walked within arm’s reach of him, Jackson reached out a hand and grabbed my thigh, saying, ‘I like all of that right there!’ and gave my thigh a tight squeeze.”

The post included several photos of the encounter in which Young writes “don’t let the smile fool you. I’m cringing on the inside.”

A representative for Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition said “Although Rev. Jackson does not recall the meeting three years ago, he profoundly and sincerely regrets any pain Ms. Young may have experienced.”

Young said she was “never going to tell this story” originally “because for the longest time, I didn’t even know if there was a story.”

“What happened to me was something that was so casual, I almost didn’t even consider it sexual harassment, even though it was beyond my desire,” she wrote.

Jackson was previously accused of harassment in 2010 by an openly gay staffer who filed a complaint alleging the civil rights leader propositioned him.

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Jesse Jackson: NFL Owners Racist, Have A “Plantation Mentality”…

I feel so bad for those guys making a million dollars a year playing football… said nobody.

SEATTLE – Reverend Jesse Jackson, the noted civil rights activist, wants to have an extensive conversation with Texans owner Bob McNair.

In the wake of a firestorm of controversy following McNair saying “We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” at a recent NFL owners meetings, Jackson was sharply critical of the remarks in a telephone interview Sunday with The Houston Chronicle. Jackson accused owners, including McNair, of having a “plantation mentality.”

Jackson added that there should be sanctions against McNair for his comments. McNair has apologized publicly in a statement and privately to his players and stated that he wasn’t referring to players in those remarks.

Jackson suggested that the NFL provide extensive details about what was said at the closed-door meeting regarding players’ national anthem protests.

“They really should make the minutes of that meeting public,” Jackson said. “I understand there were some other things said that were just as bad from other owners. They have kind of a plantation mentality. The players are objectified in some sense. Mr. McNair is a product of the South. They act like he’s a victim or misunderstood, but those players have made him a wealthy man.

“Mr. McNair said he’s sorry, but he also said what he said in an uninhibited way when he’s in a private meeting with the other owners. There should be some kind of sanctions. Other owners heard him talk that way and they shouldn’t condone that kind of talk.”

Jesse Jackson: “Blacks Going From Picking Cotton Balls To Picking Footballs And Basketballs Without Freedom Isn’t Progress”…

Good grief.

Jesse Jackson Encourages NFL Boycott Until Team Hires Colin Kaepernick…

Jesse must have slipped a gear.

Via Detroit News:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson announced Monday that he is urging fans to boycott the National Football League until team owners offer Colin Kaepernick a chance to return to the league.

Jackson said at a Detroit news conference that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s right to speech and gainful employment was violated when NFL teams refused to sign him this season because he knelt in protest during games last season during the National Anthem.

Kaepernick said he would not show pride for a country that oppressed black people.

Jackson suggested that Kaepernick take legal action for having his rights infringed.

“As long as their boycott of Colin Kaepernick continues … their boycott of free speech and the right to gainful employment, we will respond with a boycott in every city,” Jackson said. “There will be pickets at every game; there will be pickets of viewers and participants. We will challenge people not to attend the games.”

Jackson was in Detroit on Monday for a meeting with General Motors about diversity and minority suppliers.[…]

Jackson, who was joined by Wayne County Clerk Cathy M. Garrett and Detroit Clerk Janice Winfrey at the news conference, also said he would be investigating reports of voter fraud and voter suppression in several counties in Michigan.

Jackson questioned the high turnout in Macomb County, a key region where Trump won, 54-42 percent, over Hillary Clinton.

He noted a “flip-flop” in the election where Wayne County voter turnout decreased while Macomb County increased.

Results showed Macomb County voter turnout increased by 1.2 percent between 2012-16, while turnout in Wayne County, a historically a Democratic stronghold, dropped by 0.3 percent.

Jackson said he planned to hold hearings for people who believed their votes were not counted.

Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes or two-tenths of a percentage point — the first time a Republican won the state in a presidential year since 1988.

“We challenge those results,” Jackson said of Trump’s win. “We knew the difference in the election is voter suppression or voter fraud.”

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Jesse Jackson: ‘Trump Wouldn’t Qualify To Get Into Jesus’s Kingdom”

The last person who has any right to judge.

Here’s Jesse talking about how Trump has been an ally to black people.

Jesse Jackson: Hillary Clinton Really ‘Won The Election’ Against Trump — But ‘It Was Stolen’

Jesse is back to being top dog.

Via The Blaze:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said defeated 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton really “won the election” against Republican President Donald Trump last November — and that “it was stolen.”

Jackson made his remarks Thursday during a labor breakfast at the annual conference of his organization, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, in Chicago.

Here are Jackson’s words in context before introducing Tom Perez, head of the Democratic National Committee:

“To have a head of our party who is sensitive to the plight of working people is the order of this day,” Jackson said. “Don’t forget — when you lose, you tend to amplify ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda.’ When you win, you cover up your sins. Don’t let anybody fool you, we worked last year, we won the election. It was stolen.”

A hesitant and mild applause followed…

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Ex-Con Jesse Jackson Jr.’s 6-Figure Government Payout Under Scrutiny…

Junior may have taken some blows to the head during the chariot races. Update to this previous story.

Via Washington Examiner:

A government ethics expert wants the federal government to investigate former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s $138,000-a-year payout from a combination of worker’s compensation and Social Security disability benefits.

The Chicago Tribune reported Jackson receives $100,000 per year in worker’s compensation benefits because he has bipolar disorder and depression and another $38,400 per year in disability benefits. Craig Holman, from the watchdog group Public Citizen, called that amount of money “breathtaking” for a former congressman.

“I can’t imagine in any way that his bipolar disorder would have been caused in any way by his congressional duties,” Holman said. “It’s really troubling to see someone who goes to prison for corruption coming out of prison (and collecting that money).”

Jackson was released from prison on 2015 after using his campaign fund for personal enrichment. He served in Congress for 17 years before quitting in 2012.

Jackson was convicted for using about $750,000 in campaign funds for vacations, furs, celebrity memorabilia and other items, the Tribune reported.

His attorney argued his conditions have worsened following his divorce, but didn’t state how his job as a congressman may have caused those conditions.

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Ex-Con Jesse Jackson Jr. Collects $138,400 A Year In Federal Government Benefits…

Junior isn’t right in the head.

Via The Daily Mail:

Disgraced former Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is claiming $138,400 a year from the federal government in benefit checks, it has emerged.

The former Democrat politician and son of Reverend Jesse Jackson, 51, was sentenced to 30 months in prison in 2013 for taking $750,000 from his own campaign funds.

Now, details of his benefits package – which he gets for bipolar disorder and depression – have emerged, leaving critics questioning how he is eligible for the money, the Chicago Tribune has reported.

The details of Jackson’s payments emerged in divorce proceedings, which wife Sandi Stevens, began last year in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

Most of the money – around $100,000 – comes from workers’ compensation and is not taxed, Jackson’s attorney, attorney Barry Schatz, said.

The rest are Social Security Disability payments that he receives because of his mental health problems, which caused him to take leave from Congress in 2012, and may be taxed.

According to the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act, workers can be given disability compensation ‘due to personal injury or disease sustained while in the performance of duty.’

But for someone to receive compensation from the federal government for bipolar disorder is extremely unusual, said Ari Wilkenfeld, a Washington employment lawyer.

His firm, Wilkenfeld, Herendeen & Atkinson, often represents federal employees, but he says he’s never seen a case where someone has claimed for the disorder.

‘What’s remarkable here is by his getting workers’ comp, it appears that Congressman Jackson’s attorneys have convinced the government that his bipolar disorder was created by the rigors of being a member of Congress,’ he said.

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Ex-Con Jesse Jackson Jr. Urges President Obama To Pardon Millions Of Ex-Cons And His Wife…


Junior would lose his chance at getting elected again, so he wants a pardon.

Via NBC Chicago:

Jesse Jackson Jr. urged President Barack Obama Thursday to pardon millions of former prison inmates, a group that would include Jackson and his wife, former Chicago Ald. Sandi Jackson.

In his open letter to the president, which Jackson posted to his Facebook page early Thursday morning, the former congressman claimed that “the great 2016 pardoning of the masses will create a resounding echo in history and will mark you as the greatest Christian president ever to serve.”

Mr. President, for those Americans who have traipsed through the criminal justice system and transcended transgression by duly serving time, the outcome should be clear,” Jackson wrote in the post. “An official declaration of TIME SERVED, for each and every eligible member of the American family, from the highest office of the land is the only response congruent with the redemption story of Christ.”

“Truly, Mr. President, with a presidential pardon equally monumental to, and greater in scope than, the Emancipation Proclamation the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama II will be one of faith, hope and love,” he added.

Jackson pled guilty in 2013 to charges he illegally spent campaign fund on a variety of expensive items, like a $4,600 fedora owned by Michael Jackson and a $1,200 reversible mink parka. Jackson ultimately served over a year in jail before being released into a halfway house in 2015.

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Jesse Jackson Praises Castro As ‘Freedom Fighter’ (Updated With Pic)

Praise for a butcher…

Jesse Jackson: Obama Should Pardon Hillary Clinton


How about no? If he does, it still means she has something on him. They think they can get away with anything.

Via Detroit Free Press:

Speaking at President Gerald Ford’s alma mater, The Rev. Jesse Jackson called for President Obama to issue a blanket pardon to Hillary Clinton before he leaves office, just like Ford did for Richard Nixon.

Stopping short of saying Clinton did anything wrong, Jackson told a large crowd of University of Michigan students, faculty and administrators gathered at daylong celebration of his career that Obama should short circuit President-elect Donald Trump’s promised attempt to prosecute Hillary Clinton for use of a private e-mail server.

“It would be a monumental moral mistake to pursue the indictment of Hillary Clinton,” Jackson said. He said issuing the pardon could help heal the nation, like Ford’s pardon of Nixon did.

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Jesse Jackson Compares Lebron James To MLK After He Endorses Hillary Clinton…

MLK fought against segregation, Lebron James supports the pro-segregation Black Lives Matter.


FLASHBACK: Jesse Jackson Praises Trump For His Commitment To “Diversity” Being “Inclusive”…

I know, it’s so unlike Jesse Jackson to be inconsistent.

HT: Daily Caller via Blaze

BLM Protesters Upset Chicago Protests Were Co-opted By ‘Elders’, Like Jesse Jackson, Internal Fights

Click on to enlarge:
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.24.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.28.36 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.28.52 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.29.08 PM

What the internal violence was is not clear, but at least one of the ‘whos’ who the co-opted the protest that was organized by Rev Com and the Soros crew, was Jesse Jackson.
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.35.07 PM

Jackson really doesn’t want to bring the system down as using the system has paid him well. That’s why the BLM generally don’t like him or Al Sharpton. As the protester notes in the Facebook post above, their aims are at variance with the elders, they don’t want to work to ‘reform’, BLM generally advocates abolition of police.

Blinded By The White: Jesse Jackson Defends Lack Of Diversity At Dem Debate

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.39.33 PM

Because it isn’t about race, even though you may use that as your hammer, it’s always just about how left you are.

LAS VEGAS — Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson kept true to the name of the spin room in which he held court following Tuesday night’s debate, shooting down the notion that his party’s all-white presidential field was cause for concern and accusing the Republicans of being the true minorities because of their policy positions.

With five white candidates, Democrats are fielding their least racially diverse line-up since 1992. Republicans, on the other hand, have four minority candidates. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is black. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz are of Cuban descent. And Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is Indian-American. (RELATED: Twitter Can’t Get Over How White The Dem Debate Is)

But that racial imbalance doesn’t bother the 74-year-old Jackson, who ran for president on the Democratic ticket in 1984 and 1988.

Asked by The Daily Caller if his party’s all-white field was of concern, Jackson said that it is not.

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Jesse Jackson Declares Jim Crow Is Back In Alabama After Budget Cuts Forces Closure Of DMV Offices…

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.04.01 PM

Jesse Jackson puts The Boy Who Cried Wolf to shame.

Via Chicago Sun-Times:

In Alabama, 50 years after Selma, voting rights are once more under assault. Even as Alabama finally took down its confederate flags this year, it has raised new obstacles to voting.The Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County v. Holder to gut the Voting Rights Act, supported by the five conservative justices alone, opened the floodgates to legislation in over 21 states erecting new obstacles to make voting more difficult. These have included limiting the days for early voting, eliminating Sunday voting, requiring various forms of ID, shutting down voting sites and more.

Alabama — the home of Selma and the Bloody Sunday police riot that spurred the passage of the original Voting Rights Act 50 years ago — is one of the leaders in the new forms of voter suppression. Alabama passed a bill requiring for the first time a photo ID for voting, hitting African-Americans, the poor, the young and the old disproportionately.Now Alabama is using a budget squeeze to shut down 31 satellite offices that issue driver’s licenses, the most popular form of voter ID. This new Jim Crow isn’t subtle.

Jesse Jackson Targets Facebook For His Patented Racial Shakedown After Learning Only 1% Of Company’s Employees Are Black

Watch and learn, Deray.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 1.51.35 PM

Gay Employee Of Jesse Jackson Claims Harassment, Including Being Forced To Clean Up After Jackson And Mistress

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 5.47.18 AM

Publicly claiming support for gay people, privately harassing gay people and cheating on his wife, again. Why is that not at all hard to believe?

Via AIM:

Tamara Holder, a Fox News contributor, is accused of having an affair with Jesse Jackson, Sr. in a lawsuit that alleges the illegal use of a gay Jackson employee to facilitate the relationship.

The accuser, Tommy R. Bennett, was Jackson’s personal travel assistant and ran the legal clinic at Jackson’s organization, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. He says he was eventually fired for protesting his treatment by Jackson and other PUSH employees and is seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Holder has not responded to repeated requests for comment from Accuracy in Media, but Jackson’s press representative, Lauren Love, says the allegations are false and will be proven so.

Bennett attorney Thomas V. Leverso says that Jackson and PUSH have been stonewalling a legal response for many months but that investigations and the case are moving forward. Leverso tells Accuracy in Media that witnesses have come forward to verify the allegations against Jackson.

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Did The Left Scream ‘Treason’ When Jimmy Carter And Jesse Jackson Lobbied Foreign Governments Against U.S. Positions?

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.38.11 AM

The Left is all in a collective tizzy over Sen. Tom Cotten’s open letter to Iran which advised that any agreement with President Obama is not binding on future administrations unless it had approval by Congress.

Screams of “treason!’ and claims that it violates the Logan Act which states:

“Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

Problem with this? The Logan Act specifically refers to ‘private correspondence’. An open letter on social media advising of the nature of the Constitution hardly seems to qualify.

Unlike Nancy Pelosi’s private meeting with Bashir Assad, as we have previously noted. Or Ted Kennedy asking the Soviet Union to interfere in the 1984 election against Reagan.

Or Jimmy Carter and Jesse Jackson.

Jimmy Carter actually sent private correspondence to the UN, lobbying against the U.S. resolution from the first Bush administrationbefore the UN Security Council, trying to demand Iraq get out of Kuwait. Listen to Brent Scowcroft:

In the midst of this careful diplomacy, former President Jimmy Carter wrote the members of the [UN] Security Council asking them not to support the resolution. He argued that the costs in huiman life and the economic consequences, not to mention the permanent destabilization oif the Middle East, were too high and unnecessary,”unless all peaceful resolution efforts are first exhausted.” He called for the UN to mandate a”good faith” negotiation with the Iraqi leaders to consider their concerns, and to ask the Arabs to try to work out a peaceful solution,”without any restraint on their agenda.” It was an unbelieveable letter, asking the other members of the council to vote against his own country. We found out about it only when one of the recipients sent us a copy. Carter later acknowledged he had sent the letter, but claimed he had told President Bush what he was doing. He did send the President a similar one, but without mentioning he had also lobbied the President’s foreign colleagues. It seemed to me that if there was ever a violation of the Logan Act prohibiting diplomacy by private citizens, this was it. President Bush was furious at this interference in the conduct of his foreign policy and the deliberate attempt to undermine it, but told me just to let it drop. –

During the Reagan Administration, Jesse Jackson almost made seeming violations of the Logan Act a cottage industry, visiting Syria, Cuba and the Sandinistas, with purpose, as Dr. Karin Stanford, professor at Cal-State Northridge noted, at least in part, of promoting their positions in the face of U.S. administration.

At that time, folks on the Left like Stanford argued against the Logan Act. Stanford said it “constrained the citizen diplomat” like Jackson and it was unconstitutional, in her book, “Beyond Boundaries, Reverend Jesse Jackson In International Affairs”. Of course, the fact that she was his mistress might have influenced her opinion.

But once again, just another instance where rules will be over-applied to Republicans, but should be done away with completely when it comes to the Left…

Jesse Jackson: Punishment Against Cheating Chicago Little League Team “Inappropriate” And Racist…

Jesse Jackson

Naturally, this was coming…

Via Daily Caller:

Little League Baseball vacated all of Chicago-area Jackie Robinson West’s wins from the 2014 Little League World Series tournament on Wednesday.

After investigating allegations that several players on JRW do not reside within the team’s district borders, LLB stripped the team of both it’s Great Lakes Regional and U.S. national titles.

Despite the open and shut nature of the case, several of the team’s supporters — including Jesse Jackson and Michael Pfleger — stated at a Wednesday press conference that JRW’s punishment had nothing to do with any possible recruiting infractions and was born purely through…RACISM!

According to Rev. Jackson, “this decision’s untimely and inappropriate at this time. It should not take six months after a team has played a championship game to determine eligibility to play the game in the first place… Is this about boundaries or race?”

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