CDC Gets List of 7 Forbidden Words Including “Transgender” And “Diversity”…

SJW’s recoil in horror.

Apple Fires Diversity Chief For Saying White People Can Be Diverse…

Wait, Apple has a “vice president of diversity and inclusion?”

Via NY Post:

Apple’s diversity chief is stepping down after only six months on the job — after causing an outcry by saying that being a minority or a woman are not the only criteria for diversity, according to reports.

Denise Young Smith, who was named vice president of diversity and inclusion in May, made controversial comments last month during a One Young World Summit in Bogotá, Colombia.

“There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blond men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation,” the inaugural diversity chief said.

“Diversity is the human experience,” she said, according to Quartz. “I get a little bit frustrated when diversity or the term diversity is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or the LGBT.”

Her comments appeared to defend Apple’s overwhelmingly white and male leadership at a time when the company’s makeup is markedly uneven.

The 20-year Apple veteran, who previously served as the company’s head of worldwide human resources, later apologized for her remarks, telling the staff that they “were not representative of how I think about diversity or how Apple sees it.”

Six Terror-Linked Foreigners Entered US Via ‘Diversity Lottery,’ Says Trump Administration

Needs to stop, and now.

Via Fox News:

At least five foreign nationals with suspected ties to terror resettled in the U.S. through the same visa lottery program that allowed NYC terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov into the country, the Trump administration said Tuesday.

Saipov, the ISIS sympathizer who allegedly committed the Halloween terror attack in Lower Manhattan that left eight dead and 11 more injured, entered the U.S. from Uzbekistan in 2010 through the visa lottery program.

The visa “lottery,” also known as the Diversity Visa Waiver Program, grants up to 50,000 immigrant visas annually, “drawn from random selection among all entries to individuals who are from countries with low rates of immigration” to the U.S., according to U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services.

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Nearly 30k Diversity Visas Have Been Given To Immigrants From Terror States


Via Fox News:

The United States issued nearly 30,000 visas to people from nations officially designated as sponsors of terrorism over the last decade through the Diversity Visa “lottery” program, the White House said Monday.

According to State Department statistics, since 2007, the U.S. has admitted 20,739 individuals from Iran; 7,232 from Sudan, and 812 from Syria through the Visa Lottery program –Iran, Sudan and Syria are currently the only countries designated by the State Department as “state sponsors of terrorism.”

The program offers a lottery for up to 50,000 immigrant visas annually, “drawn from random selection among all entries to individuals who are from countries with low rates of immigration” to the U.S., according to U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services.

That random selection, according to the State Department, is through a computer-generated drawing for foreign nationals to apply for permanent residence, or a green card, in the U.S. each year.

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All Hail Diversity! Election Night Brings Historic Wins For Minority And LGBT Candidates

A win for identity politics.


In a night of many firsts, several minority and LGBT candidates won local elections that echoed the blue wave in which Democrats won races large and small.

Two openly transgender candidates won races as well as the first Sikh mayor in New Jersey and first African-American mayors in major cities.

First openly transgender state lawmaker elected in Virginia

Danica Roem defeated incumbent delegate Bob Marshall, who had been elected 13 times over 26 years, for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. When Roem takes office, she will be the first openly transgender candidate to be elected and serve in a state legislative body.

Althea Garrison, elected in Massachusetts, was the first openly transgender person to serve in a state legislature, but did not campaign as an openly transgender person during her race in 1992.

The race between Roem and Marshall to represent Virginia’s 13th district, which encompasses Prince William County and Manassas Park, had been rooted in ideological opposites.

Marshall had been at odds with LGBT issues and had proposed a state bill in 2015 that would allow anyone who has a license with the state to refuse services to gay people and earlier this year introduced a bill to restrict transgender people’s access to public restrooms, CNN local affiliates reported.

During the campaign, Marshall refused to use Roem’s correct pronouns.

Roem was open about her gender identity and had backing from LGBT groups.

“To every person who has ever been singled out, who has ever been stigmatized, who has ever been the misfit, who’s ever been the kid in the corner, who’s ever needed someone to stand up for them when they didn’t have a voice of their own because there is no one else with them, this one is for you,” she told her supporters Tuesday night.

Prior to running for office, Roem worked as a journalist.

First openly transgender person of color elected to public office

Andrea Jenkins won a seat in the Minneapolis City Council to represent the city’s 8th ward, the Star Tribune reported. She won more than 70% of the votes, the newspaper reported.

Jenkins had served as a senior policy aide to two Ward 8 city council members. She touted more than 25 years of public service experience as a policy aide, nonprofit executive director, consultant and employment specialist on her website. She also described herself as a poet, writer and performer.

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USC ‘Diversity Toolkit’ Helps Educators Fight ‘Male Gendered Pronouns’…

Via Campus Reform:

A professor at the University of Southern California recently published a “Diversity Toolkit” to help diversity educators fight “male gendered pronouns.”

The Diversity Toolkit, created by USC Professor of Social Work Jeremy Goldbach, was released last week as a tool to help diversity educators facilitate discussions on issues on “diversity and the role of identity in social relationships.”

The toolkit outlines six activities that educators can do with students, including one on “Creating Gender Free Nouns,” which aims to fight the use of “male gendered pronouns” by teaching students how to replace them with gender-neutral words.

Trump Calls For Death Of “Diversity Visa Lottery” Program After NYC Terrorist Attack…

A program Chuck Schumer helped create.

Via Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump slammed Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer early Wednesday for his role in launching the program that reportedly allowed an extremist onto American soil.

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, a 29-year-old green card holder from Uzbekistan, mowed down pedestrians in a rented van Tuesday before crashing into a school bus. He then exited the vehicle brandishing imitation firearms and shouting “Allahu Ackbar.” The young extremist, who authorities suspect may have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State based on Arabic notes found at the scene and materials found on his computer, killed a total of eight people and injured many others.

Saipov reportedly came to the U.S. in 2010 through a Department of State program known as the “Diversity Visa Lottery” program. He has been called a “visa winner,” which if true, was not a win for the people of New York City.

The Diversity Visa Lottery has been around for around two decades, and Schumer, a New York democrat, did play a part in developing the program. Congress approved the program as part of the Immigration Act of 1990, and it went into effect in 1995. Since then, the program has been hotly debated, with liberals typically defending the visa lottery program while conservatives push for merit-based immigration.

Professors: ‘Diversity Educators’ Suffer From Burnout Due To Microaggressions

Dealing with the overly sensitive is wearing…

Via Daily Caller:

So-called “Diversity Educators” are suffering from burnout due to the “emotional weight” of their jobs, according to a recent academic journal article published this week in the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice.

The study, written by University of North Carolina-Charlotte professor Ryan Miller and six colleagues from the University of North Texas, interviewed seven interviewed diversity educators from a “predominantly white research institution” who claim that they suffer from “compassion fatigue,” “burnout,” and “racial battle fatigue” in their efforts to combat microaggressions on campus.

According to Miller, the burnout is caused by the diversity educators’ “consistent exposure to various microaggressions” from students who don’t see things their way. He notes that these microaggressions have been conceptualized by some scholars “as forms of assault and torture.”

The article, which was highlighted Friday by Campus Reform, describes the burnout as a “gradual wearing down of individuals entrenched in the work of helping others as diversity educators.”

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Al Sharpton Says Legal Weed Lacks Diversity And Is The Next ‘Civil Rights Cause’

Al is working on his next shake down.

Via Daily Caller:

Rev. Al Sharpton argued that the fight to legalize marijuana is the next civil rights cause in a Thursday op-ed for the Guardian.

Sharpton, an activist and preacher, said it’s crucial to decriminalize marijuana because laws against it have oppressed minorities over the years, making it difficult for them to get good educations and other opportunities.

“It is a civil rights cause that we should not postpone, but accelerate during these dark and difficult times,” Sharpton said. “For Democrats and progressives, the arguments have always been clear: generations of Americans, overwhelmingly people of color, have been imprisoned and starved of access to higher education, housing, and economic opportunities, and stripped of their inalienable right to vote thanks to non-violent acts.”[…]

Sharpton previously called for more diversity in the legal weed business, saying it is unfair for minorities not to have representation in the business.

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Are 345 Diversity And Social Justice Courses At UNCC Too Much?

It takes a special student to get a degree in global hip hop.


Students and faculty from University of North Carolina-Charlotte (UNCC) are responding to a recent Breitbart News article about the diversity courses the university offers.

The news outlet calls the number staggering. There are 345 courses including Queer Theory, Street Gangs, and Global Hip Hop.

UNCC senior Letaeja Fitzgerald says she took Global Hip Hop.

“I could learn and it was fun,” Fitzgerald said. “And I was getting way more out of that class than I did from a lot of my classes where I had just a regular lecture.”

Fitzgerald says the course was also meaningful.

“It was basically a course that helped us understand the importance of using hip-hop in higher education to educate African American students or students of color,” she said.

Breitbart readers quickly took a jab at the university for offering such courses. They believe they are unnecessary and will not help students get a job once they graduate from college. The Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences Nancy Gutierrez disagrees and is using this spotlight to prove a point.

“This provided us an opportunity to say we are doing our job,” Gutierrez said. “We have to prepare students to go and live and thrive in the workplace. If we do not provide our students with the opportunity to learn about the world, about the different cultures, then we are not doing our job – Yay UNC Charlotte and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.”

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Former Agent: Secret Service Lowered Standards In Pursuit Of Diversity

Via Daily Caller:

As the U.S. Secret Service sought greater diversity in its ranks, the agency lowered its standards, former agent Dan Bongino says in a new book on the inner workings of the government agency assigned to protect the President of the United States. This accusation has led to a war of words between the former agent and the agency he used to work for.

The lowering of standards has been ongoing since at least “the early 2000s,” according to the book, and continue to this day.

“Sadly, and for many years, the Secret Service has been sacrificing mission-readiness at the altar of political correctness,” Bongino writes in “Protecting The President: An Inside Account of the Troubled Secret Service in an Era of Evolving Threats,” out Tuesday.

Bongino worked for the Secret Service from 1999 to 2011. He has since run for the U.S. Senate, and twice for the U.S. House.

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College Pays Students $10 Per Hour To “Celebrate Diversity”…

No joke.

Via Campus Reform:

Bryn Mawr College has hired student “Community Diversity Assistants” for at least $10 per hour to “help the Bryn Mawr College community understand and celebrate its diversity.”

The newly launched “Community Diversity Assistants” program has hired 13 students who will be dispatched to dorms to serve as “mediators for conflicts and disputes around issues of diversity” and will hold “office hours” to answer students’ questions about diversity.

While the administration itself normally plans events related to diversity on campus, the Diversity Assistants will do so as well, with “race, socioeconomic class, gender identity, [and] sexuality” programming themes.

Namrata Basu, the co-leader of the program and a junior Math major at Bryn Mawr, told Campus Reform in an interview that students came up with the idea for the program, and that it’s especially needed in “this political climate.”

“We talk about racism, gender, sexuality, elitism, ethnicity among other things,” she said, adding that she hopes to have “conversations with people who don’t agree with us,” because Bryn Mawr is a “very different” environment from where most students grew up, suggesting that not all students come from the same cultural norms.

“We’re here to have conversations that may or may not be dinner table conversations for many students,” Basu said. “Students come from very different backgrounds and we’re here to facilitate conversations about that.”

Barack Obama Celebrates Diversity With A Picture Of Barack Obama…

Haven’t been able to do one of these in a while.

Google Fires Engineer Who Wrote ‘Diversity’ Memo, Some Female Co-Workers Upset By Memo Stay Home

Thus proving his point.

Via NPR:

A senior software engineer reportedly has been fired by Google after a memo he wrote criticizing diversity initiatives was leaked and sparked protests on social media.

The 3,300-word document that has been shared across Google’s internal networks says “biological causes” are part of the reason women aren’t represented equally in its tech departments and leadership. The senior engineer also cited “men’s higher drive for status.”

Another software engineer who used to work for Google, Kelly Ellis, says some women who still work at the company stayed home on Monday because the memo made them “uncomfortable going back to work.”

Now, Bloomberg and Reuters report the memo was written by James Damore and Google has fired him for “perpetuating gender stereotypes.” The news services say Damore confirmed the dismissal by email.

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SJW Backlash Against Google Engineer Who Decried Diversity In Tech: “I’d Beat The Sh*t Out Of Him”…

Good lord these people are insane.

Via Breitbart:

Left-wing backlash against the Google employee who published a manifesto calling for more ideological tolerance at the company intensified this evening, as SJWs inside and outside Google sought to contain political dissent at the company.

The Googler’s 10-page manifesto criticized the company for maintaining an atmosphere of political groupthink, in which employees with viewpoints that challenge leftist narratives are forced to keep their mouths shut for fear of losing their jobs. He also criticized Google for ignoring the latest research on gender differences and their interplay with the lack of women in STEM jobs.

The allegations of political intolerance come shortly after YouTube, a Google-owned platform, announced they would manipulate search results, artificially promote socially progressive videos, and censor non-rulebreaking content that is considered “potential hate speech.” The company is also partnering with the ADL and other left-wing organizations to identify “hate speech” on the platform.

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Trump Supporters ‘Not Welcome,’ Says New UCF ‘Diversity Chair’

His way or the highway.

Via Campus Reform:

Conservative students say the newly-appointed “Diversity Chair” for the University of Central Florida’s student government has a history of hostility toward Donald Trump supporters.

According to Knight News, Grayson Lanza was confirmed to the position by the Student Government Association on June 22, prompting some conservative students to object that he was approved despite repeatedly expressing a desire to rid campus of conservatives.

“And let today be a lesson to all; Trump supporters are not welcome on our campus,” Grayson declared in a Facebook post on October 31, referencing a pro-Trump rally held at UCF.

UCF student Daniel Hanna claims that Grayson was even more explicit in person when the two had an encounter during the rally.

Hanna told Campus Reform that he and several friends “were having a good time waving Trump flags and such” at the rally on UCF’s “free speech lawn” when Lanza and several other students began taunting them with phrases such as “racist” and “sexist.”

Describing the behavior was “very aggressive,” Hanna recalled that Lanza “said multiple times that we were not welcome on campus and that he does not tolerate us.”

“When we started debating politics, I eventually said you know the great thing about this country is we can both differ regarding political views but we can openly discuss it,” Hanna related in an interview with Knight News. “Then I offered him a handshake. He said I’m not shaking your hand, I do not tolerate you and you are not welcome here.”

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Look How Diverse Our Dead Are! London Police Commish Touts ‘Diversity’ Of The Terror Victims

Priorities, how about concentrating on where the Britons who fought with ISIS and came back to London are? Or why you’re letting them back in?

Via Biz Pac Review:

This is what happens to a nation when political correctness usurps common sense.

And if the left has its way, it could come to America.

Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, spoke on Saturday about the victims of the June 3 London terror attacks, and her comments infuriated many on social media.

“It’s desperately sad and poignant but among those who died is someone who’s British, there are French, Australian, Canadian, Spanish,” she told the Associated Press.

“In terms of our witnesses that we’ve spoken to so far, out of the 300-odd people, there are about 20 different countries of origin. And the London British population comes from all kinds of backgrounds and every kind of faith and ethnicity,” she continued.

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Lack Of Diversity In Science Prompts $200k Study On Microaggressions

The study will recommend lowering the standards.

Via Red Alert:

Even though Barack Obama is no longer president, government agencies are still doing his bidding by doubling down on identity politics and social justice.

This week, the University of Georgia announced that one of their science and math professors, Mary Atwater, was given a $229,061 Early-Concept Grant for Exploratory Research to study microaggressions from the National Science Foundation. Their hypothesis seems to be that microaggressions are causal to a lack of diversity in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics or STEM fields for people of “African or Latino ancestry.”

“There has been little research in this area in science education,” Atwater said. “In fact, there is very little microaggression research that has been done in which the participants are people of European-American descent.”

Atwater, who is currently a guest lecturer at Columbia University’s Teacher College, will exclusively study faculty and students of color at seven different higher education institutions to identify microaggressors in their science programs. She’ll be framing her project using critical race theory, and collect data through questionnaires, implicit attitude tests, interviews and other archival documents.

“This grant can have an impact on the number of African-American and Latino/a faculty members we have in science education,” Atwater continued.

Of course, liberals are looking to confirm that microaggressions and racism are the reason why there aren’t more people of color in the STEM fields. Perhaps if they embraced the concept of school choice to give students access to better education, then maybe that would even the playing field.

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Yale Dean Loves Diversity Except For ‘White Trash’

Unfortunately, this nasty ‘elitism’ is not uncommon in liberal academia, she just got caught.

Via NY Post:

A dean at Yale University who championed cultural sensitivity has apologized for her “insensitive” Yelp reviews of restaurants, gyms and movie theaters, including hot takes on what “white trash” customers would find tasty and employees she blasted as “barely educated morons.”

June Chu, dean of Yale’s Pierson College, apologized for the offending reviews, which had been circulating among students for several months, after the Yale Daily News published screenshots on Saturday.

“To put it quite simply: If you are white trash, this is the perfect night out for you!” Chu wrote in one review of a Japanese restaurant. “This establishment is definitely not authentic by any stretch of any imagination and perfect for those low class folks who believe this is a real night out. Over salted and greasy food. Side note: employees are Chinese, not Japanese.”

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Belgian School Ditches Mother’s Day In The Name Of “Diversity”…

Via HLN (Google translation):

Sunday is Mother’s Day. But not in the French school ‘Sing Line’ in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. The management sent parents an email yesterday with the message that the children will not make gifts for Mother’s Day “out of respect for the many different cultures that our school has to offer. A diversity that we are extremely proud,” said the message.

Fathers should not hope for a gift, it reads in the mail from the school in the Brussels borough. “Because there are different cultures in our school are represented. And not all celebrate,” says director Dominique Paquot. “We played some time with that idea. Even as more and more children have divorced parents. Some have two mothers or two fathers, others, do not have mom or dad more,” the director adds. “That many children saddled with a lot of stress.”

The reasoning of the board can not rely on all parents to understand. “This is a tradition that has nothing to do with religion,” it sounds a mother. Or even: “What could be better than a product to be spoiled with a gift that your child at school has pieced together That’s all cultures?” Said an angry father on Facebook.