BREAKING: Charter Schools Advocate Betsy DeVos Picked For Ed Sec…UPDATE: DeVos: I’m Not A Common Core Supporter…


WASHINGTON – President-elect Donald Trump has selected a charter school advocate and GOP donor from Michigan to be education secretary.

Betsy DeVos becomes the second woman chosen to fill a spot in Trump’s Cabinet. Earlier Wednesday, Trump named South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations earlier in the day.

Both selections require Senate confirmation.

Trump calls DeVos “a brilliant and passionate education advocate.”

DeVos heads the advocacy group American Federation for Children. She’s known for supporting charter schools and vouchers.

Before Trump’s announcement, some conservatives were complaining about DeVos’ ties to the political establishment. They also warned that she previously supported Common Core standards that Trump railed against during the campaign.

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Media has been reporting her as a ‘common core advocate. However, she says she is not. Here is her response to that:

Schools Level Outrageous Punishments On Children Who Opt Out Of Government Common Core Tests …


It’s for the children.

Via Independent Sentinel:

The Obama administration is nationalizing education and robbing local education of its authority over every aspect of education. Common Core and the standardized tests are the biggest drivers of the takeover. The administration is so serious about it that they are going to hurt the children to make it happen.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that children whose parents opted them out are being threatened with retention. One of the students is a straight “A” student and most or all of the others are passing.

“There’s no reason for a third grader with straight As to be retained,” said parent Rhonda Nickerson, whose 9-year-old daughter may be barred from fourth grade at a Seminole County elementary school. “What are they going to do with her in third grade again?”

Civil disobedience isn’t allowed in Obamaland unless it’s for some leftist ideology.

Nickerson’s daughter did not take the FSA. Her report card shows the girl earned As in all her academic subjects. But it also reads, “Student Retained in Grade 3.”

Central Florida school officials, however, say they are abiding by state law in considering retention for students without an FSA language-arts score.

It’s force by the government as government grows incredibly large and far more dangerous.

Another dispute has erupted in Greenville, South Carolina, where the Greenville News reported school officials already have disciplined “at least a dozen students” who refused to take new standardized ACT tests.

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Missouri Becomes Latest State To Dump Common Core…


Via Washington Examiner:

The Associated Press reports that Missouri is getting rid of the controversial Common Core educational standards and replacing them with alternative standards.

Common Core covers only math and English, while the new Missouri standards will also cover social studies and science. “Major changes include more emphasis on research in language arts and reorganizing math benchmarks for kindergarten through second grade,” the AP says. Elementary students will be expected to learn cursive writing.

Schools will have to design their own curricula to help students meet the standards.

Common Core: Rubio Says Nomination Not About ‘How Many States You Win’


…what is it about then? Do you know how math works?

Via TPM:

Following another second-place finish in the Nevada GOP caucus, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) argued Wednesday that candidates don’t win presidential primaries simply by winning individual states.

When asked about his loss to Donald Trump in the Nevada caucus on Tuesday on “Fox and Friends,” Rubio noted that “this is an unusual election.”

“And right now, what you have is a situation where Donald—the majority of the Republican electorate, the majority of Republican voters in this country do not want Donald Trump to be the nominee,” Rubio said.

He said that the anti-Trump voters are “divided up” among the remaining candidates.

“Until there’s some kind of consolidation here, you’re not going to have a clear alternative to Donald Trump, and the argument we’ve made is, I’m as conservative as anyone in this race, but I’m the conservative that can unify the Republican Party,” Rubio said.

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Common Core Executive: We’re Highlighting How “Dead White Guys” Didn’t Create America…


Common Core Creator Warns Parents: Don’t Help Your Own Kids With Math, Teachers Know Best


Via Daily Caller:

One of the chief creators of the Common Core math standards is warning America’s parents to stop teaching their own children basic math because, he says, public school teachers are well-trained experts who understand rudimentary arithmetic far better.

The directive to leave children submerged in confusion as they try to do homework comes from Jason Zimba, who was part of a trio that originally wrote the Common Core math standards.

“The math instruction on the part of parents should be low. The teacher is there to explain the curriculum,” Zimba told The Hechinger Report, an education journalism website published by Columbia University’s Teachers College.

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Common Core Writing Lesson Pushes Gun Control…

gun control classroom materials

Get them while they are young.

Via Fox News:

Common Core backers are sneaking a social and political agenda into nationalized curriculum, say critics, who now have new ammo in a writing lesson plan for teachers that they say gives a slanted perspective of the gun debate.

A study guide dubbed, “The Battle Over Gun Control,” authored by KQED, a northern Californian affiliate of National Public Radio, and the nonprofit, taxpayer-subsidized National Writing Project, states that “moderate gun control” measures introduced following the Sandy Hook school massacre were deep-sixed by the “powerful political influence” of the NRA. Second Amendment advocates say the wording, in supplemental material designed to help teachers plan instruction, frames the debate in a one-sided fashion aimed at influencing young minds.

“The issue took center stage in December, when a lone gunman entered an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., killing 20 children and six adults in one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history,” reads an intro from the guide. “Yet, months down the line, the issue remains highly controversial: An attempt to enact moderate new gun control measures this spring was voted down in the Senate, due in part to the powerful political influence of gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association.”

Concerned parents and longtime critics of Common Core say that this is just another example of flaws associated with the federally-imposed standards. While Common Core itself is not technically a curriculum, it drives classroom lessons by imposing a standard, nationalized test. Both private and nonprofit curriculum providers tout their material for its alignment with the standards tested in the Common Core examinations.

“This guide shows that the common core philosophy of education is coming to all schools.” Alice Linahan, founder of Voices Empower, a grassroots organization that opposes Common Core, told “It’s a shift from teaching fact to teaching attitudes, belief and behavior.”

Linahan says that she is not so much concerned with the gun-control views in the lesson but that such methods may leave students unprepared for the real world.

“Does a child get a job because they can read well, write well and have competent math skills, or do they get a job for supporting gay marriage and gun control?” she said.

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Failed Common Core-Supporting NY Education Commissioner Is The New Secretary Of Education…


16 long months to go…

Via Independent Sentinel:

John King Jr. was a miserable failure as Commissioner of Education in New York. He waylaid his failure in New York into the assistant’s job in the US Department of Education. He will be the new Secretary of Education.

King came to New York as an extremely well-educated egghead with little educational experience and none in public schools. He implemented Common Core in a bizarre manner and blamed the horrendous results on New York’s “ignorant” children. Even though New York’s standards were the highest in the nation, he claimed the students were not used to high standards.

He tied teacher evaluations to the standardized testing, exams which weren’t even properly evaluating children. Teacher evaluations were in some cases based on other teachers’ student scores. Tech, art, music teachers are still being evaluated by language arts or math student scores because there aren’t any exams for them.

When New York school districts began administering Common Core-aligned standardized tests, there were dramatic drops in scores when the results were released in August. Not even one-third of students in third through eighth grade met or exceeded the standards in math or English.

King said then the sharp drop in scores was a result of the rigor of the new standards and that the decline was expected.

“These proficiency scores do not reflect a drop in performance, but rather a raising of standards to reflect college and career readiness in the 21st century,” King said when the scores were released. “I understand theses scores are sobering for parents, teachers, and principals. It’s frustrating to see our children struggle. But we can’t allow ourselves to be paralyzed by the frustration; we must be energized by this opportunity.”

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Ohio Father Writes Check To Son’s School Using Common Core Math…

common core

Carry the 2 and divide by 3.89.


An Ohio father’s illegible check using long-form Common Core math to his son’s elementary school has gone viral.

Instead of just writing out a figure in the right-hand box, Doug Herrmann drew a puzzle-like series of X’s and O’s, and then “wrote out” the amount in the same fashion.

According to, the check was written by Herrmann, but never actually sent to the school.

The controversial Common Core curriculum is used in 46 states, while Indiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma and South Carolina refusing to adopt it, Fox News reports.

Teacher Offended By Shakespeare’s “White Man” Perspective, Wants Him Dropped From Common Core…


Claims his writing is not “ethnically-diverse” enough.

Via Campus Reform:

A high school English teacher inspired a heated debate over the weekend after writing that she does not want to teach Shakespeare to her students.

“I do not believe that I am ‘cheating’ my students because we do not read Shakespeare,” Dana Dusbiber, who teaches at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento California, wrote in The Washington Post over the weekend.

“I do not believe that a long-dead, British guy is the only writer who can teach my students about the human condition.”

The veteran teacher declared that she has a “dislike” of reading Shakespeare because of her own “personal disinterest in reading stories written in an early form of the English language that I cannot always easily navigate,” and because there is “a WORLD of really exciting literature out there that better speaks to the needs of my very ethnically-diverse and wonderfully curious modern-day students.”

The Common Core English Language Arts Standards include Shakespeare as a high school requirement.

Dusbiber wrote that Shakespeare lived in a “pretty small world” and that it “might now be appropriate for us to acknowledge him as chronicler of life as he saw it 450 years ago and leave it at that.”

“What I worry about is that as long as we continue to cling to ONE (white) MAN’S view of life as he lived it so long ago, we (perhaps unwittingly) promote the notion that other cultural perspectives are less important,” wrote Dusbiber.

Dusbiber argued that students could learn from other forms of world literature including from African, Latin American, and Southeast Asian.

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Anti-Israel “Whose Jerusalem?” Workshop Approved For Common Core National Curriculum…



Via College Fix:

A “Whose Jerusalem?” workshop created by a Boston University professor that’s been taught in many high schools in recent years and was added to the Common Core-approved national curriculum has come under fire by critics who contend it whitewashes terrorism, promotes an anti-Israel and anti-American political agenda, and encourages young people to sympathize with Hamas.

Americans for Peace and Tolerance released an expose video April 23 that aims to prove “Whose Jerusalem?” fails “to meet the basic rules of evidence and logic and attempt[s] to indoctrinate students, especially Jewish students, against the state of Israel.”

The workshop teaches that Hamas – a U.S.-designated terrorist group – and Fatah are political parties that support “more peaceful means than intifada,” among other lessons. The group argues the lesson abandons “academic integrity” and enlists students as political activists for an ideological cause.

“Despite its bias and serious flaws, the … workshop is Common Core compliant,” APT president Charles Jacobs said.

The workshop’s curriculum, designed for students in middle and high schools, requires students play the parts of Arab, Israeli, or American leaders to negotiate a “BATNA” (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) for the division of Jerusalem using the materials provided by the workshop.

According to Americans for Peace and Tolerance’s video, the workshop also includes exercises that asks instructors to have Jewish students empathize with Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist group that calls for the death of all Jews in its founding charter.

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Education Sec: Parents Who Opt Out Of Common Core Racist, And “Feds Will Step In” If Opt Out Continues

Arne Duncan

Oh hell no. Arne will really step in it, if he goes there. There may be no more tougher folks on earth than parents protecting their young.

Via Director Blue:

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan issued a veiled threat to the parents and students who choose to opt out of Common Core testing – The Feds “have an obligation to step in.”

Federal law, under No Child Left Behind, requires 95 percent of students in a state to take the annual standardized tests in reading and math from grades 3-8. It is a requirement which until now has never needed enforcement or consideration.

With as many as 184,000 students in New York choosing to opt out, the 95 percent threshold will not only be in jeopardy, it will be an easily missed mark.

When asked what would happen in states with such a high opt out rate, whether they would have to force consequences upon schools, parents, and students, Duncan responded “We think most states will do that.”

He added, “If states don’t do that, then we have an obligation to step in.”

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How the Obamas Opted Their Daughters Out Of Common Core Aligned Tests…


Can’t have their daughters taking the same test as the commoners.


Thousands of public school parents around the country are opting their children out of taking high-stakes standardized tests this spring, tired of the emphasis on high-stakes testing and concerned about the validity of the assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards or similar standards. A growing number of principals and superintendents are supporting parents in this decision, though pushback is getting stronger from others. But, says educator Alan Singer, there is another way to opt out your child from standardized testing — send them, if you can afford it, to a private school that doesn’t give them.

The Obamas, for example, send their two daughters to the elite Sidwell Friends School, a private Quaker preK-12 school with campuses in Washington D.C., and Bethesda, Md. Sidwell, like other independent schools, does not bombard its students with high-stakes standardized tests. (It also doesn’t evaluate teachers by the test scores of their students, a policy promoted by the Obama administration.)

Here’s a piece from Singer on why parents have chosen to opt out their children from these tests, albeit in different ways. Singer is social studies educator in the Department of Teaching, Literacy and Leadership at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, and the editor of Social Science Docket (a joint publication of the New York and New Jersey Councils for Social Studies). He taught at a number of secondary schools in New York City, including Franklin K. Lane High School and Edward R. Murrow High School. He is also the author of several books. A version of this originally appeared on his Huffington Post blog.

By Alan Singer

It was easy for Barack and Michelle Obama to opt-out. They send Sasha and Malia to the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. where tuition is about $35,000 a year and students do not take high-stakes Common Core-aligned tests. The Obamas chose this school in part because it offers children an enriched curriculum, not constant test prep. It was also easy for New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to opt-out her children. According to her 2013 tax returns, her children, ages 12 and 7, attend the private Capitol Hill Day School, where they do not have to take high-stakes standardized tests either.

Wealthy celebrities are unwittingly part of the opt-out movement because their children attend or attended expensive private schools where they do not have to take high-stakes state-mandated standardized tests. They include Tom Cruise (daughter Suri, Avenues school in New York) and the children of the Jolie-Pitt clan (Lycée Français de New York).

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Governor Jindal Unveils Plan to Eliminate Common Core In Louisiana And Get Back To Basics…


Common core is stealth indoctrination.

Via Breitbart

A press release from Jindal’s office states the plan involves legislation that will allow for a new process involving a committee of parents, teachers, and school leaders to adopt education standards. Until such legislation is passed, Jindal wants public schools to use grade-level expectations from 2004-2005 and the older LEAP and iLEAP assessments to measure student achievement.

Additionally, Jindal said he will support legislation that restricts the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) from entering into contracts, Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), and Cooperative Endeavor Agreements (CEAs) with third parties and the federal government, such as the ones BESE and the state Department of Education made with the federally funded Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC), the interstate consortium that is creating tests aligned with the Common Core standards.

Louisiana students began taking the PARCC tests on Monday.

The release states that, in addition to replacing the PARCC test, the governor’s plan will also “prohibit the collection of biometric information from students, and ensure that BESE like all state agencies, is subject to the Administrative Procedures Act (APA).”[…]

Jindal’s office also stated that “no state or public funds may be spent on any contract, MOU, CEA, or waiver agreement entered into by a public education body in Louisiana that constitutes a shift in policy in response to the federal regulation or financial incentives from the federal government, unless expressly provided for in law.”

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HT” GetAClue

Parent Calls 911 When School Will Not Release Child After Refusal To Take Common Core Test


They apparently wanted to give this parent a hard time for daring to question Common Core.

WINTER PARK, Fla. – A Florida parent was forced to take drastic measures when her public school refused to release her child during a dispute over standardized testing.

Jacqui Myers says another mother with a child at Winter Park’s Brookshire Elementary School called her after she arrived at the school to opt her fifth-grade daughter out of standardized testing related to the Common Core national standards initiative.

“They’re not giving me my child, can you help?” the mother told Myers.

Myers, the mother of a first grader, is active in a group working to opt children out of state tests and was at the school counseling parents.

She called 911 to report that the school wouldn’t release the child.

The school told the mother they did not want to release the child because she was in the middle of testing. But when police arrived, the school relented and turned her over.

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Missouri Judge Rules Common Core Testing Consortium Fees Are Blatantly Unconstitutional…


Great news right here.

Via Daily Caller:

A judge in Jefferson City, Mo. ruled on Tuesday that the state’s payment of more than $4 million in membership fees as part of a standardized testing consortium is illegal.

The consortium is the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, one of two testing large groups seeking to create Common Core-aligned standardized tests that will be shared among multiple states.

Circuit court Judge Daniel R. Green, an elected Republican, ordered that Missouri won’t be among the states paying fees.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium “is an unlawful interstate compact to which the U.S. Congress has never consented, whose existence and operation violate” Article I, § 10 of the federal Constitution, the judge wrote.

The specific part of the Article I, § 10 on which the judge relies is a prohibition on agreements between two or more states without the prior consent of Congress.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium violates “numerous federal statutes” as well, the judge declared in finding for three plaintiffs who sued to block payment of the fees.

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School Choice Advocates Hope To Expand Vouchers in D.C., Despite Opposition From Common Core Supporters And Teacher Unions

School choice

Their children, their choice.

Via Watchdog

Shawnee Jackson struggled to learn math in fourth grade, but her teachers at a D.C. public school wouldn’t give her the one-on-one attention she needed.

So her mother, Sheila Jackson, applied for a voucher through the Opportunity Scholarship Program, which helps low-income families in D.C. pay for private schools.

“I felt the D.C. public school system was failing her,” Sheila Jackson said. “And I just was not going to allow that to happen.”

Seven years later, Shawnee graduated valedictorian from the Preparatory School of D.C. and received a partial scholarship to study biology at St. Augustine College in Raleigh, North Carolina. Now a sophomore, she says the OSP is what helped her succeed.

“(Without the OSP) I wouldn’t have been able to afford to go to a better school so I would have had to just stay where I was … without my teachers caring whether or not I passed,” she said.

Jackson is one of 6,000 students who have benefited from the scholarship program since its inception in 2004. U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., hopes for more. He introduced the CHOICE Act to promote the OSP and provide additional scholarships.[…]

Despite opposition from the White House, Scott is confident the program will continue. His bill, Senate Bill 1909, has nine Republican co-sponsors, including Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Sen. Alexander Lamar, R-Tenn.

“It has been so successful and it is undeniable,” he said. “We should want every child in the current generation to get the best education possible so that we can see the future America get wider and that footprint for success get broader.”

Shawnee Jackson agrees.

“They should continue to keep it going because it’s very helpful and gives the child a great opportunity,” she said.

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White Suburbia And Its Common Core Conspiracy Theories From The Rose Colored Glasses Of A Liberal

White Suburbia

Schools of choice would end common core.

Via The Atlantic

This March, millions of school kids will take new standardized tests that are designed to accompany the Common Core standards. As that deadline looms, anxiety grows in suburban communities. Conspiracy theories, too, have grown out of parents’ natural instinct to protect their children from bureaucracies and self-styled experts. A teacher backlash against the school-reform efforts and the lack of leadership on this issue have made it more difficult for parents to get facts.[…]

Among the most vocal opponents to the new standards are conservative, Tea Party Republicans, who are ideologically opposed to any expansion of the federal government—something they inaccurately equate to the Common Core initiative. And these politically motivated critics, who have rallied against a national system of learning standards for decades, have their own conspiracy theories about the Common Core, too. These include claims that the the standards will turn students gay, that it preaches an anti-American agenda, and that Muslim Brotherhood and communists shaped the content.[…]

I happen to live in a middle-class suburb outside of New York City—one that could easily be considered the capital of “white suburban moms.” And I’m realizing Duncan was on to something: Their wrath is real, and it’s based largely on misperception and widespread fearmongering perpetuated by the Tea Party skeptics and anxious state policymakers.

My friends and neighbors post links almost daily on Facebook to articles claiming the Common Core “curriculum,” as they perceive it, is destroying American youth. It has single-handedly taken recess away from kids, they argue. The upcoming tests demoralize kids and teachers. The new curricula and tests are an assault on an otherwise idyllic world where kids used to learn naturally—like those lucky children in Finland. Instead of actually instilling knowledge in students, teachers drill irrelevant facts into kids’ heads in order to game the testing results. And since the new exams will be taken on computers, hackers might even reveal the test results to colleges.[…]

Perhaps the “white suburban mom” protests will dissipate after the test results are publicized. Suburban schools tend to be relatively high-achieving and have historically done very well on state-level standardized tests, so there is no reason to believe that the new tests will produce drastically different results. Parents in these areas, moreover, often supplement their children’s education with tutors and other resources. These schools will do fine on any national comparison.

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Students Given Common Core Vocabulary Lesson That Promoted Mohammed And Islamic Faith

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 7.03.43 PM

This came from a state-adopted workbook which means this isn’t the only school, and it was approved.

Via Fox News:

Parents in Farmville, North Carolina want to know why their children were given a Common Core vocabulary assignment in an English class that promoted the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic faith.

“It really caught me off guard,” a Farmville Central High School student who was in the class told me. “If we are not allowed to talk about any other religions in school – how is this appropriate?”

The Islamic vocabulary worksheet was assigned to seniors.

“I was reading it and it caught me off guard,” the student told me. “I just looked at it and knew something was not right – so I emailed the pages to my mom.”

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Common Core Math Problem Of The Day…

And this is for a 9-year-old.