Via Boston Herald:

Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who ordered the occupiers out of the square by midnight Thursday and then took his time before giving the police the green light to sweep in, just drove by Dewey Square for a look-see for himself. He waited, waited … then moved as the tent city had almost cleared out on its own. […]

Dispirited Occupy member Stephen Campbell, 24, said when asked why he didn’t get arrested, he said he withdrew from the camp early today as the end was clearly in sight. “The Occupy Boston movement as a whole became fascist,” he said, adding he still believes in the Occupy idea but not the organization. “At a general assembly this week we spent four hours trying to evict people rather than focusing on our political causes.” He went on to say the general assembly betrayed the movement, so he left the Dewey Square encampment before he got arrested. He also told the Herald’s Dan O’Brien that Boston police were the smartest in the nation by coaxing occupiers out. “They got Occupy Boston to leave, themselves.”

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