Hey honey, how was school?

Great, we learned about how the Jews who control the global banking system and how Communism is a totally cool ideology that has never failed in the real world.

(Portland Mercury News) — Confirming a report that went up on Twitter this afternoon, Occupy Portland members who had been invited for an afternoon teach-in by a sixth-grade teacher at Astor School told me they were asked to leave the building by administrators just 20 minutes into their presentation.

Raya Cooper, 23, said she was one of four occupiers who’d been invited for a 12:30 session by teacher James Clark. Cooper is part of an Occupy group that has gone before church groups, college classes, and others, to talk about the aims and goals and challenges of Occupy.

She said Clark’s class of sixth-graders, plus another teacher’s class of seventh-graders, had jumped right into a robust (but teacher-moderated) brainstorming exercise that had asked the students which issues Occupy Wall Street should focus on: racial inequities, police brutality, bank bailouts, war, foreclosures, etc.

About then, the session was interrupted by another school employee who made Clark tell the group they had to leave. He told them his higher-ups were “uncomfortable” with the discussion, Cooper says.

“We asked the class what they thought was wrong, and they all raised their hands,” she says, noting that one girl told the panel as they left, “they don’t want you to plant the seeds of change in our society. They don’t want you to plant those seeds.”

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