Would you take fashion advice from this man?

Via Washington Scene:

It seems the famously cantankerous Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) hasn’t been any nicer to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) than he’s been to anyone else on Capitol Hill during his 30 years in Congress.

On Thursday, Pelosi, who has served alongside Frank in the House for nearly 25 years, shared a few memories of her own, including one when the Massachusetts Democrat gave her some unsolicited fashion advice. Asked to share the most memorable thing that Frank ever said to her, Pelosi, who is often restrained in public, lit up and spoke for nearly 10 minutes about her friendship with him.

The former Speaker recalled a time when she was set to manage her first bill on the House floor as the top Democrat on the foreign operations subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee — a key post. Pelosi said she had worn a new suit especially for the occasion, and the first person she ran into on the floor was Frank.

“Barney Frank, he says, ‘That suit, give it away, give it away. Don’t wear that suit anymore,” Pelosi told reporters.

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