The Stache speaketh.

In his own inimitable style, John Bolton tells a reporter that the response of Hillary Clinton’s State Department concerning the crisis in Egypt is “mush.” He gives dire warning that the radical Muslim Brotherhood is gaining traction and that it would be a monumental catastrophe of the highest order if it seized control. Just as the Shah of Iran was bad, he was followed by a regime that was infinitely worse and is still threatening us today. Jimmy Carter helped push the Shah out (1979) and we see what the Ayatolla Khomeni, his successor, wrought for us and the world. Likewise, Mubarak is not ideal but he’s helped America and will negotiate with Israel. But the administration, by trying to be “nice” to all sides by saying nothing of substance, may be inadvertently aiding the rise of another radical jihadist state — and an important one with a population of 80 million in a crucial location with the Suez Canal.