Occupiers reported to be ecstatic.

TEHRAN (FNA) — Iranian students in a letter to their peers across the world declared that their recent occupation of the British embassy in Tehran was meant to be a move in support of the world 99 percenters, specially the western people who have revolted against the 1% capital holders ruling the world’s unjust system.

“We have occupied the British embassy to voice support for the 99 percenters of the world and in opposition to the policies of the world arrogance,” the letter said on Saturday.

“We as the students who have occupied the British embassy in Tehran announce explicitly that we are standing for our historical decision and will humiliate Britain and make it regret,” it added.

The Iranian students called on the students, elites and truth-seeking people across the world to attack the interests of Britain in their region and stop London from looting their countries and nations any further.