No surprise.

(Daily Caller) — White House officials are applauding Turkey’s Islamist government, which is gradually removing the country’s secularist political rules, suppressing free-speech, promoting Shariah Islamic laws and supporting the Islamist Hamas terror group’s effort to eliminate Israel.

Turkey’s “own example can be very powerful to countries now going through transition,” said Anthony Blinken, who is the national security advisor to Vice President Joe Biden in a Monday press conference called to describe Biden’s December visit to Turkey and Greece. “So it’s very encouraging to see Turkey play a strong leadership role [in the Middle East]. . . and that’s something that is in the interest of the United States.”

Turkey’s Islamist government, led by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, has pushed hard to remove longstanding secular laws that bar female students or government workers from wearing head scarves, which are promoted by Islamists to separate men and women. Erdogan and his political allies have sued hundreds of their critics for slander, some of whom were sent to jail, and free speech advocates have also accused the administration of using what it calls the “Ergenekon Conspiracy” to jail journalists, lawyers and political critics.

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