So the troops he was once killing are now shedding blood to keep him in power. That is seriously messed up.

(Telegraph) — A senior insurgent commander planed attacks on Nato soldiers is among those to have been granted amnesty under a British funded scheme to reintegrate Taliban fighters into Afghan society.

Maulawi Noor ul Aziz estimates he ordered or took part in hundreds of attacks on Afghan and Nato forces during his decade as an insurgent commander.

As a senior rebel leader in the Nad-e Ali district of Helmand during some of that time, many of his targets were likely to have been British troops.

Yet the commander has been welcomed and granted amnesty by the Afghan government under a British-funded scheme to undermine the Taliban by coaxing fighters away from the battlefield and reintegrating them into society.

Rather than face trial for his role in the insurgency, he has been given a government job as acting head of Kandahar’s department for Hajj and Islamic Affairs. […]

He said his most successful attack came when he and his men had sown a field in Nad-e Ali with improvised explosive devices (IEDs) rigged up to a command wire, to target regular foreign patrols which passed through.

As they waited, they were surprised to see a Nato Chinook helicopter land in the field instead. He and his band detonated their bombs from 400 yards away as foreign soldiers disembarked from the aircraft.

“All the bombs went off. Some of the foreigners were blown to bits and some were wounded. We were very happy with the result. I have done hundreds of these missions,” he said..

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