Yes, still just like the Tea Party.

Via Dallas Observer:

​A few minutes ago, Occupy Dallas posted to its Facebook page a note that two of its former members — which is to say, the group of protesters who split the camp before Dallas Police broke it up last week — were arrested for decorating the downtown Neiman Marcus with a little fake blood. We’re trying to confirm the arrests with DPD, but as you can see from Leslie’s freshly snapped photo, yup, some of its holiday windows are now a little less festive.

Ginger Reeder, veep of corporate communications for Neimans, reminds us today: Every Friday after Thanksgiving, animal-rights activists pay a visit to Neimans locations across the country. This year was no different, except this time, in downtown Dallas, they were joined by members of OccupyNOW, who posted to their Facebook page this morning the heads-up that they were celebrating “National Buy Nothing Day with Animal Connections of Texas [by protesting] at Neiman Marcus for Fur Free Friday on behalf of the 5th grievance of OWS.”

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