Parker is a double-threat, pompous and elitist.

Via Byron York:

Washington Post columnist and former CNN host Kathleen Parker, who emerged on the national scene in 2008 as a critic of Sarah Palin, has a new column arguing that the Republican Party has become “Palinized.” By that, Parker means that a “tide of know-nothingness. . . has become de rigueur among the anti-elite, anti-intellectual Republican base,” and, among the party’s presidential candidates, “the least informed earns the loudest applause.”

The latest example of this trend, Parker argues, is the ascendance of Herman Cain. Under criticism for uninformed answers to questions on a variety of foreign-policy issues, Parker writes that Cain is “banking on the hope that GOP contempt for smarty-pants, gotcha journalists will outweigh concerns that he may be out of his league.”

It’s not clear when Parker wrote her column, but a glance at the RealClearPolitics average of polls shows a clear trend: Cain, now third in the GOP race, is going down. And, just anecdotally, discussions with a number of political insiders and regular voters around the country in recent days suggest the reason for Cain’s decline is precisely his difficulty in answering basic questions about U.S. policy. That decline is not the result, or certainly not fully the result, of sexual harassment allegations against Cain, which many in the Republican base view as insufficiently substantiated. In fact, to the degree that some in the GOP believe Cain is being treated unfairly, the harassment issue might actually contribute to some of his continued support. But in any event, Cain is trending downward.

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