They are also trying to lift the metal barricades around Zuccotti Park and clashing with police. Just like the Tea Party?

(CNN) — New York police have arrested about 75 demonstrators Thursday, many of whom were detained on streets near the New York Stock Exchange, authorities say.

The arrests came on what Occupy Wall Street protesters are calling a national “mass day of action” meant to mark two months since the movement began. The “mass day of action” also comes two days after police temporarily evicted protesters from New York’s Zuccotti Park and a court order prohibited demonstrators from camping there.

In New York, where the movement began as Occupy Wall Street, the planned events included “occupy the subways,” a plan to gather at 16 hubs; and “take the square,” a reference to Foley Square, across from City Hall. Organizers also plan a march across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators lifted metal barricades at Zuccotti Park in New York Thursday, as police scuffled with hundreds of protesters swarming the Lower Manhattan park.

Update: Here’s a few pics of them breaking through the metal barricades that were put up around Zuccott Park.