Obama is the 1%.

(CNN) — One of the nation’s largest labor unions gave an early endorsement to Pres. Barack Obama Wednesday, using lingo from the Occupy movement to describe the incumbent president as standing with the 99%, rather than millionaires and corporations in the 1%.

“As Americans we face a stark choice,” Service Employees International Union president Mary Kay Henry said Wednesday. “Do we want leaders who side with rich corporations, the 1% who are prospering, or leaders who side with us, the 99 percent?”

The SEIU, which represents 2.1 million workers in a wide swath of American service industries, has long endorsed Democrats in political races. The union endorsed Obama in February 2008, when he was still locked in competition with fellow candidate Hillary Clinton.

With no Democratic primary this cycle, the union’s endorsement of Obama was all but assured. Henry did note the group was endorsing Obama early in the cycle to make their intentions clear.

“The early endorsement is to make crystal clear what kind of country we want and that we think President Barack Obama is the leader that will help make that a reality in this country,” Henry said.

Henry said the Occupy movement, which opposes the unequal distribution of wealth in America, provided a strong ally for the SEIU in their endorsement.