As wishy-washy as Brown is, he’s light years ahead of this fruitcake.

(Boston Herald) — Hawkish Republicans opened fire on Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren yesterday, after the Harvard Law professor called for a “nuanced” response to Iran’s purported nuclear weapons program.

“It is both perplexing and extremely troubling that on the same week a report indicated Iran is moving closer toward obtaining nuclear weapons, Elizabeth Warren would call for a ‘nuanced’ approach toward this growing threat,” said Nate Little, executive director of the Massachusetts Republican Party, just one of several conservatives to draw a line in the sand over Warren’s televised remarks.

“What is needed right now is not nuance, but a clear, consistent and unmistakable message from the United States that a nuclear-armed Iran is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated,” Little added in a Mass GOP statement.

On WCVB’s “On The Record” program broadcast yesterday, Warren called the International Atomic Energy Agency’s report last week on Iranian nuclear weapons development “about as serious as it gets,” noting a potential for a “dangerous” regime to destabilize the region. She praised President Obama’s “nuanced response,” with “no chest-thumping . . . that could backfire.”