In related news, Occupiers are now showering!

(Boston Herald) — Occupy Boston has been encouraging protesters to take showers, hot meals and shelter meant for the homeless, prompting a St. Francis House manager to ask the downtown campers to remove directions from their Internet newspaper.

The online publication that calls itself “Occupy Boston Globe” posts meal times and shower hours at St. Francis House on Boylston Street, which runs on private donations and state and federal funding.

“We don’t want there to be a message to other people that we’re offering something different to them,” said St. Francis services director Andrea Ryan. She said she asked Occupy Boston to take the posting down, but because the shelter does not turn anyone away, Occupiers are free to use the shelter’s showers and meal lines.

Occupy Boston Globe staffers, who declined to be named, said they were unaware St. Francis House wanted the information removed.

Andy Claude, in Occupy’s logistics tent, said he sees no problem with protestors using services intended for the city’s poor.