Do as I say, not as I do.

(Politico)– Taking her Let’s Move! initiative on the road to Fort Jackson, S.C., Michelle Obama tied together her two favorite causes: childhood obesity and military families.

Childhood obesity is “not just a health issue for children, it’s a national security issue,” Obama said while visiting the Army’s largest basic training facility. “You have to get the whole country behind this because it’s affecting our ability to protect our freedom.”

In a briefing at Fort Jackson, Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, the Army’s initial training deputy commander, said attracting recruits who can meet physical fitness requirements is becoming more difficult.

Hertling blamed part of the problem on television, computers and fast food, according to a White House pool report.

While today’s youngsters are smarter, “they don’t do things like play,” he said.

“It’s a generational thing and it’s going to be hard to change a whole generation,” he said.

After the briefing on Thursday, Michelle Obama spoke at a graduation for more than 1,100 soldiers.