My favorite part of this article, she shared a “group hug” with the undercover cops after selling them Xanax.

(Boston) — In a move that infuriated some Occupy Boston protesters, Boston police on Tuesday arrested an Occupy Boston protester after she allegedly sold $20 worth of prescription drugs to undercover police.

Martina “Mama” Martin was taken into custody near the tent that supplies clothes to the protesters, who have been living in a tent city in Dewey Square since last month. In a report, police said they had seen an increase in illegal drug activity in the downtown area, which they attributed to the arrival of the Occupy Boston encampment.

Acting on a tip that a man and woman inside the group’s clothes tent were selling Xanax illegally, undercover officers successfully bought 10 Xanax pills for $20 from Martin, who shared a group hug with undercover officers after the transaction and told them to call her “Mama.’’

Martin did not struggle with police, but as officers took her into custody, her fellow protesters angrily surrounded the officers while shouting obscenities at them. Police called in reinforcements, but the tensions eventually subsided between protesters and police.