Anyone else notice a pattern here?

(WSJ) — An Occupy Wall Street participant was arrested Tuesday in connection with two sexual assaults at Zuccotti Park, according to a law enforcement official.

Police arrested Tonye Iketubosin, a 26-year-old Crown Heights man, after two women report two separate assaults to the New York Police Department, the official said.

One of the women, an 18-year-old Massachusetts native, told police that she got into an argument with the male friend with whom she was sharing a tent at about 6 a.m. Saturday. She left and met Iketubosin, the official said. He offered to let her sleep in his tent, saying he had to go work in the park’s makeshift kitchen.

The alleged victim took Iketubosin up on his offer and went to sleep. But she said she soon awoke to find Iketubosin removing her pants, the official said. She told police she asked him to stop, but he didn’t comply. Then he raped her, the official said.

The alleged victim is being interviewed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office today, the official said. Charges are pending.

The second alleged victim, a 17-year-old, told police that days earlier, Iketubosin committed another sexual assault, according to the official.

In that incident, the alleged victim asked Iketubosin to help her set up a tent on the evening of Oct. 24. Early the next morning, she went inside and found him there. She told police that he ignored her repeated requests to leave. Then he groped her until the pushed him away, the official said.