Yes, a man.

Via Big Government:

Q: You said a deaf guy was raped?
A: Yeah. . .
Q: Did the guy, I mean, do these, did that get reported to the police, or did that stay inside the camp?
A: Well, OK, I’m not sure for that particular incident. Yeah, no I — that might have stayed inside the camp.

Today, Big Government is releasing a video filmed yesterday in Zuccotti Park, featuring an activist who has been at the Occupy Wall Street protest since it began. The young woman, whom we believe to be an activist named Channing Kehoe, refers to part of Zuccotti Park as a “ghetto,” and discusses the prevalence of drug abuse, sexual assault, rape, and other violent crimes among the demonstrators:

“We’re trying to figure out what to do about [the drugs]. . . It’s putting all these people in danger — that, there’s sexual assault going on, we’re trying to deal with that. . . mostly drunk guys, going, groping girls, there was a guy that got raped, too, here — a deaf younger man. . .

She estimates there have been “at least ten” incidents of sexual assault, and affirms that Occupy Wall Street has been “unsafe for women” for the past three to four weeks.

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