Can you imagine the outcry from the media if Tea Parties acted like this?

DENVER — At least seven people were arrested in downtown Denver during a confrontation between Denver Police and Occupy Denver protesters Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses say some in the crowd were throwing objects at police, and that a few officers patrolling the protest on motorcycles were pushed off their bikes. No injuries were reported.

Sources say a few officers have resorted to pepper spray and other non-lethal devices in an effort to control the crowd.

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DENVER — Occupy Wall Street protesters gathered in Denver clashed with police in a tense afternoon scuffle.

About 2,000 protesters marched through downtown Denver Saturday for the fourth consecutive week. Police in riot gear lined up in a row outside the state Capitol when some protesters marched up the steps.

According to The Denver Post about eight police officers scuffled with a group of protesters. By 3 p.m. most of the protesters had moved across the street to a park where they’ve been staying.

Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter of suburban Denver traveled to the protest Saturday afternoon and attempted to calm the protesters.