In essence this was an attack by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, who arm and fund Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

(JPost) — One man was killed and four people were wounded when southern Israel was bombarded with long-range Grad rockets by Islamic Jihad in Gaza on Saturday.

The man was badly injured by shrapnel from a rocket fired at a residential neighborhood in Ashkelon. He was rushed to the Barzilai Medical Center in the city for emergency care, but doctors were unable to save his life. A second rocket fired at Ashkelon directly struck a home, setting gas containers on fire. Fire crews doused the flames.

Security chiefs searched for a way to contain the situation on Saturday, as the Air Force went into action to strike terror cells preparing rockets for launch in northern and southern Gaza. At least two rocket cells were bombed, killing two terrorists, and a number of launch sites were hit as well.

Schools is Ashdod, Be’ersheva and Kiryat Malachi were cancelled by local officials, and the IDF Home Front Command has asked members of the public who live in any area up to 40 kilometers from Gaza to stay within close range of protected areas.

On Saturday, least 20 projectiles, including Grads and mortars were fired at southern cities, hitting built-up areas in Ashdod, Ashkelon and regional councils across the region. A number of the rockets caused extensive damages to buildings.

Ashdod bore the brunt of the attack, and was targeted by at least three Grad rockets. One slammed into an empty school, and a second fell in the nearby Gan Yavne Regional Council, moderately injuring a man who was searching for his son outside.