He’s a follower of Wahhabi Islam, courtesy of our “allies” in Saudi Arabia.

SARAJEVO (AFP) — A suspected radical Islamist gunman who opened fire Friday near the US embassy in Sarajevo was wounded and arrested, a police spokesman told Bosnian television.

“The person who fired an automatic weapon was wounded and arrested during the police operation. After receiving medical treatment on the scene the person was hospitalised,” police spokesman Irfan Nefic told national BHT television.

Earlier media reports said the man, identified as a member of the Wahhabi branch of Islam, was killed by a sniper after firing a Kalashnikov rifle at the US mission.

Bosnia is home to a small minority of followers of Wahhabism, a strict and ultra-conservative brand of Islam which is dominant in Saudi Arabia.

During Bosnia’s 1992–95 war between its Croats, Muslims and Serbs, a large number of volunteers from Muslim nations flocked to the Balkan country to take up arms.

Many of these Muslim fighters stayed on after the conflict and obtained Bosnian citizenship. Some in the mostly moderate Bosnian Muslim community have converted to the more radical Islam preached by several ex-mujahedeen.

Update: Sadly, he survived.