God bless the CIA.

(LWJ) —The US killed two senior al Qaeda leaders, including a member of the terror group’s executive council, in Predator strikes in North Waziristan in mid-October

The al Qaeda operatives were identified by The Washington Post as Abu Miqdad al Masri and Abd al Rahman al Yemeni. Both operatives were described as “veterans tied to the group’s senior leadership and actively involved in planning operations overseas,” while al Masri was “a former associate of Osama bin Laden.”

A US intelligence official who tracks al Qaeda’s network told The Long War Journal that al Masri was “a member of al Qaeda’s Shura Majlis,” or the executive leadership council.

Al Qaeda has not announced the death of either leader, nor has the terror group released an official martyrdom statement.

The strikes that killed al Masri and al Yemeni took place between Oct. 13 and Oct. 15. The US launched two strikes in the village of Danda Darpa Khel in the Miramshah area of North Waziristan and another strike in South Waziristan.