(Daily Mail) — Drivers in Miami today were likely doing double takes on Wednesday as they passed what looked like a banker hanging by a noose from a telephone wire alongside a Florida highway.

To accompany his Occupy Wall Street-themed mural, the international graffiti artist known by his street name Above, took his message a step further by adding the rather life-like hanging dummy to his display.

The mannequin is dressed in a black suit with a white collared shirt and red tie.

‘I tried to clothe him and dress him up as if he was what I imagined a Wall Street banker might wear,’ Above said to MailOnline.

He is also holding a briefcase that has a string of what looks like dollar bills.

‘It was the cherry on the top of the word play installation,’ Above continued.

‘It’s extremely shocking which is part of the point as well. I think it is really gone too far, but then again I think it’s my retaliation to how far Wall St, has gotten in general.

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