Dirty hippies hardest hit.

(NY Observer) — Consider this a win/lose situation: After last night’s meeting with the local community board CB 1, protesters at Occupy Wall St. now must adhere to stricter noise regulations. This comes on the heels of another failed bid by the drumming group Pulse to have the board pass a 4-hour record for allowed jam sessions.

On the other hand, Zuccotti Park may now be getting their own Porta-Potty donations for sanitation purposes, which will probably decrease sales at the McDonald’s on Broadway and Liberty by 200%.

The board voted and passed a resolution last night to allow only two hours of “noise” per day in order to maintain a healthy respect for the sanity and eardrums of people who live in the area. This would include drumming, music, and “group chanting”. . . the last of which may pose a problem for the General Assembly, whose frequent “mike checks” could fall under that category.