The irony here is the Dem mayor of Boston, Thomas “Mumbles” Menino, has been bending over backwards to support the Occupiers.

Boston (WHDH) — A Boston Police Department website was hacked. At least 2,000 names and passwords have been posted online.

The group claiming responsibility said they support the Occupy Boston movement.

Boston Police are warning some of their members that usernames and passwords were compromised.

The investigation into who hacked the system was widening and the F.B.I. was brought in to assist.

Police believe the radical element that calls themselves’ “Anonymous” has hacked into their system along with others across the country.

“Our internal computer system has been breached and I believe compromised,” said Tom Nee, President of the B.P.P.A.

The Boston Police Patrolman’s Association urgently told members to change their passwords after the rebel group posted their names and passwords online.

The group claimed they took aim at the Boston Police for their unprovoked brutality.