This was their lame attempt at explaining why their protest has been riddled with violence, racism and sexism.

Via BreitbartTV:

In an effort to address the ongoing violence, sexism and racism that has been seen with the “Occupy Oakland” protesters, a participant gave a speech to the Oakland demonstrators and made an attempt to explain why all of these incidents were happening.

“I’m going to react differently to a black man who locked his keys in his car than a white man who locked his keys in his car. Does this make me a bigot? No! This happens because this is the way that our f*cked-up system of oppression has taught me to think!. So my point is, even though I’m an active anti-racist, racism still exists within my mind. So when I think of f*cked-up sh*t like this example, I can catch myself and say ‘Hey! Why are you thinking like this?’ Because this is the way the society I live has taught me to think. This is the true example of me checking myself.”