I’m certainly no big Romney fan but I think it’s crazy not to back him if he’s the Republican nominee. The country cannot withstand another four years of hope and change — plus he will most likely pick a conservative running mate which will make him more palatable.

(The Hill) — Most self-affiliated members of Tea Party Nation, one of the largest national organizations for the grassroots conservative movement, would vote for Mitt Romney as president if confronted with a choice between him or President Obama, according to a poll of members released to The Hill on Friday.

The group surveyed its members this week in an informal poll posted at the group’s website. The question asked was: If Romney is the GOP nominee, what will you do in the general election.

Fifty-two percent of about 1,150 respondents said they would “hold their nose” and vote for Romney if he becomes the GOP nominee, while 23 percent said they would vote for an unspecified third party candidate and 12 percent said they would not vote in the presidential election at all if the choice is between Romney and Obama.

Twelve percent of those polled said they would “vote enthusiastically” for Romney.

The unscientific results underscore a general lack of enthusiasm for Romney from the conservative wing of the Republican party, but also contrast with a poll taken by the same group in August. In that survey, 45 percent of 1,700 members answered “no” when asked, “If Romney is the nominee, will you vote for him in the General Election?”