(US News/Washington Whispers) — There was a cute scene from today’s Ground Force One First Family bus tour through Virginia. Shortly before noon, the motorcade pulled over at Woods Orchard Farm Market in Hampton to shop for pumpkins.

As Michelle Obama shopped, the president made sure to tell shopkeeper Billy Wood that his wife is the nation’s top advocate for veggies. “You know Michelle does a good job promoting produce,” he cheered. “She tries to get everyone to eat their vegetables.”

As the prez talked, Michelle began inspecting the pumpkins, seizing on the unusual white “full moon” variety, including one massive 70-pounder. Mrs. Obama, also well known for being a fitness buff, had no problem hefting one onto a cart, according to the White House pool report.

The president quipped: “Don’t hurt yourself now.” Then he called out to an aide: “[Where] are you going to put it? In the back of the bus?”

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