Proud of what? — A 9% unemployment rate? — A $14.8 trillion deficit?

Tapper: Some of the frustration that has come out in this ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest, you have expressed sympathy with their position, with their feeling of powerlessness. First of all, how do you, as president of the United States, channel an energy and anger that is aimed at you in some ways, aimed at Washington? And the other question I have is it seems as though sometimes your pitch, or the White House pitch, is you’re almost a victim in this. You’re not responsible when you have gotten so much past. I just wonder if you think that’s effective to say, “it’s those mean Republicans who are blocking me,” when you’ve really gotten a lot done?

Obama: Well, what we’ve gotten done I’m enormously proud of and it’s making a difference, and in some cases we’ve had a chance to actually work with the Republicans. When they show themselves willing to actually engage to try and get stuff done, then we can do a lot of good for the country.