TEHRAN (FNA) — Occupy Wall Street protesters condemned the Zionist lobbies and communities living in the US as well as the Zionist regime of Israel for the economic inequality and crisis in the United States, saying that their country is falling apart for the sake of Israel.

Despite tight censorship by the western media, intense anti-Israel and anti-Zionist tendencies are reported from Occupy Wall Street protest demonstrations against the US administration’s cruel economic, financial and political policies and practice.

Among the signs that could be seen in the protest were, “Gaza supports the occupation of Wall Street”, “Hitler’s Bankers” and a sign urging people to Google the following: Wall St. Jews, Jewish billionaires, Jews & Federal Reserve Bank.

In addition, anti-Israel signs were raised against “Israel’s occupation of Gaza”.

Another protestor said that “a small ethnic group constitutes almost all of the hedge fund managers and bankers on Wall Street. They are all Jewish. There is a conspiracy in this country where Jews control the media, finances. They have pooled their money together in order to take control of America.”

Zionist organizations and communities, including the “Emergency Committee for Israel”, released videos showing that Zionist Jews being blamed and condemned for the US financial crisis and assistance to Israel.

In the video, a young demonstrator is seen arguing with an older Jewish man wearing a yarmulke. At one point, the young man says, “I work, earn seven dollars an hour. You have the money. You don’t speak English? You are from Israel? Go back to Israel.”

Another African-American protester condemns the Zionists for taking over America. “The smallest group in America controls the money, media and all other things. The fingerprints belong to the Jewish bankers who control Wall Street. I am against Jews who rob America. They are one percent who control America. President Obama is a Jewish puppet. The entire economy is Jewish. Every federal judge in the East Coast is Jewish.”

Another placard read “Zionists control Wall Street”. Video cameras also captured a man’s hateful tirade against a Zionist visitor to Zuccotti Park, site of the New York protest.

The man also carried a sign denouncing “Jewish bankers” and called President Barack Obama a “Jewish puppet.”

Similar incidents have been reported at economic protests in Los Angeles.