Professor Biden.

(York Dispatch) — Vice President Joe Biden visited Alexander D. Goode Elementary School on Tuesday to try to round up support for President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act, which Biden promised would bring more teachers to York City schools.

York City schools have made too much progress on state tests, Biden said, to have to suffer from the $25 million budget cut the school board passed for this school year. The cut stemmed from a severe drop in state funding, leading to 20 percent of district staff being let go.

“Just when you’re beginning to run, you have the budget cuts dropped on you,” Biden told a capacity crowd inside Goode’s library.

Before his speech, he visited teacher Lenid Keebaugh’s fourth-grade classroom, where students asked him about his dog (a German Shepherd), how long he wants to keep his job (“Another five years”), and what he does.

“My job is to take as much burden off the president as I can,” Biden told the class. Then he told them he was in town to try to get more teachers back, because students aren’t getting as much attention as they should, he said.

Millionaires paying just a little more in taxes can “pay for all the teachers and all the police and all the firemen to come back.”

Update: The York Dispatch in the above story edited out the millionaires quote. But now the AP is reporting something even worse, Biden spouting Wall Street Occupier talking points.

(AP) — Vice President Joe Biden disputed the notion that a White House jobs plan was class warfare, instead calling it an issue of fairness in a speech to educators and parents at a south-central Pennsylvania school district that’s among the poorest in the state.

Biden told parents and educators at York’s Goode Elementary School on Tuesday that the cost of the plan would put thousands of teachers, police and firefighters back to work.

Although the cost would fall on those making $1 million or more, Biden said the plan doesn’t gouge the rich and isn’t a matter of class warfare. Rather, it’s about paying a fair share, he said.

He said America can’t afford to let schools cut teachers, particularly in early education when the long-term impact of a good education is especially important.

“Do you think China’s cutting teachers?” Biden asked.

York School District let go about 25 percent of its teaching ranks to help fill a deficit made worse by deep cuts in state aid.

Biden pointed out that York teachers accepted a wage freeze to help save programs, such as full-day kindergarten, and asked whether anyone had heard of Wall Street bankers accepting a pay cut to help the economy.