Of course her bill doesn’t abolish the new debt ceiling.

(The Hill) — Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) wants to kill off the deficit-cutting supercommittee, which she calls secretive and a threat to the democratic process.

Waters introduced a bill Friday that would amend the debt ceiling deal approved in early August by eliminating the bipartisan committee created under the deal to find more deficit cuts.

Under the debt deal, the 12-member panel is to find at least $1.2 trillion in deficit cuts by Nov. 21. If it fails, automatic cuts will be triggered in defense and domestic spending programs.

Waters’s legislation would kill the committee and eliminate the automatic triggers, but would not affect the debt-limit increase.

“The Tea Party has so rigged the law that regardless of whether the supercommittee fails or succeeds to meet its goal, it is likely that the end result will be draconian spending cuts to critical programs,” Water’s office said in a statement.