Hey, it’s not like Romney’s own advisers met repeatedly with White House policy officials when they were writing Obamacare . . . no, wait?

Via Weekly Standard:

In endorsing Mitt Romney for President, Chris Christie alleged that, when it comes to health care, “Any attempt to try to compare what happened in Massachusetts and what the president has done to the United States of America with his plan is completely intellectually dishonest.” The problem with Christie’s claim is that the Massachusetts health care legislation that was spearheaded by Romney has the same three core features as Obamacare: an individual mandate, requiring essentially every resident to buy government-approved health insurance under penalty of law; enormous taxpayer-funded exchange subsidies, codifying the principle that middle class Americans shouldn’t be expected to pay for their own health care (but should be expected to pay taxes to finance other middle class Americans’ health care); and a major taxpayer funded expansion of Medicaid — the government-run health care program for the poor, with its notoriously subpar patient care and provider compensation — into parts of the middle class.