LOL! Clueless dhimmi liberals. Embrace diversity!…

(NY 1) — A fight over the planned Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan centers around its location of being two blocks from the World Trade Center site.

But now the controversy is broadening as some gay advocates are airing concerns about the new imam who’s joined the project.

In a lecture Imam Abdallah Adhami sells on the Internet, he offers the following explanation for the existence of homosexuality:

“An enormously, overwhelming percentage of people struggle with homosexual feeling because of some form of violent emotional or sexual abuse at some point in their life. Again, not necessarily in their childhood….A small, tiny percentage of people are born with a natural inclination they cannot explain. You find this in the animal kingdom on some level as well.”

For gay rights advocates, the words are unacceptable.

“They are destructive. They play into old, worn-out stereotypes that somehow there is an illness to being gay,” said Gay City News Editor Paul Schindler.

Adhami joined the center known as Park51 as a senior advisor earlier this month. A spokesman for the project declined to make him available for an interview and would not comment for NY1’s story.

Schindler says that unless Imam Adhami is willing to clarify or change his views, Park51’s ability to welcome everyone will be compromised beyond repair.

“It’s a hostile message and one that I think attacks the dignity of gay people,” Schindler said.