WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., called on House Democrats Tuesday at a closed Democratic Caucus meeting to approve a resolution critical of Texas Gov. Rick Perry for not having removed a racially offensive slur from a rock at his family’s hunting camp.

The racially charged name of the site, “N – head,” was first reported in a Washington Post story Sunday.

The Perry presidential campaign disputed the account and said the rock with the offensive word at the entrance of the leased hunting area in Throckmorton County, Texas, had been painted over at Perry’s instruction in the early 1980s. The Post story cited seven people who had seen it and said the word was visible, even after it was painted over with white paint, as recently as this summer.

Jackson circulated a draft resolution Tuesday among Democratic members that condemns Perry and calls on him and all other GOP candidates who haven’t apologized, to do so. A Democratic staffer made a copy of the draft resolution available to McClatchy Newspapers.

GOP candidate Herman Cain, who is African-American, was sharply critical of Perry on Sunday talk shows for being “insensitive” on race.

Jackson spokesman Frank Watkins said that the lawmaker, the son of activist Rev. Jesse Jackson, made a case for a privileged resolution on the House floor condemning the Texas governor for tolerating the offensive word.