Romney’s a douche, he knows the story is BS.

(The Hill) — Mitt Romney said that the racial epithet that served as the name of Rick Perry’s Texas hunting lodge was “offensive” in a interview Monday with Sean Hannity.

“I’ve followed it from afar,” Romney said. “I think it’s offensive. I think most people think it’s offensive.”

Romney joins Herman Cain — who said that the slur was “insensitive” — in denouncing the name of the camp. But Cain backtracked from his criticism Monday after a harsh reaction from the conservative blogosphere, insisting that he was not “playing the race card.”

By wading into the controversy, Romney may also draw the ire of the right. But in drawing contrast with the conservative blogs, Romney may establish himself as more of a moderate while hitting Perry’s ties to inflammatory rhetoric — two themes his campaign will rely on in early primary states like New Hampshire.