Even though Anwar al-Awlaki was directly responsible for the killing of 13 U.S. soldiers in the Ft. Hood terror attack, Ron Paul says “no one knows if he killed anybody,” hence we should have allowed him to continue plotting to kill Americans from his safe haven in Yemen.

MANCHESTER NH (NBC News) — Ron Paul aggressively criticized President Obama today for al-Awlaki’s death.

“No I don’t think that’s a good way to deal with our problems,” Paul said in a media avail after his remarks at the Politics + Eggs event here. “He was born here, Al-Awlaki was born here, he is an American citizen. He was never tried or charged for any crimes. No one knows if he killed anybody. We know he might have been associated with the underwear bomber. But if the American people accept this blindly and casually that we now have an accepted practice of the president assassinating people who he thinks are bad guys, I think it’s sad.

“I think what would people . . . have said about Timothy McVeigh? We didn’t assassinate him, who certainly he had done it. Went and put through the courts then executed him. To start assassinating American citizens without charges, we should think very seriously about this.”

Does he feel the same about Bin Laden?”

Not exactly. Because he was involved in 9/11 and I voted for authority to go after those individuals responsible for 9/11. Al-Awlaki nobody ever suggested that he was participant in 9/11.”