I actually like Mitch Daniels a lot, but he’s bowing to the left and the media who have made it politically incorrect to call Obama a socialist.

(The Hill) — Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) disagreed with several of the GOP White House contenders, saying President Obama is not a socialist.

During Thursday night’s GOP debate, most of the candidates described the president that way.

When asked Friday if he thought Obama had pursued socialist policies, Daniels laughed wryly and simply said “no.”

He also used the opportunity to warn the contenders to be more careful with their rhetoric.

“At some stage I just think that if you’re interested in results you should just try to be careful to use words that don’t drive anybody away and if possible just take a chance to be more civil, more likeable than the other guy,” said Daniels, who added that he did not see Thursday’s debate.

“The perfectly human temptation is to match insult for insult and strong language for strong language and it feels good for about 10 minutes — but then you realize you probably didn’t add anybody to your point of view,” he said during a breakfast with reporters sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.