As opposed to the Palestinian terrorists, Bubba and the Dems support.

(Politico) — Former president Bill Clinton suggested Thursday that Texas Gov. Rick Perry was ideologically in line with “militant subgroups in Israel” and was too willing to let the Jewish state do whatever it wants.

Asked about Perry’s recent strongly pro-Israel comments, Clinton said the 2012 Republican hopeful’s stance was “good politics.”

“Rick Perry — that’s my culture, you know? I’m from next door,” the Arkansas native said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “There’s an enormous reservoir of support for Israel in the Christian evangelical community, and a lot of them believe — as some of the more militant subgroups do — that God meant for all Judea and Samaria [the West Bank] to be in the hands of Israel. . . I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands of people that have never missed church on Sunday in Texas who believe it.”

Clinton also said that Perry and Republicans in Congress are willing to capitulate to Israel on too much.

The former president summed up his views on the GOP perspective as, “‘You guys [Israel] do whatever you want — keep the West Bank. We’re coming back, we’ll have the White House and Congress, and we’ll let you do whatever you want.’”

Perry spoke to a group of pro-Israel activists earlier this week in New York City, and sharply criticized President Obama for being too close with Palestinian leaders.