Partisan hacks to the very end.

(Weekly Standard)– Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has taken the role of lead Democratic attack dog in the renewed campaign against Paul Ryan’s fiscal Roadmap, but it’s not clear that he’s fully aware of what the plan lays out. Asked today in the Capitol if he had read the Roadmap, Schumer gave no response to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

While Schumer was silent, some of his Democratic colleagues openly admitted they haven’t read Ryan’s plan. “I haven’t had a chance to look at anything,” Ben Nelson of Nebraska told me. “I looked at it briefly when it came out last fall, I think,” said Mark Pryor of Arkansas. “I didn’t master the details.”

“I use Google Maps,” was all Richard Durbin, the number two Democrat in the Senate, would say when asked if he’d read the plan.

Kent Conrad of North Dakota, the chair of the Senate Budget Committee, said he has read the Roadmap. “I don’t think it does nearly enough to deal with the debt,” Conrad said. “It doesn’t balance until 2063, and in the meantime it runs up trillions of dollars in additional debt.” When asked what the Democratic plan for dealing with debt was, Conrad referred to the president’s debt commission proposal.