Sycophant smack down.

(The Hill) — Despite a growing storm cloud hovering over his presidency and reelection hopes, President Obama is in strong shape and Americans stand by his plan for jobs, Obama’s top campaign adviser said Friday.

In a memo to Sunday news show producers and other reporters, campaign strategist David Axelrod said that Obama is in good shape with his base, strong with Hispanics and in a good position to beat any of his Republican rivals.

Taking on “members of the media” and “elite commentary,” Axelrod’s wrote that the president is in a much stronger position to beat either Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney or Texas Gov. Rick Perry than the president’s approval ratings would suggest.

“Members of the media have focused on the president’s approval ratings as if they existed in a black box,” Axelrod wrote.

Axelrod pointed to a recent CNN poll that shows a plurality of respondents support Obama’s American Jobs Act, and he also noted Congress’s anemic poll numbers.

“Two thirds believe we should cut taxes for the middle class and rebuild America’s roads and bridges,” Axelrod said. “Three quarters believe we need to put our teachers and first responders back to work. More Americans trust the president to handle the economy than Congressional Republicans by a margin of 9 points.”