PC rules the day.

(Houston Chronicle) — The FBI on Thursday said it had stopped a training session that called the Prophet Muhammad a “cult leader,” said mainstream Muslims were likely to support violent extremism and described the Islamic principal of charity as a “funding mechanism for combat.”

The content of the training session set off a wave of concern among Muslims across the nation who had been trying to help authorities battle homegrown terrorism.

An FBI spokesman confirmed on Thursday that the agency did host one training session six months ago that described Muslims as more likely to be violent as they increased in devotion to their faith. Slides from the training session, confirmed as accurate by the FBI and posted online by Wired magazine, show a graph illustrating how followers of other Abrahamic faiths have become more nonviolent since their inceptions, but Muslims have not.

The lesson painted Islam as a religion that promotes and supports violence, extensively citing references to assassinations, centuries-old wars and verses from the Quran. It emphasized killing, torture and holy war as central tenets of the faith.

A prior FBI lesson included descriptions of Islam as a religion that was “hard for Westerners to understand” and that “transforms (a) country’s culture into 7th century Arabian ways.”

The FBI lesson was part of “stage two” of training for counter-terrorism agents, agency spokesman Christopher Allen said. It was one lesson out of a two-week course, he said.

CAIR is already touting their victory.