Cut and run, a liberal specialty.

(NY Post) — Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner did his fellow Democrats no favors yesterday — moving out of his district just as his panicking party struggled to hold on to his endangered congressional seat.

Winer took the last ramining items from his Queens co-op just in time to remind voters why they have to vote today — because he resigned in a sexting scandal that made him a national laughingstock.

Weiner is ditching the neighborhood that sent him to Congress six times, and is renting a three-bedroom apartment on a high-rent Greenwich Village street, sources said.

The two men who want Weiner’s job — Democrat David Weprin and Republican Bob Turner — brought out the big guns on the eve of today’s special election.

Turner, a businessman, campaigned with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani at a Forest Hill LIRR station, while the voices of supporters like Ed Koch and Donald Trump were heard in recorded phone calls to voters.